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On today's , Trip tries to perform an interstellar oil change while under the influence,, but his shoddy workmanship will be the least of his concerns when things take an unexpected turn.

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My sci-fi comedy text parser game Tachyon Dreams Anthology is getting released next month! 🥳

Wishlist on Steam & try the demo


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Borderlands' First Clip Is a Bunch of Bloodless Bull(et)crap

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An autistic A-level student has been described as “thrilled” after finally being offered the temporary role as teacher of her sixth-form English class, sources have claimed.

Paige Thomas, 17, who has been teaching the class on an informal basis, owing to her teacher’s incompetence, called the promotion “long overdue.”

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FMK: Harry Mudd, Captain Lorca, and Contreland. Ben and Adam answer this and many other burning questions as they revisit their time with Star Trek: Discovery on a retrospective episode of

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Highlights of the Montreal Fringe Festival, taking over our theatres & small venues June 6-16

#comedy #festival

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Yuru Camp 3- Episode 10 – Chikuwa, Hanami, Trains, and Sakura Camping

Tags: #YuruCamp #comedy #moe

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The all-male, domestic terrorist group known as The Proud Boys is “rebuilding” after being degraded by January 6th prosecutions for crimes they committed. Come on guys, tick tock: you’ve only five months until your next coup attempt. Chop chop.

#ProudBoys #terrorists #coup #antidemocratic #jan6 #satire #joke #comedy

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Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft headed to space yesterday and the crew expressed gratitude to the hardworking engineers and ground crews for their hard work and gave thanks to Boeing’s Executives for not having them killed as whistleblowers.

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I got to talk with @kevryanperson on his Tyrant In Training podcast: "Comedy podcast for guests to rule their own country as nice or evil as they want."

Our episode is coming out on Tuesday. You can catch up on his earlier ones here:

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Seiyuu Radio no Uraomote – Episode 9 – Christmas Karaokes and Yumiko’s Relaxation Time


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Glee star Chris Colfer recalls being told not to come out as gay: 'It will ruin your career'

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The journey of political satire from medieval jesters to modern late-night TV hosts is remarkable! 📺🗳️ Discover how shows like "The Daily Show" and "Last Week Tonight" shape public opinion today.
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#PoliticalSatire #LateNightTV #Comedy #PublicOpinion #2024Election

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The black Bridget Jones exploring love, race and identity

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Stephen Colbert has sat in the "Late Show" spinny chair for a decade now. He spoke with Entertainment Weekly about his office decor — his kids' old art projects hang beside a copy of Donald Trump's impeachment resolution — how he fell in love with the monologue, and the fine art of blending stupid and smart.

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do this shit all the time. They invent stories that reflect a worldview they wish existed, then promote it as fact, often perpetuating these though a complicit and unscrupulous . MAGAts don't have a sense of humor, and they fundamentally do not understand , or satire. Their idea of a joke is to invent meanspirited lies about people they don't like, and then say, "Har dee har har, just kidding!" when they get called out.

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Hello #Fediverse! We're here now and we're not going anywhere, so here's our #introduction post.

We are an indie scripted vodcast/podcast called, ”The Unlikely Adventures of an Improbable Family,” but we go by “Unlikely Adventures” for short. 😁

It's a dark, surreal sci-fi comedy featuring the unlikely adventures of a forlorn man, his laptop (which is infested by a self-absorbed artificial intelligence), a cartoon alien fuzzball, and a mysterious woman with inexplicable telepathic abilities.

We provide video as well as audio-only versions of each episode, whichever you prefer. Please check it out and let us know what you think!

#humor #Comedy #comedyshow #scifi #sciencefiction #surreal #audiodrama #scripted #fictionpodcast #podcast #vodcast #indie #contentcreator #patreon #patreoncreator #patreonartist #voiceacting

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