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#Teacher: #Maths, #Music and #SocialStudies.

#Nerd: #BoardGames, #Tech and well made stuff. Some current favourites are Hansa Teutonica, Cleanshot X and loopwheeled sweatshirts.

#Music - #Bass (’61 P-bass) in a band called Klondike. Aspiring rig builder, under the name Erlend Mekker Nice.

#Blog - Trying to collect my weird thoughts on my varied interest over at https://www.havn.blog (🇳🇴🇬🇧).

#Dog - Vincent. Eurasier and good boy.

#Oslo, #Norway

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havn, to random
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When Vincent sleeps, he sleeps.

olivvybee, to random

This took many many hours, and I will be incredibly upset if it now doesn't fit in the box when I print it

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@olivvybee Looks like a board game! What's it for? 🙂

havn, to random
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Hi, @ivory!

I love the clean look of the timeline without action buttons. However:

  1. Without the drawer, it feels wasteful to have swipe left and tapping do the same thing. I wish I could choose what swipe left does (and be allowed to set two actions).

  2. I wish there was an indication that a post has replies, so I don't have to open posts, just to see that there's no replies.

(Also, what's the deal with having the character count so I can't see it when I'm close to the limit? See images.)

A mockup where I've added some reply icons to some posts.
This post in the composer for iPhone 13 Mini. When I'm at the top, I can see that I've written 1 character too much.
But when I scroll down, I can only see that the Post button is grayed out - but I can't see how far over I am.

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Yeah, a redesign that also incorporates threading would be nice. But just moving in up into the header or something would help for us Mini folks in the mean time!

Thoughts on the replies indicator? (Having to guess what has replies and not isn't great.) 🙂

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@ivory But you have the info when the actions buttons are there?? 🤔

I «just» want that «there are 9 replies» from the image here to be visible up top (perhaps without the 9) when the action buttons are turned off. 🙂

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@ivory Yeah, I'm one of those who likes the cleaner interface - that's why I want to run sans action buttons! ☺️ (So being able to choose the buttons is nice and all, but not that important to me.)

But it makes the timeline experience worse, because I keep taping on interesting post to check the replies, and then there's no replies, so I have to go back… 🙃

So I hoped it would be possible to piggy back on the icons showing for a post being part of a thread or edited. 🙂

dangillmor, (edited ) to random
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If Mozilla wants me to stop using Firefox, building "AI" into the browser is a great way to go about it.

(Note: I'm still using Firefox...)

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Might just be me, but I think they should consider making it not-aggressively-mediocre instead. 🤷🏻‍♂️

And I used it for a year recently, so don't think I'm just not used to it!

(The quality, polish, features, and dev speed of Arc is what they should look at.)

podomunro, to random
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I'm slowly making my way through @classifier's next update. This will include some features that have been requested several times, including being able to edit & delete collection fields!

Lots of little QoL improvements too. 😄

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@podomunro @classifier Oh, interesting!
I just (today) paid for a year, and added my board game collection to the app. ☺️

I like it, but noticed two things I'd love to see (is it part of the update?):

I want the app to make it easier to pick out what to play, or bring with me. So I've tagged the games with stuff like «⭐3» «⭐4» (preferred player count) and «👨‍👩‍👧‍👦» for things I can play with my family.


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@podomunro @classifier 1) But what I want, is to be able to select several tags when filtering, so I can select "best with three" and «for family».

  1. It would also be neat to be able to long press on a tag to say not that tag, so I can say «best with four» and «not for family» for instance.

(And something for the future: To be able to add a numbered field and then sort the collection by that number. Can be used for a bunch of stuff! 😊)


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@podomunro Oh, look at that - you can sort!

Cool that you’ll add the stuff. 🙂 BoardGameGeek has the worst UX in the world, so I was very happy that I found something nice to sort the collection in! 🙌🏻

mergesort, to random
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Now that Bluesky is open to everyone someone desperately needs to build a good client. The posts there are so damn good, but reading them is an absolute nightmare, hopefully someone like @MonaApp takes a crack at it. 🙏🏼

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@mergesort @steveriggins In what way is it "more vast than Activitypub"? It's one service with one app - and Mastodon alone has more active users than Bluesky. (Plus Activitypub actually have other services as well. 🙃)

mmasnick, to random
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I know that lots of folks here don't like Bluesky (and I understand most of the reasons why), But now that it's open, I tried to explain the reasons why I am excited about it and hope it succeeds. https://www.techdirt.com/2024/02/06/bluesky-opens-up/

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@mmasnick @mike My biggest issue with Bluesky, isn't their ideas (some aren't great - but some are). It's that they chose to fragment open social media, instead of improving the standard already backed by the W3C.

It's like if the comic in the article said: "Isn't it cool how these islands are connected? Well, instead of connecting to them, we started a new island chain!"

I fear two smaller networks has a lower chance against the silos than one more robust. 😕

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@scott I'm not saying we can't have any other protocols - like, https is still fine in my book. 😛 But ATProto is so similar to to AP, that I fear it would be better to instead improve AP.

I think two competing protocols would be beneficial if it weren't for the case that the main competitor (which is countless times larger and more powerful) is "no protocol".

@havn@writing.exchange avatar

@scott I guess what I fear, is that getting people away from the silos over to something open, is even harder if the open stuff is fragmented. And that you gotta balance that vs the protocols getting better due to competition.

However - I 100 % hope you are right and I'm wrong! 😁 And work towards the bridges (between the island chains 😉) getting better and more seemless, makes that more true. 👍🏻

havn, to random
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Hi, @martin! (Wow, neat username. 👌🏻)
Quick question: Have you "abandoned" your Micro.blog client Icro? 😕
I like a lot about it, so would be a shame! 🫶🏻

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@martin Ah, too bad. 🙁
Icro is the best looking and feeling Micro.blog client out there!

Since MB has so few actions, I think it's really smart to rely on swiping and not show the drawer (but since they can be accessed by long pressing, I'd even remove the dots 😉).

This makes for effective use of the timeline space, which is great for iPhone Mini people like myself.
But I asked about the app, because it could be even more effective by removing the large left-margin.


@havn@writing.exchange avatar

@martin I gave the same feedback to the official client, and made a mockup. 👇🏻

(The fruit hangs even lower for Icro, as there's already room for text under the avatars!)

Maybe I'll open Xcode for the first time, and poke around a bit! 😅

Have a nice day. 🙂


gaski, to random Norwegian
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Den norske versjonen av Hemingway sin seksordnovelle slår ham til og med med ett ord: Til salgs, kjærestevotter, aldri brukt.

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@gaski TBF er "Til salgs: Babysko - aldri brukt." Også fem ord. (Samskriving lenge leve. 🙌🏻)

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@gaski Selges: Ubrukte babysko ☺️

Kan anbefale denne, forresten!👇🏻

jaz, to trustandsafety
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Please see our latest blog post "Targeted Misgendering and Deadnaming in the Fediverse"

After conversations with GLAAD, we are providing sample language to combat these specific harms, and a pledge to gather and demonstrate support for the community.

Blog post: https://about.iftas.org/2024/01/30/targeted-misgendering-and-deadnaming-in-the-fediverse/

Server Pledge: https://cryptpad.fr/form/#/2/form/view/2Mz2UVcnDmRVjiSwTHJbwTXKUHMXkKz6sx1kc6Vosr4/

@moderation #Moderation #MastoMods #MastoAdmin

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@alex @jaz Seing as he is trying doing something to improve the lives of people who gets too much shit in the world, I assume he’s mom did a pretty good job?

From the blog post:
"It’s important to reiterate that the focus is not about accidentally getting someone’s pronouns wrong. Rather, our concern centres on deliberate and targeted acts of hate and harassment rooted in gender identity discrimination.»

What’s your issue with this?

@havn@writing.exchange avatar

@alex @jaz Yeah, that block list absolutely seems too extensive - I've no problem agreeing with that.

But, if someone says "Hey, it's hurtful if you call me by this name, could you please just use this instead?", you're not challenging ideas by refusing. You're just hurting someone for no reason, and acting like an asshole. I'd say the same if you went around on the street whacking people with a stick. 🤷🏻‍♂️

havn, to random
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Hi @ulyssesapp and @pixelmator!
Could you please give each other a call? 😇

I don’t know who's fault it is, but in macOS, I can't drag and drop a photo from Photomator into Ulysses. 🙁

Dragging from Photos.app to Ulysses works (but I don't like doing that, as it changes pngs to jpg).
And dragging from Photomator to, say, Pages also works!

What gives? 🤷🏻‍♂️
Only me?
(When I try to do it, it just doesn't show the green + in Ulysses, like it does from Photos.)

@havn@writing.exchange avatar

@ulyssesapp @pixelmator Yeah, that works - no problem. But it’s exactly the thing I’m trying to get away from. Also because I will then duplicate every photo I use on my blog.

I’ll send an email as well! 👍🏻 It's very easy to duplicate with the a free/non-activated version of Photomator, so hopefully you'll try on your side as well. As mentioned, I don't know which app the problem is in, heh.

@havn@writing.exchange avatar

@pixelmator Great, thanks!
I'm on the TestFlight, and dragging into Affinity Designer crashes it, btw... 🙃
Dragging from Photos works there, and dragging from Photomator via Yoink works.

Malik, to random German
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Is anyone still working on @ivory ? So many bugs are not getting fixed.

For example, pasting images, often results and pasting a path instead.


I would really prefer more regular updates, squishing every day bugs. That’s what I’m paying for after all. Ivory is so pretty, I want to keep it.

Other apps are adding features by the week. @mark


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@expert @mikec415 @phanpy I prefer native apps as well - but Phanpy is an awesome web client! 👌🏻

@havn@writing.exchange avatar

@expert @mikec415 I assume I would prefer native apps on Android as well - but my main point was to agree with your praise of Phanpy! 😊

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