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BBCRadio4, to art
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"That's the last thing he said, that he wanted to see Sean."

We’re digging through the castaway archives as Desert Island Discs returns next week. Today Kirsty Young talks to the artist Yoko Ono in a programme first broadcast in 2007.

Desert Island Discs, on BBC Sounds https://bbc.in/3wDZtgq

Audio clip from BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs featuring Yoko Ono. Captions are overlaid on still images

MyBeansAreBaked, to random
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It's a Fair cop, with Alfie Moore, is one of my favourite shows to listen to. Such a shame I can only get it on BBC Sounds :ablobcatgrumpy:
@BBCRadio4 why no RSS feed? There's one for the Infinite Monkey Cage. It's a much better listening experience. :ablobcatreach:

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@MyBeansAreBaked Comedy is tricky, Beans. It's usually not possible to make comedy programmes available for download for rights reasons (there are a few exceptions, as you've noticed, where special arrangements have been made) And It's a Fair Cop is brilliant! 🤣

BBCRadio4, to Halloween
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Uncanny is BACK… And we’re going on a roadtrip.

Danny Robins will be criss-crossing America, from New York to New Orleans, to interview witnesses about experiences that seem to defy logical explanation, with help from a new team of US paranormal experts and sceptics.

Uncanny USA, on BBC Sounds

Short promotional video for a BBC Radio 4 podcast. Presenter Danny Robins talks to-camera, clips of paranormal phenomena and spooky scenes

BBCRadio4, to Funny
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🚽 Okay, toilets with two flush buttons. What's the deal? 🤔

Hannah Fry joins Paul Merton to tell her what send to Room 101 - including exams and complicated toilets.

Room 101 with Paul Merton, on BBC Sounds

Short audio clip from radio programme with animated visuals based on a transcript of the audio

xi_timpin, to random

@BBCRadio4 is there an issue with the FM transmitter covering Pontefract (West Yorks)? Signal appears to drop intermittently for a few seconds.

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@xi_timpin Hi, you might want to try this transmitter status tool https://bbc.in/447fS9H - it doesn't seem to be showing any problems right now, though

BBCRadio4, (edited ) to random
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Adrian Edmondson remembers laughing and laughing and laughing with his friend and collaborator Rik Mayall, on Desert Island Discs with Lauren Laverne in September 2023.

This moment has been nominated in the Radio Academy Arias Awards 2024 for Moment of the Year.

Listen on BBC Sounds https://bbc.in/3W3uXXU

BBCRadio4, (edited ) to politics
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💬 "In March 2020 the information system for dealing with Covid was; I would wheel in a whiteboard and grab a marker and Simon Stephens would read out from scraps of paper, faxes that he'd got from the NHS…" - Dominic Cummings interviewed on Helen Lewis has Left the Chat, on BBC Sounds.


BBCRadio4, to art
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🐟 What's your top Monty Python moment?

Sir Michael Palin talks to John Wilson about his life as an actor, comedian and presenter and reveals his creative influences.

This Cultural Life. Listen on BBC Sounds https://bbc.in/3VV564f

Two men in a studio talking in a radio format, camera switches between them

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@vectamouse All right, we'll call it a draw

BBCRadio4, to food
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🍄 ☕️ Is there some mushroom coffee in your cupboard?

🤔 In the last of the current series of Sliced Bread, Greg Foot investigates the fungi-fuelled trend for coffees, teas, even hot chocolates, that contain so called “medicinal mushrooms” - the likes of Reishi, Cordyceps, Chaga or Lion’s Mane.

Are they the best thing since sliced bread or marketing BS?

Sliced Bread, on BBC Sounds.

Presenter Greg Foot in a kitchen talks direct to camera, holding a mug of a hot drink

BBCRadio4, to sciencefiction
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🌌 On this day in 1978 the very first episode of the very first version of Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy went out on Radio 4. We can't tell you how proud that makes us.

Here's a lovely programme about Douglas and his creation, presented by his friend John Lloyd, that went out on the 40th anniversary.


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@macronencer So many of us remember the weekly ritual with the cassettes! ❤️ ⏯️

@BBCRadio4@social.bbc avatar

@BonehouseWasps Of course!

@BBCRadio4@social.bbc avatar

@zenheathen You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is

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📚 Here's another Douglas Adams treat: half an hour with the man himself talking about the writing of Hitchhikers…


BBCRadio4, (edited ) to ireland
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🏝️ What did we learn from Cillian Murphy's Desert Island Discs?


#Oppenheimer #PeakyBlinders #acting #Hollywood #Ireland #Irish #actor #music #LifeStory

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🏝️ Listen to Cillian Murphy's Desert Island Discs on BBC Sounds. The Beatles, Lisa O’Neill, Radiohead, U2, The Frank and Walters, Queen…


BBCRadio4, (edited )
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🏝️ So exactly how many episodes of Desert Island Discs are there for you to listen to on BBC Sounds?

THERE ARE 2,455.

(sorry to shout, that was uncalled-for).

We estimate it would take you 51 days to listen to that lot, back to back, if you started now.


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@ridetheory Could be worse, could be the Shipping Forecast.

@BBCRadio4@social.bbc avatar

And, of course, last night, Cillian Murphy became a member of the exclusive club of Oscar-winning Desert Island Discs castaways https://bbc.in/3PgrH7d

BBCRadio4, to UKpolitics
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Mark Watson was ten when the 1984 miners' strike took over his life.

Forty years on, he wants to know what really happened and how it changed his community - and this country. Tales of violence, desperation, and determination.

Strike Boy. Listen on BBC Sounds https://bbc.in/435UTTZ

BBCRadio4, to random
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🎂 Is it your birthday? Commiserations.

Leap days explained: https://bbc.in/49NaJWt

BBCRadio4, (edited ) to history
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Lucy Worsley tells the story of a woman accused of plotting to murder a President. She's joined by former US Secret Service Special Agent Evy Poumpouras.

Lady Killers with Lucy Worsley on BBC Sounds https://bbc.in/3I87Dji

BBCRadio4, to Podcast
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🔊 Meet the next generation of audio creators - new podcasts on BBC Sounds.

BBC Sounds Audio Lab is a unique programme, the first of its kind from the BBC, that offers a comprehensive package of practical and professional training to new audio creators.

More about the podcasts and BBC Sounds Audio Lab on the web site: https://bbc.in/3UDeusJ

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@hittitezombie On the programme page for each podcast you'll see a 'Podcast' link. Click that link and you'll see an RSS link, e.g. on this page: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0hb189w - you should also be able to search your podcast app for the podcast title :-)

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@hittitezombie Almost all BBC podcasts do have RSS feeds. Some are available exclusively in the Sounds app or first in the Sounds app and then later via RSS :-)

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