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I finally got for @astro working! Thanks to @henry sparking my interest for it (again) and anyone here who helped me along the way.

I would appreciate lots of likes, reposts and comments so I have more data to work with hehe

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If you have an opportunity to attend this study hall hosted by @artlung , do it!

The first session was amazing and super informative. As a result, ended up refactoring and simplifying the chaotic mess that was my stylesheets😊 Was unable to attend the second, unfortunately, but looking forward to the third this Thursday.

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Honestly, the is unusable without an adblocker and some form of “tweaks” app these days. Ads are one thing but all these cookie and newsletter banners and autoplay videos. I’m so happy when I find my results on pages like Wikipedia..

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I wonder why Google Fonts is not using fetchpriority on their own CSS?

It seems like a performance no-brainer, not doing harm when the browser doesn't support it.

cc @googlefonts

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"Rethinking Text Resizing on Web"

In-depth look at:

  • The problems encountered on mobile web when relying solely on browser zoom.
  • The challenges of introducing changes that would impact the workflow of all frontend engineers.
  • The benefits seen since launching these improvements.

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“hello! i am currently seeking new employment opportunities in art, design and/or web development, ux & marketing consultation
resume :: ‪‬”

—> @brentpruitt

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Good news: I got working locally with @astro ! 🥳

Bad news: They're not showing in production, there's not even a request, nor is my try & catch throwing me an error 🤡

Why is it SO HARD to get them working with ?? Meanwhile the community has tons of resources on how to do it...

I assume that it's some client-side issue but I've had enough of this, time to start the weekend

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Nothing is more annoying than when a website has broken form validation. Like for example when you paste something and then the pasted data is invalid but if you type it yourself, it's fine. Sometimes, adding and immediately removing a character triggers the validation but sometimes it does not.

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Five years ago was my graduation from on this very day.

I looked back and wrote a GIANT post:

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

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Very glad that finally my favourite music website has got a long overdue refresh at its front end, it was so painful to browse without using the reader view in Firefox.

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Someone from bsky mentioned he doesn’t show peoples’ avatars and just uses this library for identicons. It looks amazing! I will use this too for rendering webmentions in my blog.

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feat: respect user faces

const identicon = document.createElement("minidenticon-svg");   

👉 commit:

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Question to , , & folks:

How do you feel about duplicate links in articles, blogs, whatever? Meaning: A certain word is a link (let's say "HEALTH") leading to an external website.

Would it annoy you if this word was always a link and it's mentioned for example 20 times in an article? Or would you rather have it only once to make it easier to scan for links?

Is there a related success criteria?

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I know I’m late to the party, but :has() is the best. Feels like I’m solving new problems daily with this little beauty.

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“The simplicity of HTML and CSS now feels like a radical act. To build a website with just these tools is a small protest against platform capitalism: a way to assert sustainability, independence, longevity.” — Jarrett Fuller

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The modern guide for making CSS shapes · Shapes with the smallest and most flexible code possible

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I enjoyed "Building a town that doesn't exist" by @dansinker at a lot! Watch it here:

It's nice to build something for the web that isn't necessarily useful, but rather entertainment.

I did the same a couple days ago to honor the late by turning his letter to into a mini website. Web can be fun, you know

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Followed the steps on to integrate on my and made some real good progress after plenty of commits.

No clue though how to actually show them using @astro but that's Tomorrow Steve's problem not mine

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our guy has started his own github sponsors page. feel free to toss a coin if you like flohmarkt :)

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New services available:

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Printing music with CSS Grid · A fantastic showcase of what CSS Grid is capable of

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I recently thought about the different ways you can "have" a place in the Internet:

  • Bare metal
  • Dedicated server
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • Shared Hosting
  • Serverless
  • Netlify, Vercel, etc

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👋 Come work with me at Nesta!

We're looking for a front-end developer to join our small team as we build prototypes / MVPs / and production-ready collective intelligence solutions.

There's lots more information in the job description, and I'll gladly talk to you about the role if you have questions. Reach out!

Apply by 28th May:

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