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In an hour (7pm) I will be battling @hamishtpb and @LucyCorbett in a sure-to-be gruelling fight in Battle for @wesnoth on @owncast

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Have a look at the 2022 game jam, one of the themes was "story-driven":

Principia 2024.02.29 (

Principia is, in its simplest form, a physics-based sandbox game. In Principia, you can build contraptions and simulate them in the physics simulation. This could be a mechanical contraption, an RC car, or a pinball game. Principia also contains a LuaScript object which allows you to write and create Lua programs that can...

LTris 1.2.8 Released (

This release fixes a bug in multiplayer where receiving and simultaneously clearing lines caused "bad empty lines". Also, another bug, that caused pieces at very high speed to tunnel through other pieces, has been fixed. And finally, an option has been added to adjust CPU speed for multiplayer which makes it quite more...

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