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Then wait until you find that you can follow Lemmy/kbin communities from Mastodon and comment on Lemmy/kbin posts from your Mastodon account 🤭

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I don't know so much about Lemmy. In kbin, you just search for the user address and it will show in the results.

That doesn't seem to be the case for Lemmy though and I don't know if Lemmy has any way to make search work this way, but you can always manually build the user profile URL in Lemmy the way I did: <lemmy_instance>/u/<user address>

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The Spanish translation doesn't make sense, seems to be made using the worst automated translator.

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Same for me. I have to stop for a few seconds and think every time.

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And this is how today I learnt that the Brooklyn Bridge is the size of 99 narwhals:

And an orca is the size of 1.18 narwhals:

And, finally, an alpaca is the size of 5.6 orcas or 6.6 narwhals:

I'm not a New Yorker, but it looks to me like the Brooklyn Bridge should be able to fit more than 15 alpacas.

/kbin update - upvotes, boosts, languages...

Hi everyone, You may have noticed a small change on the website. From now on, upvotes work just like on Lemmy - they are equivalent to Mastodon's "favourite." You can boost a post using the button that replaced "favourite." Another change is that you can now rate and boost your own posts. Boosting has a one-time effect - it...

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Hi, I saw the language selector and I wonder how that works, because I don't see anywhere where you can filter by language.
Are there any plans to allow filtering content by language like others (e.g., Mastodon) do? That would be really useful so I can choose to see content only in languages I understand. Or does something like that already exist but I haven't found it?

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