Software Engineer with an incredible thirst for knowledge, who shares that knowledge with others, so that they can become their best selfs.

Interested in #Rust, #WebAssembly, #TypeScript, #OpenSource, #WebDev, #WebDesign and a lot of other interesting stuff.

Let's have some deep conversations about interesting topics. 🙂

I'm open-minded, but also hold strong opinions.

Dare to think for yourself.

Be kind.

Strive for excellence.

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inthehands, to random
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Less about tools that boost productivity, more about tools that reduce total workload.

janriemer, (edited )

@inthehands So much this! 💯

These LLM tools just lack so much context!

  • What is actually important for the person that receive the email?
  • What is actually important in this wall of text in the current context?

I've actually just done an experiment that shows this (with Chat LMSys):


Some details in the next posts...

1/3 (wow, a thread within a thread🤯)

janriemer, (edited )

@inthehands I've given it the following prompt:

"Please summarize the following text in max 4 sentences:"

and then I've given it the pure text of the following blog post:

There is a summary at the end of the actual blog post (that's what makes this experiment so interesting!), which is not part of the prompt.

Please see the image below:



@inthehands ...and now have a look at the summary below by GPT4o and Gemini 1.5.

While it perfectly got it right (this time!), the most crucial bit on how to disable this new linker is not present in the summary (see image below).

This is why context and details matter, which will always miss!

Writing requires - an lacks it.


janriemer, to random

Modular #Servo: Three Paths Forward - by Gregory Terzian (#GOSIM 2024):


(or YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EA_1jxzR85M)


nrc, to random
@nrc@hachyderm.io avatar

I added a navigation menu to the site (e.g., on https://ncameron.org/about). It appears when you scroll down on desktop and expanded from the hamburger on mobile. What do you think?


@nrc I really like the navigation menu (only tested on desktop)! 👍

Also works with JS disabled - nice!🙂

faassen, to rust
@faassen@fosstodon.org avatar

I wonder how to best describe how influences design, for better or worse. Here is some rambling...

It makes you avoid cyclical data structures, and you are far more aware of ownership. This makes surprising action at a distance harder. It also makes it more difficult to misuse globals or struct fields as globals just to pass data along to where it is needed no matter how.

Enums turn out to replace dynamic dispatch very often. Inheritance is just gone.



@ekuber @faassen

For me, programs feel very often like a state machine:

Data gets transformed (by taking ownership) from one data structure to the next data structure.

This is why I think Ownership/Borrowing is useful for much more than "just" memory safety - it actually ensures correctness (of data flow).

's focus on separating data and behaviour and defining both easily makes all the difference (I've written about it in some forum post: https://users.rust-lang.org/t/im-still-thinking-oop-in-rust-please-help-me-for-escape/93737/36?u=janriemer)!


janriemer, to random

Emergend Abilities!


The exponential rise of compute!

janriemer, to microsoft

Ctrl + Alt + Copilot 365 + PC

janriemer, (edited ) to microsoft

So here's the thing with 's new feature:
It's not about Microsoft now suddenly spying on you. They can probably already do that if they want in a much easier way without you knowing.

So please be more realistic!

The far more severe concern in the age of work is when person A shares their screen and person B having Recall enabled, thereby "recalling" the other person's screen without person A knowing.

So it is a privacy concern between people!


@faassen Yes, very true!

> Could be mitigated somewhat if all processing were entirely local.

Yes, according to Microsoft, everything happens on-device.


janriemer, to ai

In the age of there will be no more room for nuance or detail.

Everything will be coarse and average.

janriemer, to llm

Prompt Engineering Is Dead:


"In one instance, the prompt was just an extended Star Trek reference: “Command, we need you to plot a course through this turbulence and locate the source of the anomaly. Use all available data and your expertise to guide us through this challenging situation.” Apparently, thinking it was Captain Kirk primed this particular to do better on grade-school math questions."

I also think I can use the Force when I'm Obi-Wan Kenobi

atamakahere, to rust
@atamakahere@mastodon.social avatar

What would be the best way to learn ?

I am reading the rust for rustaceans book, but it’s not the end of all, I need to implement my learning. What could be the best, short and crisp way to utilise most of async and concurrent feature in a small application?

My goal is to get confident enough that I can build/contribute to something like or a database like


@atamakahere Although the following is "something to watch" and not "to read", it's a really good overview of using async in applications:

1 Hour Dive into Asynchronous Rust | by Ardan Labs:

(or YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HwrZp9CBD4)

On the reading side, I can highly recommend the book "Asynchronous Programming in Rust" by Carl Fredrik Samson:

⚠️ It's more about how Async Rust works under the hood and less about how to develop apps, though.

ljs, to random
@ljs@social.kernel.org avatar

Another case where detailed commit messages really really help.

It blows my mind that any project decides not to provide detailed commit messages when the benefits are so massive...!


@ljs Tagging @chriskrycho 👆 as we had a discussion about this recently:


jonhoo, to random
@jonhoo@fosstodon.org avatar

As some of you may already know, I co-host the Rustacean Station podcast (https://rustacean-station.org/), especially the "What's New in Rust" episodes. And today, we're doing a live marathon episode to catch up on the past 7 Rust releases all in one go! No idea if it'll be interesting to follow along with, but come find out with us 😅

The stream will be today at 2:30pm UTC (https://everytimezone.com/s/1afbe376), will cover Rust releases 1.72 to 1.78, and will happen over at https://youtube.com/live/VpSXTJXX1YA?feature=share


@jonhoo Thank you so much for this podcast, Jon! I always really enjoy this series you do with Ben!❤️ I really like the dynamic between you two. So much valuable insights one wouldn't get otherwise.

Totally random: I think Ben has the best laugh (seriously!). It is so contagious!😅🙂

janriemer, to random

Happy Birthday, Rust! :awesome: 🎂 🎡

notgull, to random
@notgull@hachyderm.io avatar

Ugh I need to get back to that async-task blogpost don’t i


@notgull :awesome:

janriemer, to rust

"Can't move a closure into a spawned thread"


or phrased differently: "Misunderstandings of what the 'static lifetime in means".

Kornel's excellent answer:

"Note that any lifetime bounds, including 'static, apply only to references and types containing references. They do nothing when applied to self-contained types. This means that String is not 'static, but rather it isn't affected by any lifetime bound."

faassen, to random
@faassen@fosstodon.org avatar

Does anyone else have the impulse to want to be the best version of yourself online, sometimes? Even if anonymous? More generous, accepting, warm, less argumentative, more constructive?

Not for reputation afaik, at least not consciously, but just to make everything a bit better? I don't always get this impulse (no saint here) but I have felt that.

Since so much discourse is about how the internet brings out one's dark side, I thought I would mention the opposite.


@faassen Oh absolutely! I assume (at least for me) it is, because I want to inspire others to do the same.

It's the same in the real world:
When you witness someone else helping another person, you are more likely to help another person that day. So everyone wins! Isn't that beautiful!?🥰

Simon Sinek has talked about this.


@ekuber Thank you for being an inspiration to me (and probably to a lot of other people as well)!❤️

janriemer, to ArtificialIntelligence

Zed Decoded: Rope & SumTree - by Zed Industries


Absolutely fascinating deep-dive into the core data structures the folks at Zed Industries use for their !

"Currently there are over 20 uses of the SumTree in Zed. [...] The list of files in a project is a SumTree. The information returned by git blame is stored in a SumTree. Messages in the chat channel: SumTree. Diagnostics: SumTree."

Oh, how I love this! ✨

janriemer, to rust

Practical suggestions for building around borrow errors - by quinedot


If you're struggling with the borrow checker and lifetimes, this is an excellent resource!

In some past toot I've said that Rust lends itself very well to intuition-based learning...


...so this learning resource takes the same line (according to its title)! Nice!

vicki, to LLMs
@vicki@jawns.club avatar

The most interesting stuff in right now (to me) is:

  • figuring out how to do it small
  • figuring out how to do it on CPU
  • figuring out how to do it well for specific tasks

@vicki Well, this is called an algorithm.¯_(ツ)_/¯

kubikpixel, to webdev
@kubikpixel@chaos.social avatar

Local-First Web Development

So, you want to build an app that has its data co-located with its UI? That works offline? That synchronizes between clients? And that lets its users own their data?

🧭 https://localfirstweb.dev


@to Yes, agree! It's a shame!😔

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