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Web Developer interested in climate and social justice. Location: Vienna, Austria.

#DDEV #SvelteKit #Svelte #JavaScript #CraftCMS #WordPress #OpenSource #GreenWeb 💚

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jon, to random
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Sit down at my reserved seat on Eurostar (ex-Thalys) to Bruxelles

Guy in the seat next to mine is snivelling and sneezing. Even though I’m 😷 it’s grim

Were this a decent railway company like DB or ÖBB I’d be able to see what other seats are reserved and move to a free one. But they don’t show you that on compulsory reservation trains…

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mandrasch, to php
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I love #craftcms for its stable deploy process (project config in git). But I haven't found a quick way for setting up & deploying hobby projects yet on small VPS. Same with other #php CMS / frameworks.

Laravel Forge or ploi are great helpers, but with extra costs.💰 But ...1/

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... I could imagine that @coolifyio (or similar tools) could solve this challenge in future.

Since follows a Vercel-like approach (1. Choose repo from GitHub, Nixpacks does composer and npm build, manually add db + .env values), things could be automated further. 2/

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For normally a database (mysql) and redis are needed.

If devs use for local development, the database and PHP version is already defined in .ddev/config.yaml

Maybe a small coolify script could be use here for automation on setup? 🤔 3/

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So maybe "a bridge" between and would be one way to achieve 1-click setups for craftcms (or other php projects) on coolify?

I guess git-driven PHP deployments could be optimized in general, a professional example is Ionos DeployNow https://www.ionos.co.uk/hosting/deploy-now. 4/5

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Would be a dream if I could just deploy hobby projects by selecting my repository from GitHub (like on Vercels interface) 🥰

lullabot, to node
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Why would you use instead of a or server directly?

There are significant advantages to using a containerized setup like DDEV. We go over them in this article, and include a step-by-step guide to set it up.

@andy_blum helps introduce DDEV to a new audience that may not know about how useful it can be!


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@lullabot @andy_blum thanks so much for the article! I used it to get + PostgreSQL up and running (and connected it via ) 👌

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@lullabot @andy_blum

Is it cool if I add a link to your article to this Vite + DDEV guide?

(There is also https://github.com/ddev/awesome-ddev where the article could be added)

mandrasch, to random
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mandrasch, to php
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Learned about @dokku in discord while asking about . Also saw .

Guess the cool thing about coolify is that it aims to be an open source indie alternative for Vercel & co: You just connect your GitHub repo and go on from there. 1/

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The Vercel experience is great: Just some clicks and you're good to go. This would be great for Craft CMS hobby / side projects. 🚀

I was rather a fan of GH Action Deployments (https://www.webstoemp.com/blog/github-actions-deploy-craftcms/) - but you need to configure the secrets & Co.Vercel approach is faster. 2/

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There are some professional services as well who try to make this easier for : Ionos Deploy Now has a similiar approach for PHP, Servd, the new Craft Cloud, fortrabbit ploi, cleavr & many more - but for hobby or demo projects they are too pricy, at least for my use cases. 3/

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So I'm currently undecided between investing in ploi basic + 1 hetzner VPS (146,4€/year) or try to figure out an easy workflow with coolify (or dokku, etc.).

How do you host your demo and hobby projects nowadays? 🤗 4/4

mandrasch, to svelte
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Discussed my current painpoints with a bit in Craft Discord. Coming from a Components perspective, the Developer Experience is just not as good currently. Things take much more effort to set up, you need to understand Includes vs. Embeds vs. Macros. This is a general PHP CMS challenge of course. 🤷 On the other hand: You get SSR easily without wild cloud setups in PHP 😉 🤓

Posted about components here if: https://github.com/twigphp/Twig/issues/3951#issuecomment-1970764587

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Got a nice reply on Discord by Andrew Welch

> „Twig isn't great for components currently, but they hopefully will be addressing some of that in Twig 4.“

Fingers crossed! 🤞

mandrasch, to CSS
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Devtools: "Animations: Inspect and modify CSS animation effects" 😮 🤩 👏 https://developer.chrome.com/docs/devtools/css/animations

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Awesome that you can achieve so much with and nowadays: "Subtle, yet Beautiful Scroll Animations"

mandrasch, to webdev
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Small coding challenge for

How would you solve the following in 2024?

  • Server provides a list of destinations (JSON or data-xyz="" attributes), no pagination
  • rendered as card grid
  • JS: on click --> open modal with more details

Codepen: https://codepen.io/matthias_vie/pen/KKEeMLr

Would love to use Svelte, but want to achieve it without extra build step (legacy project).

Thought about and Template Fragments https://htmx.org/essays/template-fragments/? Any recommendations for a clean solution?

mandrasch, to random
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How many years 'till this dream will be reality? 🤓

"it would be great if twig had an up-to-date formatter (maybe with a prettier plugin maintained by core team)"


mandrasch, to random
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Wow, extensive articles. Glad that the risk of implementing placebo greenwashing solutions is seriously discussed, saw it on Climate Action Tech Slack:

mandrasch, to php
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Is there a modern "fun" way of building REST APIs in with ()? 🤓

I currently work with controller actions, models (craft / yii2) and swagger-php - and writing all of these comments and model properties seems to be a bit repetitive? Or is this just the way it is?

mandrasch, to webdev German
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bastianallgeier, to random
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Sometimes I discover climate news that shake me so hard that I instantly want to share them. I just did and deleted it again. I think a lot of people here are aware.

I recently talked with @adactio about the options to speed up change. Is it shock? Do we really need to wake up to get going? Or do we get paralyzed by this and progress will actually be slower?

I start to think more and more about cautious optimism as a key and more specifically – better future visions.

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@bastianallgeier @adactio yeah, i know this reflex💯

It's a lot of "preaching to the choir" when it comes to political appeals. (Although sharing these news helps to see other people that there is awareness & that they aren't alone)

I liked this UX hint about good error messages - "give users a way out". The page https://daskannstdutun.de was recently launched by psychologists and creatives for future.

And maybe we're also processing grief right now,since we know that next years will be hotter?

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@bastianallgeier @adactio Personally I came to the current conclusion, that climate neutrality as global project - to really stop the heating - is hard (politically and economically). James Hansen proposed (risky) Solar Geo-Engineering as one fallback solution, so researching that could be an constructive activity 🤷 As well as talking about grief, anger and how we could deal with the climate collapse as societies...

On the bright side: Technologies are there https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/w3ct5bkn

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@bastianallgeier @adactio And I just saw "Don’t let grim headlines obscure the progress on climate change. The rise in carbon emissions is only half the story."
https://www.gatesnotes.com/State-of-the-energy-transition-2023 </end> ;)

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