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I love for its stable deploy process (project config in git). But I haven't found a quick way for setting up & deploying hobby projects yet on small VPS. Same with other CMS / frameworks.

Laravel Forge or ploi are great helpers, but with extra costs.💰 But ...1/

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... I could imagine that @coolifyio (or similar tools) could solve this challenge in future.

Since follows a Vercel-like approach (1. Choose repo from GitHub, Nixpacks does composer and npm build, manually add db + .env values), things could be automated further. 2/

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For normally a database (mysql) and redis are needed.

If devs use for local development, the database and PHP version is already defined in .ddev/config.yaml

Maybe a small coolify script could be use here for automation on setup? 🤔 3/

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So maybe "a bridge" between and would be one way to achieve 1-click setups for craftcms (or other php projects) on coolify?

I guess git-driven PHP deployments could be optimized in general, a professional example is Ionos DeployNow 4/5

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Would be a dream if I could just deploy hobby projects by selecting my repository from GitHub (like on Vercels interface) 🥰

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@mandrasch maybe @platformsh can work for you?

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