I think the equivalent is actually Amazon's main website sharing to friends your Audible purchases in the hopes it can get you to join Audible

Google Chrome to soon get a new ‘IP protection’ feature: Here’s what it does (

Google will soon start testing a new ‘IP protection’ feature for Chrome users, offering them greater control over their privacy. The tech giant the upcoming feature prevents websites from tracking users by hiding their IP address using proxy servers owned by Google....


Curious to hear more opinions. I think there are technical nuances that I don't quite understand based on reading this comment (& subsequent replies)


This post seemed to put things in context a bit better as it sounds like Google's two-proxy hopping is what Apple does as well:

The difference (AFAIK) is that Apple's business is less-centered around profiting off users' data, so they're less liable to use the data, while Google will almost certainly use the data.


This was actually the least-biased coverage of the day:


True, but w/ a caveat at the bottom:

At the end of the day, you have to remember that Apple devices are essentially a sealed unit. Any claims they make about privacy cannot be proven - they could slip tracking and keyloggers into every device, and unless you build a device from scratch and program it yourself, there’s nothing you can do about it. You have to trust that they won’t do that, and Apple is in a relatively unique position (particularly compared to google and facebook) in that the business isn’t designed to profit from this, so they have no real reason to do so.


My limited understanding is that ARM usually is a lower priority for devs and so software is often harder to come by?

My personal hope is that people start to turn used desktops/laptops into servers.


I quit my job to start the year and I'm currently doing a sabbatical year. I'm apathetic about the idea of eventually honing in on a specialty to learn when I re-enter the workforce because I'm unsure how sustainable the skills I learn will be in demand for.

The only thing I can think of is expanding my base level understanding of LLMs. My bet is that they will become the foundation with which future projects are launched in the same way that elementary school is the foundation for basic reading/writing/comprehension skills.


they are appropriating what already existed and saying it in another way.

Isn't this humanity in a nutshell? Standing on the shoulders of Giants, etc.


The layer of disassociation is present w/ humans speaking different languages too though, right? My point is that once we can understand each other, we are all building on what already exists


My impression
tldr/cheat: Explains most popular arguments using as little words as possible
man: Explains the entire command using a more technical tone
info: Explains the entire command in slightly more informal tone. Can feel wordier as a result, but on the flipside it connects alternative/related commands in a logical way


If nothing else, the article is great for a breakdown of the features of Firefish. I've been a user for 2-3 months and didn't know a lot of the info covered.

On a related note, I was on but it was very buggy for me after a while. Thought about throwing in the towel but eventually realized that it was instance specific.

I have since migrated to (Calckey -> Firefish instance that didn't change its name) and the experience has been buttery smooth.


Yeah I like it over Mastodon as well. The UI/UX feels more modern. The only downside is that the majority of the Twitter-alternative fediverse is on Mastodon, so I have to run 90% of accounts through 'search' to follow them.

The article does touch on some of the main instance's issues towards the bottom too I just found out.


I've used it for a few months. I enjoy the idea of updating my progress after each reading session, so that hypothetically, I can see how fast I read.


Very familiar UI over there. Creating an acct now


This post on why temporarily adjusted federation abilities w/ kbin has a bit more insight, especially in the comments:


It's completely markdown which is future-proof and easily portable to other software

Firefish Mastodon alternative (

I found Firefish which is a better alternative to the standard Mastodon application. It’s compatible with Mastodon and has better features. It allows users to create web pages and the character limit is 3,000 instead of the 500 on Mastodon. It feels like a good limit for the type of site that it is. Plus this means that it can...


Fan of firefish but I will say the main, most popular instance ( has been buggy for me for months. Often my feed/notifications won't load, or I have trouble replying to comments. Or I can't react to posts or open up fediverse posts. Real dealbreakers.

I'm going to try a different instance but otherwise I will likely move my acct to Mastodon.

macallik, (edited )

Great question. Had to think about it and I'd say for me personally, poor implementation of color pickers is the biggest frustration.

As a technical user, I have no qualms w/ editing the default selection if it's hard to read due to colors, but I get frustrated with poor color picker implementation. For example, color swaths that don't have named descriptions when you hover over them. Even/especially the standard ROYGBIV colors on the first page of a color picker, but also to a lesser degree, descriptive hex codes on more nuanced online color pickers. I can't tell the difference and don't feel like hearing someone ask why I made the bold choice of making the sky pink.

Another issue is something like KDE's Konsole has a color picker that doesn't have clear names/examples for which aspect of the terminal is being changed, so when I wanted to change the bash custom prompt color to improve readability, I had to edit 5-6 different options, and use trial and error to fix the color.

KDE, to me, is exactly what I'd hope for in usability [personally] and how it is developed. I love it! (

I began distro hopping in 2021, with a slight break in 2022, before coming back full swing this year. After a while of trying almost anything that seemed interesting to me, tinkering, and learning about Linux as a whole, I’ve absolutely fallen in LOVE with KDE as a whole. I’ll mainly be talking about the desktop, here....


One thing that surprises me is the level of "aha" moments using the additional apps. Gwenview and Okular have so many power-user-friendly shortcuts that are intuitive. Lot's of "Oh that's nice but it would be perfect if..." moments followed by seeing the option in the settings and/or programmable via a shortcut key

Issue with terminal window in Dolphin

Hello, I use the terminal (F4) option in Dolphin all the time. Until tonight, the terminal window would change depending on whether I was in my local box or my server. Today, I noticed that the terminal window would NOT reflect my server box even though the GUI window to my server was active. Is this a new bug, or a new...


Hmmm. This is either tangentially-related or an extension of the same issue you experienced... but I started using the terminal within Kate this past week troubleshooting a .bash_aliases function error and noticed that it too was not updating its environment as expected, even after editing the file and running source ~/.bashrc.

I spent 30 minutes only to realize that all of my edits/source reloading were not registering within the Kate terminal for some reason, but were working as expected in Konsole. Once I shutdown Kate and restarted it, the issue was fixed but that seems like a bug and it makes me wary about leaning to heavily on the terminal within Kate (or any other KDE apps outside of Konsole)

pinpox, to random avatar

So, should I be switching to from now?


@pinpox About to make the transition myself


Gotcha. Thanks for sharing. I ended up install forgejo yesterday but Gitea will be my next option if I encounter any issues

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