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IT enthusiast. TV addict. A systems admin / tinkerer, who is also curious about development, network and security fields.

I created this account on leap day 2020, but I didn't use it nearly this much before Twitter was purchased.

#tfr #tootfinder

#GreenNuclearDeal🌿⚛️⚡🤝 https://greennuclear.online/@tcely

Backup account: https://masto.ai/@tcely

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"Election Integrity" is misinformation and a cover for the exercise of raw power through introducing excess chaos.

Step 1: Break things.
Step 2: Block fixing things.
Step 3: Point at the broken thing and complain that it hasn't been fixed.
Step 4: Lie to voters by telling them that only the party that broke the thing, and is currently preventing everyone else from fixing the thing, can fix it.


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1.2.24 beta rolling out

  • New notifications actions and routing
  • Click View post on a notification to go to the post
  • Click Reply on a notification to jump to replying
  • Click View profile to see to jump to the profile
  • Glassmorphic edge 2 edge design decor is now default
  • Imported translations (many continued thanks to the translators!)
  • Stability updates for notifications
  • Misc fixes
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I don't know if it is related to recent work, but I noticed that I can't select multiple notifications filters at the moment.

(A work around is to switch screens between each filter selection.)


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An American friend of mine thinks beans on toast is disgusting. So to all none Brits (as we find it delicious)…is it disgusting to you?

Side note - I find it astonishing that someone from the country that invented “cheese in a can” can find this “dish” disgusting. 😂

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Confirmed. That's disgusting.

A lot of the food from the UK is terrible when compared to food from around the world.


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Trump and his supporters are obsessed with crowd sizes, as if that is how elections are won.

Video of Trump's crowd walking away from his ongoing event is funny in that context.

> Trump just said he hasn’t noticed anybody leaving.

Hopefully, this is something we start seeing more often.


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The current Signal vs. Telegram controversy raises some interesting questions about transparency, user privacy, and security in chat apps: https://threema.ch/bp/chat-apps-government-ties-and-transparency

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"[snipped] took this statement literally and promptly demented it."

What are you trying to say with this sentence??

"demented it" isn't what I would say, I'd guess "denied it" in this context.


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> Due to restrictions on Apple’s part, it’s not possible to support reproducible builds in a straightforward and completely satisfactory way on iOS.

Yet again, Apple created a problem, but Signal, and other parties, received the blame for not fixing it.

This is stupid! Call out Apple for the choices they made that actually harmed everyone, even people who weren't tricked or bullied into buying Apple products.

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Violating just laws and refusing to accept the consequences. The rights of other students can't be ignored just because the protestors are upset. The people occupying parts of campus are not the only people with rights!


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A pregnant teen lunch lady put a hit on a fourth grader, then her defense attorney argued that she should escape punishment because she was pregnant.

She ended up being sentenced to 7 days in jail.

Does anyone think a male black teenager wouldn't get more than 7 days for putting a hit out on an elementary school girl?

Would he have a lawyer arguing that he shouldn't be punished because his hormones were peaking as a teenager?

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> Wilson-Johnson initially denied the allegations she offered $1 to three students to beat up a 9-year-old child in retaliation for him disobeying her instructions in the cafeteria and calling her a "pregnant b----.," before pleading guilty Feb. 14.


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If Apple wanted you to ask Siri to tell you how much battery is left on the remote, I would not be surprised.


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Please try Session, SimpleX, or Threema before deciding to stay with Signal (or WhatsApp).

They do a lot of things well, but when deciding things like this that could greatly improve the user experience I've found the Signal developers / leadership are not making good decisions.



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I didn't make the claim that there was a trivial solution. Simply that support for multiple mobile devices would improve the user experience.

With that said, no matter how hard it might be, they still decided not to do anything to address the problem identified by their users.


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Two years ago today, the Dobbs decision was leaked.

No matter how hard he tries, Donald Trump can’t sidestep his role in abortion being banned for millions.

In 2016 he pledged to remake the Supreme Court with nominees who would overturn Roe v. Wade.

He is directly responsible.

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Can anyone explain the theory behind these nets on motorcycles?


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As you may know I am not a big fan (at all!) of "reaction videos". But I just stumbled into a young (apparently Irish) woman working her way through the original "The Prisoner" -- and she was on the last episode "Fall Out".

So I watched to see if her brain would "explode".


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Watch out. Watching YouTube people react to shows you have already enjoyed can become strangely satisfying.


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The US government's entire beef with TikTok is they believe it's spying on Americans for the sake of the Chinese government, as opposed to American social media companies who spy on Americans for the sake of local, state, and federal law enforcement and various intelligence agencies and literally anyone else who is willing to pay for that data.

Which is why they want TikTok sold to an American company willing to hand that data over to them instead of instituting actual privacy regulations.

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That's not the entire beef. There is also the propaganda / influence aspect that you glossed over. Was that an intentional omission?

> The problem with TikTok is that a large number of Americans use it, and China may have the ability to direct misinformation through it, as well as collect data from it, said Plumb.



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> There has never been any evidence that TikTok collects more data than any other social media network.

You seem to be misinformed about this app. There is, in fact, some evidence that TikTok uses techniques that maximize the amount of information collected.

> In aggregate, TikTok’s data collection is more intrusive than other apps.



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I'm not saying we shouldn't worry about how China might be using TikTok to steal our data and manipulate us...

But why aren't we at least as worried about the U.S. billionaires who own the other apps stealing our data and trying to manipulate us?

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When Mark Zuckerberg puts his goal to remove the USA from the world in writing, because it is in his way, then I'll worry about him as much as the Chinese Communist Party!

Read more before putting takes like this out into the world.


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China has not been subtle about this.

> Because of the fact that the US is the main international competitor, the PRC leadership considers all US security alliances and partnerships, especially those in the Indo-Pacific region, as destabilising and irreconcilable with their sovereignty, security, and developmental interests.

Read more at: https://www.southasiamonitor.org/china-watch/chinas-2049-plan-big-challenge-world


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I find your suggestion that I should substitute Jim Hines' beliefs and opinions for my own extremely dubious.

Just because he thinks the ban would set an unacceptable precedent and voted against the bill, that isn't evidence that TikTok should be allowed.

The amount of indirection doesn't change who actually controls the content TikTok allows to be seen.


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Uh, huh. Ok, Donald. Nobody believes him after he failed repeatedly, and Biden is actually getting the very same things done!

What's another policy that Donald J Trump promised, but was actually delivered by Joe Biden?


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