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Mr_Blott, (edited )
  • Our Flag Means Death
  • The Totally Made Up Adventures of Dick Turpin
  • Decline and Fall
  • The Gentlemen (the series, not the film)

That should keep you busy for a while

Edit - How could someone downvote Our Flag Means Death?!?!? :(


Detectorists is a work of absolute genius


“Want” in the case of the US too mind you!

What’s a bit of murder if it brings in the 🤑🤑💰💰💰💰


Right, please tell me. Is this just a meme thing or do people actually knock on other people’s doors to try to convert them to their religion?

And does this only happen, bizarrely, in the country with the highest number of gun-owning cowards?

It just seems such an odd combination


The Legacy (1978)

Fuck knows what my dad was thinking 😅


I’m not sure what agenda Politico is trying to push these days, does anyone know? They seem to be trying to stir up anger but I’m not sure if it’s for clicks or something else

fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves... (

One of the most common mistakes is assuming that political opponents are ignorant. If only they had the right education; consumed the right media; or had the correct experience, they’d surely see things properly. The error is believing that we arrived at our values through reason. Values like hierarchy or equity are adopted by...


One of the most common mistakes is assuming that political opponents are ignorant talking about politics. Unless you’re in a position to actually change something, all you’re doing is causing arguments and friction


New jersey? Did someone get a new woolly jumper?


That would be another FREEDOM ©®™ then?


Well fucking tell us in the headline, you clickbaity cunts

Edit - Property taxes

In one country

But everyone knows about it anyway



Shit like this -

“I think the world would be better without (insert idea)”

“Oh my god but what about (insert unbelievably niche reason why not)? Won’t someone think of the incredibly niche exception?!?!?”

On every fuckin comment on Lemmy. You’re not improving the world guys, you’re making it insufferable


Weird how when I see a moronic thumbnail on a YT link, I just automatically downvote 🤔


Putting the “arse” in Arsthechnica


Sorry but I’m changing the word from “gun owners” to “fuckin cowards” and I’d appreciate it if you used the correct terminology thanks


I’ve worked on quite a few dairy farms in my time, and have never once seen an animal being “abused and tortured”.

Cows and sheep are unbelievably stupid, you’re projecting your own thought processes onto something that has the brain capacity of a plywood door. If I kick its arse to get it to move so it doesn’t crush me, it doesn’t think “Oh my god help I’m being oppressed”, it goes “Duh, might move, might not”

Do you know how much a fucking cow is worth? 😂 Farmers are the tightest gits on earth, they’re not out there torturing their profits mate

If you Google “Un agriculteur accusé de maltraitance animale” you’ll find a lot of articles, which means that the laws against the abuse are working, if you mistreat your livestock you will get shut down because there’s no way to hide it and other farmers will definitely report you.

Might be different where you’re from, but don’t accuse all farmers of torture and abuse


Research begs to differ

I just researched that research you researched and it turned out someone else researching it discovered that the research was extremely misleading and biased -…/6d22dffefbf88bc4b3a8a1…

So if your research is right, so is theirs


Can’t wait for the new generation of smuggling. BRB buying a rowboat and a cove


Oh god yeah I still use flat screwdrivers on a daily basis, basically as levers

“Little ass plugs” are called “grub screws” btw 😂

In 30 years you’ll catch up and they’ll all be 2.5mm Allen screws. I do remember them being slotted, it was a massive pain to find a screwdriver that fitted!


Yeah I thought it meant proud Pants Shitter jerk off


I wanted Anno 1800 to be this but man, the income fluctuations are fuckin uncontrollable

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