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Just got my first FPV drone; the BetaFPV Cetus RTF kit. It's a tiny little thing, but it sure does pack in a lot of fun!! Shipping times are terrible, so expect a wait if you get one. Also, the "manual" and "sport" modes were harder to stay in one spot than manual, given you've put any time at all in a simulator. Overall happy with the thing, ready to recharge and get some more flights in. After I get a little better, I want to see if I can't put a small action camera on there and turn it into a cinewhoop!

I also want to start hacking, and put a camera+vtx in an RC rock crawler, using the goggles that came with it to get some scale rock crawling in :)


PlanetSide 2; work picked up and I don't have enough time for Elden Ring now


Ah yes, the classic "you're either with me or against me"

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I know this may be a dumb question, but: are there any guides about using ? Not about how to use, they key bindings but rather how to it effectively - like how big files are best and so on. I know this should come from experience, but since I'm only 6 months in , having some inherited knowledge would be very useful!


@ms I use it for a lot of things. Everything from taking notes while doing research, keeping track of TODO lists etc (I don't use agenda, just like the convenience of having a keybind to mark things as done and the markup ability for bold/emphasized text, and even math equations with LaTeX). I also use it for literate programming examples and tutorials, because org-babel is just so darn good. I also use org-mode for writing posts to my blog.

TL;DR: It's my go-to when plain text just doesn't cut it.

How to Get Started with Tree-Sitter (www.masteringemacs.org)

Emacs 29 introduces tree-sitter support, a powerful parsing library that enhances its understanding of source code. With this integration, Emacs gains features like precise syntax highlighting, accurate indentation and easier extensibility. Here's how you install and configure Emacs with tree-sitter support.


PlanetSide 2 is great until you get 40 invisible Vanu sniping you hahaha

I like this significantly better than Mastodon

My experience with the Fediverse has only been through Mastodon, through which I struggled to find a community I really gelled with. Either it was supper overwhelming with meme posts or NSFW, or it was too chill to the point of nothing. Or, it was hyperfocused like FOSS/Linux and became uninteresting after awhile. May try again,...


It mostly has to do with the server you join. I'm a part of communities that are filled with immature teenagers, but also ones full of helpful discussions (the 3d printing discord comes to mind)


IMO there's a place for both. A print statement will reveal a flaw in the programmer's thinking regarding the control flow of the program and the state at that time. If a print statement gives something unexpected, you know exactly where to look in the debugger. If it gives you what you expected, it reveals the problem may be elsewhere


I have a few projects I switch between based on how much time I have and where my interests lie.

My most recent is a from-scratch compiler for a made-up language (MIT), Intercept, written in C with no dependencies (apart from libc, of course). I'm really proud of this one, and have even been lucky enough to work with other people on it.

And then there's my text editor (MIT), which is an homage to Emacs. I just have learned so much from Emacs and like it so much that I had to make my own. At this point it's got a working SDL2 and OpenGL backend, as well as tree-sitter syntax highlighting, and, of course, is extensible through LITE LISP, the built-in programming language.

Finally, my pride and joy, LensorOS (GPLv3). I started this project when I first started learning C++, and through it I have learned amazing things about how computers actually work, from hardware to kernels to userspace.

Just wanted to say, this is a really good idea for a thread! I really enjoy seeing all these amazing projects from everybody

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Hi there fellow kbin users! I am very new to the platform and notice something quite strange going on: posts and comments have loads more favorites than upvotes. To me, if I like a post and want other people to see it, then I should upvote it, right? Why are people favoriting more than upvoting?


Just going to add that I joined kbin today and it's been a really good experience. Quick loading, consistent login, etc

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