YakyuNightOwl, to random
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A few things:

"Gojira" is a classic anti-war movie disguised as a monster movie.

If you haven't seen footage of postwar Japan, it might seem over the top.

The original Japanese film is miles better than the Americanized mess.

Just saying.

trixter, to random
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Hey : Criterion is having a 50% off everything sale today, which includes this box of incredible gems:


CactuarJoe, to Cinema
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This Sunday at 9pm eastern on #Monsterdon we'll be watching the original, the KING of rubber lizard cinema, GODZILLA (1954)

Usually for these things I link the dubs, they tend to be funnier, but I feel like we should pay respect to the big guy for this one. Besides, the dub is basically a completely different movie -- Raymond Burr takes over as the lead. Here's the subbed version: https://archive.org/details/original-godzilla-duology/Godzilla+(1954).mp4

Hope you join us, it's gonna be a blast :D

#Cinema #Cinemastodon #Movies #Horror #MST3k

RobynGoodfellow, to random
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jbrockschmidt, to random German
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@jbrockschmidt Yes?

(It's a weekly monster-movie group watch, where we comment along. Follow for movie choice polls and information!)

furqanshah, to random
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I saw trending and figured “Donatello” is well-qualified! Here is a visualisation done in !

Photogrammetry - Donatello of TMNT

@moira@mastodon.murkworks.net avatar

@furqanshah Hi!

Monsterdon is a weekly Sunday evening monster-movie group watch, where we comment along, a mix of riffs, commentary, and actual trivia. Follow for movie choice polls and information!

liferstate, to random
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"Fucking off into the sea" is more formally known as Fifth Abandonment, i.e. the universal human right to forsake society, rejoin the ocean, and become a monster. This clause no longer appears in most published versions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights but was still in force last I checked.

moira, to random
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i only realise just now at this late hour that I should've been referring to moustache guy as Harry Dualshock tthe entire time xD

lytta, to random
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So Gojira next week? Get that poor lizard's origin story? 😭

@moira@mastodon.murkworks.net avatar

@lytta yep goin' back to the beginning

JoeWynne, to random
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Oh What A Night!

@Tawaret Thank you so much for hosting!

🦖And thanks to all the Real Time Film Analysts for noticing everything. Remind me not to date you.

🐛 I captured a few moments here:

Happy Center | Inadequate Mustache | The Egg Man | Tragedy Ballad | Liturgical Dance | Killing for Cash | "You failed" | Butterfree | No-Hole Fairy Box | Exploitation | Suck it Harryhausen | Stick and Move

🧵 1 / 2

@JoeWynne@mstdn.plus avatar

🐛 Also this gem...
'it means no harm but it will destroy everything in it's path' <-- so many ppl I know

Have a monstrously good week everyone!

🧵 2 / 2

@moira@mastodon.murkworks.net avatar

@JoeWynne oh god I missed "Suck it, Harryhausen" xD xD xD

diazona, to random
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What a classic today. I had gotten too used to extremely dumb movies so this was refreshing. Thanks as always @Taweret for hosting!

Next week should be excellent 🙂

Telstar, to random
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Thanks all and particularly @Taweret for another fun evening! ❤️

@rwhe@retro.pizza avatar

And now for the milling about in the lobby period of the evening

@moira@mastodon.murkworks.net avatar

@rwhe ...that is what we're doing, isn't it? xD

amyfou, to random
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"Mothra vs. Godzilla: The Silkening"

@w7fsc@mastodon.social avatar

@amyfou I love this movie, but forgot all about ! I was watching Gamera v. Viras on Comet.

msh, to random

starts NOW! :ablobwobble:

Bug vs. Lizard...no contest?

You might be surprised!

Follow the hashtag to find out!

or filter it if you couldn't care less I dunno


Having dispatched Godzilla with Nuclear Silly String the New Mothrii eff off into the ocean.

We must thank them by building a better world based on mutual trust.

But we won't of course :blobcheeky:

Still a good thanks @Taweret for this evening's selection!

@puzzled@coales.co avatar

@msh I've not ever taken part in but saw the trailer for the Mothra/Godzilla film and found it... oddly compelling. 😄

coprolite9000, to random
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incoming - feel free to mute the hashtag if you'd rather not have both Mothra and Godzilla rampaging over your timeline for the next hour or two...

(But where would the fun be in avoiding that???)

@coprolite9000@mastodon.me.uk avatar

Correct plural:

CactuarJoe, to Cinema
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It's about an hour until , your weekly monster movie watch party. If you wanna filter the hashtag, now's the time to do it.

This week we're watching Mothra Vs. Godzilla, in which Mothra is ONCE AGAIN fully justified and Godzilla is just a big green lump. Get 'im Mothra!

If you'd like to join in, the film's available on a bunch of streaming services, but it's free over here on Archive.org: https://archive.org/details/godzilla-vs.-the-thing-4-k-remaster

We start at 9pm Eastern!

@trixter@retro.pizza avatar

@CactuarJoe Go easy on him, he’d clearly had a rough night.

@CactuarJoe@retro.pizza avatar

@trixter We now know how many toddlers it would take to beat Godzilla




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