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Downloading Machine Learning Models
Data for Training ML Models
Training ML Models
Gaming (the games themselves or saving replays)
Backing up movies/videos/images etc.
Backing up music

Take your pick, feel free to mix and match or add on to the list.

Qualified experts of Lemmy, do people believe you when you answer questions in your field?

The internet has made a lot of people armchair experts happy to offer their perspective with a degree of certainty, without doing the work to identify gaps in their knowledge. Often the mark of genuine expertise is knowing the limitations of your knowledge....

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It really depends on the subject.

If it’s programming/hardware in general then there’s not much debate.

But when it comes to discussing “buzz words” or other hot topic items (cryptocurrency or AI/ML Models) then there will be a lot more debates.

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Relevant video for explaining quantum internet as well as clearing up some misconceptions about what quantum internet can and can’t do:


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Are you saying “No… let’s not advance mathematics”? Or… “No, let’s not advance mathematics using AI”?

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Just wait till someone creates a manically depressed chatbot and names it Marvin.

Pyro Coming to a Verse Near You (Q3 2024) (robertsspaceindustries.com)

Tap for summary.Release ViewThe following feature cards have been added to Release View, targeting a release with **Alpha 4.0.**+ Server Meshing V1 + Mission System Refactor + Transit System Refactor + Pyro I + Pyro II - Monox + Pyro III - Bloom + Pyro IV + Pyro V + Pyro VI - Terminus + Ignis + Vatra + Adir + Fairo + Fuego +...

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On Android here: the video plays on the comment from brbposting but there is no audio and no controls for play/pause, mute/unmute, etc.

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This would actually explain a lot of the negative AI sentiment I’ve seen that’s suddenly going around.

Some YouTubers have hopped on the bandwagon as well. There was a video posted the other day where a guy attempted to discredit AI companies overall by saying their technology is faked. A lot of users were agreeing with him.

He then proceeded to point out stories about how Copilot/ChatGPT output information that was very similar to a particular travel website. He also pointed out how Amazon Fresh stores required a large number of outsourced workers to verify shopping cart totals (implying that there was no AI model at all and not understanding that you need workers like this to actually retrain/fine-tune a model).

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I don’t think that “fake” is the correct term here. I agree a very large portion of companies are just running API calls to ChatGPT and then patting themselves on the back for being “powered by AI” or some other nonsense.

Amazon even has an entire business to help companies pretend their AI works by crowdsourcing cheap labor to review data.

This is exactly the point I was referring to before. Just because Amazon is crowdsourcing cheap labor to backup their AI doesn’t mean that the AI is “fake”. Getting an AI model to work well takes a lot of man hours to continually train and improve it as well as make sure that it is performing well.

Amazon was doing something new (with their shopping cart AI) that no model had been trained on before. Training off of demo/test data doesn’t get you the kind of data that you get when you actually put it into a real world environment.

In the end it looks like there are additional advancements needed before a model like this can be reliable, but even then someone should be asking if AI is really necessary for something like this when there are more reliable methods available.

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After reading through that wiki, that doesn’t sound like the sort of thing that would work well for what AI is actually able to do in real-time today.

Contrary to your statement, Amazon isn’t selling this as a means to “pretend” to do AI work, and there’s no evidence of this on the page you linked.

That’s not to say that this couldn’t be used to fake an AI, it’s just not sold this way, and in many applications it wouldn’t be able to compete with the already existing ML models.

Can you link to any examples of companies making wild claims about their product where it’s suspected that they are using this service? (I couldn’t find any after a quick Google search… but I didn’t spend too much time on it).

I’m wondering if the misunderstanding here is based on the sections here related to AI work? The kind of AI work that you would do with Turkers is the kind of work that’s necessary to prepare the data for it to be used on training a machine learning model. Things like labelling images, transcribing words from images, or (to put it in a way that most of us have already experienced) solving captchas asking you to find the traffic lights (so that you can help train their self-driving car AI model).

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It becomes easy to do something like this once we start vilifying others and thinking that they “deserve it”.

In this case according to the man that threw water, the homeless person had a history of sexual harassment and being violent towards the attendees.

We see this all the time in politics. We’re so used to attacking the other side verbally that when one side says something offensive to the other side, physical fights can break out.

Image of apology here: https://lemmy.world/pictrs/image/73fa415f-28eb-4144-b6fb-6ab543f997f5.jpeg

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But what app did you use to access OSM and download the maps for offline use… was it a web browser? OsmAnd? Vespucci?

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Do you have a source for those scientists you’re referring to?

I know that LLMs can be trained on data output by other LLMs, but you’re basically diluting your results unless you do a lot of work to clean up the data.

I wouldn’t say it’s “impossible” to determine if content was generated by an LLM, but I agree that it will not be reliable.

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Says the person using light mode!!

(On a serious note, upvotes and downvotes mean different things to different people. That’s just their own opinion and that’s okay. But if you are bothered by downvotes I would use a Lemmy instance that hides the downvotes entirely.)

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Looks like he instantly got VAC banned with that triple headshot?

Hello GPT-4o (openai.com)

GPT-4o (“o” for “omni”) is a step towards much more natural human-computer interaction—it accepts as input any combination of text, audio, and image and generates any combination of text, audio, and image outputs. It can respond to audio inputs in as little as 232 milliseconds, with an average of 320 milliseconds,...

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The demo showcasing integration with BeMyEyes looks like an interesting way to help those who are blind.


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That’s a lot of big missiles… Now I’m wondering if we’ll actually see Size 10 missiles introduced along with this ship.

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I would be careful trusting everything said in this video and taking it at face value.

He touches on a broad range of different AI related news, but doesn’t seem to fully grasp the technology himself (I’m basing this statement on his “evidence” from the 8 min mark).

He seems to be running a channel that’s heavily centered on stock market related content. And it feels like he’s putting his own spin on every topic he touches in this video.

Overall, it’s not the worst video, but I would rather base my information from better informed sources.

What he should have done was to set the baseline by defining what AI actually is and then proceed to compare what these companies are doing with that definition. Instead we have a list of AI news stories covering Amazon Fresh Stores, Gemini, ChatGPT, and Copilot (powered by ChatGPT) and his own take on how those stories mean that everything is faked.

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This video should have more accurately been labelled, “Things that make AI Look Bad” rather than attempting to prove that AI was faked.

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Maybe the violation of EU laws could be related to something like this?

European Commission fines Valve and five publishers €7.8m for geo-blocking Steam games

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