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• A irreverent guy with a wandering spirit, stranger in a strange land.
• Politically incorrect.
• Microsoft and Big Tech hater, Linux user.
• Bookworm: Classic Theology, Philosophy, History and Novels reader.
• Analog music collector: Compact Discs, Vinyl Records and Cassettes in the XXI century.
• Old videogames lover: DOOM, Wolfenstein, ROTT, Heretic, Wolfenstein, etc.
• Japanophile, Asian Movies and Music lover, addicted to JPop since 1985.

#fedi22 #JPop #Japan #JapaneseMusic #1980s #Retro

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aldi80s, to asia
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Tha's so true...
But that evil laugh 🤣🤣🤣
#Asian #ChineseGirl #fun


aldi80s, to Vintage
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Pioneer P-D1
Compact Disc player, 1984.

I really love the style. 40 years later and it still looks super modern.

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@duncan_bayne And the interesting thing: that player is not like some old players that cannot play long play compact disc (those from late 1990s and 2000s) but that one seems to be compatible to modern CDs, which is a good point.

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@jnv If you are really a music lover, it will be very satisfying... seriously !!!

aldi80s, to Sleeping
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I had a weird dream:

I was in hell and saw lost souls suffering. I went down a hill, hell was a century XVIII wooden house in victorian style all in white. I entered in, every room had a soul in torment.

How can get it out of my mind?

aldi80s, to random
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What should I play tonite?

aldi80s, to books
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Providence Athenæum, US.
Established in 1836

Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft frecuented this library.

No wonder Lovecraft had that impressive knowledge in books according his essays "What Shall I Read?" and "Supernatural Horror In Literature".

Check the Lovecraft sculpture at the left.

aldi80s, to books
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aldi80s, to France
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Artist: K-Bereit [FRANCE]
Title: Unit Neural Distört
Genre: Industrial / EBM
Release: Singsaly Transmissions Records USA, 2009. Black Compact Disc edition in Digipack presentation.

aldi80s, (edited ) to Japan
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Artist: Circle Of Dust [USA]
Title: Brainchild
Genre: Industrial Metal / Electronic
Release: R.E.X. Records USA, 1994. First edition CD.

aldi80s, to random
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Just walking around and enjoy weekend...

aldi80s, to random
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I confess I used to believe the existence of the Necronomicon book because of the strong and convincing allegations of many people, especially religious fanatics who never read Lovecraft's works in their lives.


aldi80s, to books
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I'm reading two different books from H.P. : "A Confession of Unfaith" and "Philosophical Essays". But I found out that several essays appears in both books, which makes my reading easier. Fewer pages left to be read soon. Love it.

aldi80s, (edited ) to random
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I never forget back in the 1980's. I was just 11 years when saw a beautiful pic of a Compact Disc and the laser from a magazine's ad. I learned that it was the latest technology innovation at that time. I ripped it from the mag and placed on my room's wall, at the side of my bed.
Wondered how it sounds, how looks like and if I could have one in the future. That was my childhood dream. Got my first CD in 1988, and got my first CD player at 1992.

aldi80s, to random
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I don't know where that cover comes from. However I like it, since it means to me: that's how I feel when finally get any record I look for decades, especially the Japanese and Chinese music from the 1980's.

aldi80s, to vinyl
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I had an online friend who helped me to find some music and send to me.
Back in 2012 an 10" vinyl record was released under the price of $10USD or less. I asked her to buy it for me. Days later she told me she got the record and we planned to pay and then send it to me.
Suddenly she disappeared from all the Internet sites, I don't know why.
Now, that vinyl record can be found at the price from $75 to $120USD.
How I hate this so much...
#VinylCollector #VinylRecords #Vinyl #MusicLover

aldi80s, to books
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Started reading three thick books at same time:

• Two on Philosophy
• One on Theology

All with diverse essays in almost 1100 pages.
I'm not bragging here, I just wonder if I'm doing wrong with that way.

aldi80s, to books
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Finally I found the Lovecraft's essay I mentioned in the previous post. Because of Mastodon's words limit in the post, I share my POA.ST post here:


aldi80s, to random
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I'm loving one H.P. . It's translated at the first time to Spanish, so the title in English may be "What Should I Read?"
That's another good guide to read some important books for the new .
Wish I could find that original essay to share to my friends !

aldi80s, to uk
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Artist: NEW ORDER [UK]
Title: Republic
Genre: Synth Pop / Electronic
Release: Qwest Records, USA. 1993.

aldi80s, to random
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What a cold morning... and raining now... finally the most hated weather is gone... I'm happy!

aldi80s, to books
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Ok... done reading C.S. Lewis' book tonite.
Thinking for the next book to read this week !
#Reader #Reading #Books #BookWorm #Reader

aldi80s, to books
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"To discover that a book is really bad, we must read it assuming that perhaps it is very good."
An Experiment in Criticism, C.S. Lewis, 1961.
#Books #BooksWorthReading #BookReaders #Reading #Criticism #CSLewis #Essay

aldi80s, to books
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"Bad readers are not interested in Poetry"
C.S. Lewis, 1961.

From the book "An Experiment in Criticism".

aldi80s, to books
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Another sunday afternoon for a good reading time. Still with C.S. Lewis book "An Experiment in Criticism". (EPUB version in Spanish)
I'm not into Poetry but I should learn about this and give a try.

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