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, your poison has worked. I'm not going to cycle in this summer. For the first time in 20 years I just don't feel any longing to see Scotland this summer.
Thank you, NC500 🙁 You've made my trip last year just too memorable in a negative way.

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Delighted that I’ll be able to vote in the #ge2024 for an eco-socialist candidate.

I can’t vote SNP again whilst they proudly platform folk like Cherry in my old constituency. I don’t say that just as a “disgruntled” voter but as a queer Indy activist which picked up the role of an SNP branch organiser in her constituency after Alba defections.

The only choice for me in this election is the @ScottishGreens

#scotpol #ukpolitics #glasgow #Uk #politics #greens #scotland

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A photo from a Glasgow institution. The Park Bar is a pub owned and frequented by people from the Western Isles and The Hebrides.
You can see the Gaelic signs and hear the language spoken. Music nights are common.
So much industry and services, especially the National Health Service could not have coped but for so many Highland girls

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has some pretty coastlines

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So David Cameron has vetoed devolved Rockall fishing agreement between Scotland and Ireland. There have been enough warnings about this - Westminster is, and will continue to be, in the business of gradually stripping more and more devolved powers from Scotland until they can close Holyrood down. It's independence or becoming a council area of England.

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David Cameron vetoes fishing agreement between Scotland & Ireland

Despite & Scottish governments spending 2 years agreeing to the deal – are a devolved power – it has been shut down by the Foreign Office

Sources said the reason was entirely political - UK Govt didn't want to be seen agreeing a deal with an nation

The veto is latest example of overruling devolved government decisions

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National Piping Centre lets you get your hands on your own bagpipes

Have a go if you can visit. Nothing to lose!

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🚲 | issue 42 | 27th May '24

In your weekly edinburgh cycle 'digest' (bumper edition 😅): The Search for Political Will; Fundraising Opportunities; Transport & Environment Committee May Meeting Roundup; and @edfoc Kicks Off!

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Labour parachutes

Labour activists in Jeremy Corbyn’s constituency have accused the national party of an “egregiously undemocratic selection process” after it chose a candidate without consulting the local branch.

Photo titled Praful Nargund founded a chain of IVF clinics with his mother, Geeta. He was anointed without even meeting the local Labour branch, activists said.

Watch Scotland folks…

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@Wen I'm increasingly worried about the prospect of a disUK government led by and his cabal. He's totally abandoned the left.

My hope is that the majority of voters in continue to support the who have by and large been a leftwing force for good in this country. I fear that significant Labour GE gains here would be catastrophic for devolution and for Scotland in general.

Whatever your views on independence, vote for your country, not England.

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Magnificent Melrose Abbey, standing close to the heart of Melrose in the Scottish Borders. It was founded by King David I in 1136 and is one of the four great abbeys of the Scottish Borders. More pics and info:

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A reminder what the to the parliament in England is about.

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Does anybody in #Scotland recognise the "country" Sunak and Starmer are talking about?


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I had dinner in the drizzle, then lovely evening clear spells. Bliss! Great for a long evening beach walk #Harris #Scotland


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Only a couple of days to - the Edinburgh College Games eXpo!
If you're in town on Tue 28th 5:30-8:00, come along to CodeBase to try out 🔥25+💖 student-made games, as well as a bunch of locally made demos!

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Is there another nation in the world where three of the main
parties are registered and funded from another country?

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The impressive 3.2m high Maiden Stone in Aberdeenshire. This Pictish symbol stone is thought to have been carved in the 800s. Was it a memorial, or the result of a young woman losing a bet with the devil and being turned into stone? More pics and info:

#Scotland #MaidenStone #CarvedStone #PictishStone #Aberdeenshire #UndiscoveredScotland

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Hier sind auch die Kühe schön. The cows are also beautiful here.

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The problem with Labour winning the UK general election in five weeks time is that it means another 5 years of conservative government.

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