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Freedoom is a free and open-source first-person shooter game using the DOOM engine. Initiated in 1999, it aims to provide a complete game experience compatible with custom levels, music, and graphics from the DOOM community. Version 0.13.0, released on January 29, 2024, offers enhanced compatibility, removal of Boom features, bug fixes, and new content. This video shows Phase 1.

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Schon mal mittels einer Prozessanzeige gespielt? :rm_nerd: :rm_love: :rm_yay: 🤩

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Boris - Flood @vinylrecords

Wata is so versatile- a true guitar god

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AMIGAworld, to amiga German avatar

DoomRPG - die rundenbasierte Rollenspiel-Variante des Ego-Shooter Doom - wurde für AmigaOS 3 kompiliert.


kevin, to DOOM avatar

Shot in the dark. Are there any 90's-era efnet and mods on the Fedi?

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For this week's , a band I recently discovered, MORTUOUS. This is their album 'Upon Desolation' from 2022, they'll probably have something newer soon.

It's one of the better death metal full lengths I've ever heard. Some blazing stuff here but also some cool doomy stuff in between. Highly recommended.

@HailsandAles @wendigo @Kitty @BlackenedGreen @cory

wyckedlady, to music German avatar

For @loewe's

Windhand - Forest Clouds
(Dorthia Cottrell / Vocals)

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Hey is there a wad file that puts Playstation Doom's colored lighting and music into the base game with no particular regard for faith to the original psx limitations? #doom

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darbales, to Morrowind German avatar

Habe einmal wieder gezockt.
Nach einer kurzen Pause.
wieder angefangen. Und in und ein Level gezockt.
Lese noch ein paar Seiten schaue im Hintergrund let's plays und gehe schlafen.
Einen schönen Start in die neue Woche und guten morgen wünsche ich euch.

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Started my gameplay of chapter 5 ...we just might be in finally...also that purple accent is pretty cool looking


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Ch0wW, to DOOM French avatar

On va faire du #Doom II Randomizer, suivi de quelques PWADs (si j'ai le temps) !

urig, to DOOM avatar

I'm sorry, but this sort of getting #DOOM to run on random devices (latest example: has, by now, jumped the shark and is effectively an unsinspired, unoriginal, ongoing TROLLING event.

You people should just STOP IT.

Don't you have better things to do with your time? Go and rickroll someone instead, will ya?

mathdatech1, to DOOM French avatar

GitHub - 0x0mer/doom-htop: The classic game over , the text-based process viewer


darbales, to DOOM German avatar

Die demo gezockt. Interessant ich habe das Spiel vor Jahren mal gezockt. Ist ein Klasse Hack and Slay mit mehr Story als Diablo aus der Zeit gefühlt.
Und nach dem ich eine Demo aus einem Gerne gezockt habe für das man jede Menge Intelligenz und Köpfchen braucht 🤥. Okay vielleicht doch nicht, habe ich auch noch und besucht.

mr_daemon, to DOOM avatar

I just found this lovely Reverse Engineered port of the Playstation version of Doom, and it's really well made.

It's my favorite console port, and it was weirdly different : It has colored lights, merges Doom 1 and Doom II into a giant game, with mobs from Doom 2 in Episode 1, and subtle changes here and there.

It has new special sounds and music, and so it hits different. Feels much more like a tense horror game.

Would recommend.

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xepher, to DOOM avatar

Someone got Doom running on a credit card terminal 😆


Hyperlynx, to DOOM avatar

Has anyone ever overlaid the Doom 1 episode 1 map onto actual photos of Phobos? It's so disappointingly small that I bet a lot of the UAC base would be visible.

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