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I look for patterns. I connect dots. I share what I see.

Working for a bigger, stronger open #Internet for everyone. Writes on #InternetAccess, #DNS, #AI, #WordPress, futures. Focused on Low Earth Orbit (#LEO) satellites at Internet Society.

#Wikipedia editor. Volunteer with #Rotary, #ITDRC, #IETF.

Speaker, author, podcaster, livestreamer.

Been online since 1980s - still remember USENET and UUCP. Lives in #Vermont. Spricht Deutsch et un peu de français. Enjoys #curling.


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danyork, to random
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@Techmeme One more suggested link for your coverage of the Texas and Florida laws - we wrote about the Internet Society’s amicus brief at https://www.internetsociety.org/blog/2023/12/can-you-kick-the-trolls-out-of-your-online-forum-u-s-supreme-court-to-decide/

(Your current coverage is at https://www.techmeme.com/231209/p5#a231209p5 )

danyork, to journalism
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Wow! Excellent rant about the state of , not only in but in other countries as well…. https://www.tiktok.com/

danyork, to firefox
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Wow! As a longtime (decades!) user, I had no idea this feature was added! This will now be part of my regular workflow. Thanks, @mozilla !

From: @nixCraft

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@sundew Aha! Thanks for clueing me in.

nixCraft, (edited ) to linux
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Poll: Be honest. Did you struggle to exit vi/vim the first time?

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@nixCraft The first time was probably… over 35 years ago! 🤣

I have a hard time remembering something that happened last year, let alone that long ago.

You need a third option “It was so long ago I don’t remember” 😃

joebeone, to random
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Here's The @internetsociety brief in the TX and FL social media content moderation cases (Moody v NetChoice/NetChoice v Paxton) before the US Supreme Court: https://www.supremecourt.gov/DocketPDF/22/22-277/292675/20231207150553007_ISOC_NetChoice_Final%20Brief.pdf

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@paulehoffman @joebeone Yes, that would be the pattern we’ve all seen! 🙁

danyork, to meta
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Great to see Meta turning on end-to-end encryption by default for Facebook Messenger: https://www.theverge.com/2023/12/6/23991501/facebook-messenger-default-end-to-end-encryption-meta

(Similar to what is already available in )

tip @Techmeme

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For those of us in the admittedly obscure world of #DNS security and #DNSSEC, this is very important as it marks a transition to elliptic curve algorithms…

… but for probably 99.9% of Internet users, this is serious “eyes glaze over” territory. 😃

From: @rr

danyork, to random
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Way back in 1990, I had the opportunity to spend 6 weeks as a field worker for an ice drilling project on the summit of Greenland’s ice sheet. The researchers were drilling to retrieve an ice core to study climate change.

When my time at the camp was over, I had the chance to hike to the edge of a glacier before leaving. It was all an amazing experience!

Ever since, I have paid attention to news out of … and it’s not good🙁

From: @kim_harding

danyork, to random
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For all of the people on here who, like me, have never heard of this... apparently "rizz" is a word (short for "charisma")... and it's Oxford's "Word of the Year" 😀 - https://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/4340335-oxford-names-rizz-word-of-the-year/

danyork, to ai
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Turned on the actual TV for a few minutes today.. and in that brief time I learned that Anderson Cooper is going to do a CNN special at 8:00pm ET (about 55 mins from now) on ** "AI and the Future of Humanity" **.

There is a part of me that wants to tune in just to see how cringeworthy it is - or not.

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And... yep... 7 minutes into the documentary on CNN... we've got a Terminator reference 😀

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So... having spent the hour watching " and the Future of Humanity" on CNN... it wasn't too bad. It talked about many of the positive aspects, while of course including the obligatory Terminator reference.

Also talked about deepfakes and the fact that we can't trust anything any more. Showed it helping someone paralyzed walk again. And then also got into autonomous tanks and drones.

Had the overall problem of defining "AI" very broadly to encompass so many things.

danyork, to random
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Read this thread all the way to the end…

From: @mekkaokereke

danyork, to random
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AVFTCN 030 – Want to run an AI on your laptop? Just download one file…

5:42 am Mind = 🤯 Would you like to run a large language model (LLM) on your own local computer? So that all your data and requests stay local? Would you like your own private "ChatGPT"-like thing that you could ask questions of? I happened to be looking at my personal email the other afternoon when Simon Willison's email newsletter appeared.


danyork, to random
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And then sometimes... you just have a really good day! 😀👍🎉

danyork, to instagramreality
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Question for anyone creating videos on TikTok using the app - how can you invert/flip/mirror the front camera on an iPhone while also using the Greenscreen effect?

You can see what I am talking about here: https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZT8PYJ8cy/

danyork, to random
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This is extremely cool! Nice, easy way to markup charts to share them!

From: @IODA

jack_daniel, to random
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@jack_daniel There’s a name I haven’t heard for a while! Such a great system!

danyork, to random
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AVFTCN 029 – Sunday Smorgasbord: Humane AI Pin, LEOs, Livestreaming Wikipedia editing

5:03 am Greetings from basement isolation. The dog has been let out and I’m back here in the dark. Instead of a specific topic, I want to catch up on some updates to past newsletters. So today’s note is a collection of smaller updates of different flavors. I’ll call it a smorgasboard, which of course Wikipedia has more info about…


steely_glint, to random
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Another surprise from @thecontinent “The resolution, passed by consensus, would see authority for global tax rules pass from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to the UN.” Was news to me and I read the FT.

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@steely_glint @thecontinent Yes, that is fascinating! I also had not heard anything about this before reading The Continent this week. I wonder where in the “UN” this will wind up going?

detritus, to history
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This piece (essay? story? autofiction?) is really really extraordinary not only in the sociopolitical issues it brings to light but the sheer pleasure of reading it and the innovative form of it. I can't wait to read some of this guy's novels, if they're anything like this piece. https://harpers.org/archive/2023/12/the-hofmann-wobble-wikipedia-and-the-problem-of-historical-memory/

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@detritus Thank you for sharing that. I am not quite sure what it is that I just finished reading… but it was … “different”!

amcasari, to running
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The last time I tried a steak in January 2020, I got eleven days in before I got COVID.

Almost four years later, I'm finally feeling up for trying again, aiming to hit at least a mile every day between US Thanksgiving and New Year's Day 🤞

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@amcasari Wow! Which part of are you in that already has that much snow?? I’m up in Chittenden County and we still see our grass. (That may change tonight if the forecast is accurate.)

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@johnlehet Wow! We're still green grass and rain right now over here on the other side of the state.

kurtsh, to twitter
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Why isn't this being shared more broadly?

Musk is indeed a dictator of one. And as much as I love Mastodon, the train left the station & it missed it. And without the equity of a mover like the EU or the US govt, it's sadly never going to pull in users to attain critical mass.

2M = BlueSky
9M = Mastodon
100M = Threads
400M = Twitter

"Why We’re Still Trapped on Twitter" - Adam Conover

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@kurtsh Not sure where you’re getting your timeline from. Mastodon was only created 7 years ago in late 2016.

Mastodon certainly built on the Fediverse, ActivityPub and other things that had been around far longer. But if you are comparing services in this way, Mastodon is only 7 years old.

@Wraithe @JonChevreau

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