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The Dow drops 45 points as even AI and tech stocks fall

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Fun with AI: I was playing around with the new DuckDuckGo chat feature DuckAssist, and it kept confusing PATCO :patco:, the rail service in southern NJ, with PATCO, the air traffic controller union. They do share the same name so I can see where the confusion is.

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has a lot of problems, but the energy the technology needs should be a reason that it must be curtailed now:

AI Computing Is on Pace to Consume More Energy Than India, Arm Says.

AI’s voracious need for computing power is threatening to overwhelm energy sources, requiring the IDU to change its approach to the tech.

By 2030, the world’s data centers are on course to use more electricity than India, the world’s most populous country-.

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Good news: The Circle is back! :thecircle:

  1. I like . 👍

  2. I prefer the British 🇬🇧 and French 🇫🇷 versions to the American 🇺🇸 versions.

  3. They introduced an character into the show 😬 but there’s also a contestant who claims to be an expert in AI, so let’s see how that goes. 🤔

  4. There’s an ex- streamer too 🫤 but she seems ok 🤷

  5. They moved the filming location from 🇬🇧 to somewhere in the US 🇺🇸

Excited to see how the season plays out. 😊

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Now the chatbot got pregnant. What's next?

P.S. Well, it thought so.

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More thoughts on and . They are pushing the idea that you pay for use of their image creator () and sell your creations.

The idea that “prompting” is in any way a marketable skill is pretty ridiculous. People even add watermarks to their images, because people might ARTTHIEFF!!!11 them snort.

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Facebook’s “AI” is responding to posts pretending to be human; in this case claiming to have a gifted and disabled child who attends a NYC school.

How many other accounts are actually large language models masquerading as people? This seems incredibly irresponsible—and is a great reminder that “AI” is machines mindlessly regurgitating things from elsewhere on the Internet.

AI is not sustainable.

Via @jasonkoebler for @404mediaco

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🔗: AI isn't useless. But is it worth it?

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The innovative Humane wearable assistant is getting slammed for performance and usability fails. Here’s what it needs to do before @Apple, @Amazon and @Google eat its lunch.

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I share links related to that I think are legit cool or interesting.

To be a little balanced, here's something i'm rolling my eyes at. For the record.

This goes along with the Microsoft adding an "AI" key to the keyboard.

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and have transformed computing indeed: we moved from a completely deterministic approach to telling computers what to do to one where we mumble various spells and incantations and hope they achieve something.

Truly a wonder of our age.

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I see these AI generated summaries are going great.

BTW, I mean this non-ironically. This is generating a huge amount of engagement, juicing user numbers, which companies generally care more about than accuracy.

For people not familiar with basketball, a bad miss is called a "brick" and Klay Thompson put up a lot of bricks against the Sacramento Kings. People talking about this resulted in Twitter creating this AI generated "trend" saying that Klay was vandalizing houses in Sacremento.

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@danluu is artificial stupidity and we already have way too fucking much of the genuine kind. Another idea, launched by shitty humans.

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"But I find one common thread among the things #AI tools are particularly suited to doing: do we even want to be doing these things? If all you want out of a meeting is the AI-generated summary, maybe that meeting could've been an email. If you're using AI to write your emails, and your recipient is using AI to read them, could you maybe cut out the whole thing entirely?"

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The impact of shadow AI on DevOps and building your own LLM’s : All Things Open

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Mozilla AI Guide | A useful tool and education resource for those who want to learn more.

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OpenAI's GPT-4 can exploit real vulnerabilities by reading security advisories

#ai #openai

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A Brief History of Kill Lists, From Langley to Lavender

#ai #history

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An Age-by-age Guide to Kids and AI, According to a Human Computer Science Teacher


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As people who follow what I’ve had to say on AI “Art” know, I'm more ambiguous on it than most Mastodonians, but having spent a bit of time on with the filter off, oh my!

It's pretty foolish to let your platform be spammed like that, some people are auto-uploading dozens a day. I think even the prompting is automated. And it's just so… boring . And it barely gets any engagement anyhow.

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It's certainly clarified for me that my reaction to AI art is definitely ‘boring, don't care’, I don't need to reason myself into disliking it! #Art #AI #DeviantArt

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I don't normally name and shame, but I'm so sure this is an automated spam account I'm going to share it:

It would be interesting to know what the history of it is, because the account is old, and presumably was a real person at some point. Original account owner gone to the dark side? Sold? Hacked?

#Art #AI #DeviantArt

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US House Financial Services subcommittee told #AI making ransomware easier, more prevalent #cybersecurity #infosec @thehill

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