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Japan’s cannabis market expanded sixfold over four years to ¥24 billion ($154 million) in 2023, a trend that is expected to accelerate with the amendment in December of cannabis laws. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2024/04/21/japan/science-health/cannabis-market/

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Zwei japanische Militärhubschrauber abgestürzt - Besatzung vermisst

In der Nacht sind über dem Pazifischem Ozean bei einer Übung zwei japanische Militärhubschrauber abgestürzt. Ein Besatzungsmitglied konnte nur tot geborgen werden, sieben weitere Passagiere werden noch vermisst.

➡️ https://www.tagesschau.de/ausland/asien/japan-militaerhubschrauber-100.html?at_medium=mastodon&at_campaign=tagesschau.de

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Costs for Osaka Expo 2025 keep rising - but the ticket sales needed to cover them aren't happening. Will taxpayers be stuck with the bill? A look at the reasons behind the public backlash against the expensive event.


GrittyLipids, to history
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I never realized how close the Kurils are to Japan. Leaving aside, y’know, all of Russian and Japanese history prior to 1945, no wonder the Americans were so keen on becoming friends with Japan after the war.

Even if we definitely should have insisted on more trials of murderers and criminals like Shiro Ishii.


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A minor injury is a lesson not to take anything for granted.

Cognitive dissonance. The need to get out and see this beautiful planet before it is gone vs the hypocrisy in doing so.


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Some 3 million people flocked into Japan in March 2024 alone. What explains the country's record tourism numbers? Learn more in our latest below.


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Two Maritime Self-Defense Force helicopters appear to have crashed late Saturday during nighttime training off the Izu Islands in the Pacific Ocean, the Defense Ministry said, with seven crew members missing. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2024/04/21/japan/politics/izu-msdf-helicopter-crash/

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Japan's bullet trains are known for their speed, safety and punctuality, but the "shinkansen" service saw a delay this week thanks to an unwelcome animal passenger.

A commuter traveling on a train between Nagoya and Tokyo spotted a 40-centimeter snake on board.

While dogs, cats and even small animals like pigeons are allowed to accompany passengers, snakes aren't, and it is not clear how the serpent found itself on the train. #snakes #Japan #trains

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These are the two remaining daiba (台場) from which Odaiba takes its name: defensive fortifications built in the waning days of the samurai to fend off attacks by the encroaching Western powers. These fortifications of a bygone era can tell us much of the story of Odaiba.


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dnc, to Japan
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Irezumi 1966 ‘刺青’
Directed by Yasuzō Masumura

A mysterious tattoo artist puts his masterpiece, a human-faced spider, on a kidnapped woman’s back. She and her lover are then forced into a conspiracy-born nightmare...

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Still digging through photos from last year in Atami.


#DailyPhoto #Tokyo #Japan #Photography

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dnc, to Japan
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Even Japanese people are surprised to learn what Nagoya’s most popular regional ramen is. A spicy noodle dish, it stands in stark contrast to Nagoya’s other popular dishes like misokatsu and tebasaki.

And the kicker? It’s not even from Taiwan.


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in 2017, at Tomioka Hachimangū Shrine, head priestess Nagako was murdered by her brother Shigenaga, who believed her role should belong to a man. Shockingly, he wasn’t alone in this belief: Japan's Association of Shinto Shrines refused to recognize Nagako for years.


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dnc, to Japan
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Documented 100th different topic, this time the format and content completely unlike anything before, drawing from my familiarity with Kyōto temples (first photo), Shintō shrines, and festivals reenacting the Heian Period of over a thousand years ago. The slideshow is at at https://www.researchgate.net/publication/379221428

The pechakucha (third photo) rapid-fire presentations were also a social event in Nishinomiya, between Ōsaka and Kōbe, involving Kōnan University students, teachers, and other English users. The editor of our book A Passion for Japan gave me a cameo in his presentation by discussing my chapter (last photo).

My chapter "Discovering Japanese Fusion of Religions on the Pilgrimage Island of Shikoku" chronicles my connections to Japan and in situ research. The chapter is free at https://www.researchgate.net/publication/361566172 or https://www.academia.edu/82383623
The Japanese (和訳) version I translated is free to download from https://hcommons.org/deposits/download/hc:48212/CONTENT/discovering_ja.pdf


With some pechakucha event participants.
Event poster
Cameo in another presenter's slide.

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Most Japanese names can be read multiple ways, and so-called "kira kira" names are especially notorious for flouting the norm. We here at UJ rounded up ten of the hardest kira kira names to read and test your kanji knowledge to its limits (and beyond).


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DNA research report

“…modern Japanese people mostly descended from three ancestral groups:

  1. Neolithic Jomon hunter-gatherers

  2. A group believed to have been the ancient predecessors of the Han Chinese

  3. an unidentified group with ties to NE Asia.”

This challenges a hypothesis that Japanese originated from the Jomon & later rice-farming Yayoi.


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According to Japan's Immigration Services Agency, by January this year, Japan had over 79,000 illegal overstayers. That’s approximately 20,000 more compared to a decade ago. 62.9% entered Japan on short-term visas.


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