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New Catch it while you can.

You can catch him LIVE late night. 01.00 bst

LABR Presents DJ Diginyah - Diginyah Mind and Soul 30

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Continuing my trend of living under a rock, I just found out there's a Nextcloud plugin that replicates for syncing podcast playback. It works with AntennaPod too (among others).

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The Most Dangerous Game is a good episode of Radio Play Revival. It’s nice to listen to Michael Urie, and Christopher Walken is so well cast as the bloodthirsty aristocrat.

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I bought A Beginners Guide to Breaking and Entering by Andrew Hunter Murray on Apple Books UK after hearing the opening chapter on the audiobook on a Patreon Club Fish episode of the No Such Thing as a Fish podcast recently.

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Polećcie proszę jakieś ciekawe podcasty.

Każde, jakie słuchacie.

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Słuchałem dziś kilku odcinków i polecam podcast „Podgórska ogólnie” (do znalezienia na AntennaPod), przy czym dla mnie np pewną uciążliwością był styl wypowiedzi Joanny Podgórskiej taki podwórkowo-ziomalski „jaram się tym, rozumiesz, nie?”. Jednak pomimo tego słuchało się nieźle, zwłaszcza przy ciekawych gościach, wypowiadających się bardziej rzeczowo.

Podcast polecam interesującym się zdrowiem, zdrowiem psychicznym, wpływem diety na zdrowie itp

fusionpatrol, to DoctorWho

This week, Simon and Eugene are looking at the 3rd episode of the 2024 series of Doctor Who with the episode Boom.

They discuss different approaches towards the writing of different writers, faith, and the logic of the landmine with the flashy lights.

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:06:19 — 91.1MB) | Embed

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Talk about silk purses from sow’s ears!

I take my 13yo episodes, some of which we recorded over Skype and sound pretty janky, run them through ’s , isolate the voices and process them through the tool, then re-integrate it replacing the original voices and it actually sounds pretty good.

AI tools have their place (just probably not as information repositories.)

(Needless to say, I don’t have the original master recordings anymore.)

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How would you feel if you had to go back in time and watch your young self receive the worst bullying of your life all over again? How can Spock's dad stand by and watch his son endure this trauma and not intervene? Are the expectations placed on Vulcan children healthy or harmful?

=/= Join Our Fleet

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Jeg har lyttet til podcast i en hel måned de sidste 2 år!

Her er min top podcast. Hvad har du lyttet til?

@AntennaPod laver den her virkelige fine oversigt. Kan findes via podcast egen side og nederst trykke på "hvis for alle".

#podcast #dkmedier #dktrut #derødefjer #dethemmeligste #TidesOfHistory #antennapod

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When The People In The Institutions Fail You (Aka The Institution Is Not An Inanimate Object)

Recorded Monday

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"Winter Cycling in Oil Country"

An unlikely cycling revolution is happening in Edmonton, Alberta. Despite freezing temps, lots of sprawl and an economy built on pulling oil out of the Albertan tar sands, the Canadian city is in the midst of a four-year, $100 million CAD investment in active transportation that will connect the city with a network of high-quality, protected bike lanes.

Hear from the folks making it happen!

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Gestern kam die neue Folge @rebootpolitics raus, heute wird wieder eine Folge Dresdner aufgenommen und veröffentlicht.

Ich liebe diese -Wochen :blobcatheadphones: :BlobCatRSS:

:rss: :

:rss: Piratencast:

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Listening to Dot Social (Entering a New Phase of the Web, with Citation Needed’s Molly White):

Molly White is a leading cryptocurrency critic, but get to know her and you’ll see she’s anything but cynical. In fact, this researcher, writer and software engineer cares so deeply about free and open access to high-quality information that she’s been a Wikipedia editor since she was a teenager.

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On the @fictionable blog, Caroline Lucas argues that we must counter #climate denial with compelling and inspiring stories.

Image: Janusz Walczak

#books #reading #writing #translation #comics #ShortStories #podcast #fiction #ClimateCrisis

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▶ LIVE: Trump ALMOST CRYING after BAD DAY at Trial

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Back from camping, and I've got a TON of news to cover! From Nintendo purchasing Shiver, to PCSX2 adding in new features! Check out the latest in gaming, tech, emulation and open source news here:

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11KM-Podcast: Hat die Musikindustrie aus dem Fall Rammstein gelernt?

Till Lindemann und Rammstein sind wieder auf großer Stadion-Tour - ein Jahr nach Veröffentlichung der Recherchen rund um Lindemanns Sex-Rekrutierungssystem bei Konzerten. 11KM fragt: Hat sich irgendwas verändert?


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▶ Jim Jordan left speechless during this softball interview

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Svetlana Blitshteyn: On the Front Line With Long Covid and POTS

A pioneer in dysautonomia with pearls on approaching patients with Long Covid and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

Podcast with transcript!!

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The whole band is back together for the first time in a while and we've got "excellent" news that Raspberry Pi is doing an IPO, another look at the Pi 5 after 6 months, our positive thoughts about Mozilla's new Executive Director, Félim's doubts about OSI's attempt to define open source AI, a very quick bit of KDE news, and more.

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Something interesting is rumbling in the physics community. Are we on the brink of discovering a new force of nature? At least one particle physicist thinks so. We venture “Beyond the Standard Model” on Big Picture Science.

Listen here:

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Luister naar deze aflevering van en hoor oa op welk financieel drijfzand het is gebouwd.
425 - Een oprecht akkoord

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📰 New episode of Changelog News!

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entre su plataforma de música y la de audiolibros tiene un cacao para los importante.

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