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Started playing Wyrmsun, and it's pretty cool! Very clearly a classic style RTS, but with some interesting details to it.

Stone formations in the environment can actually be mined and mined away, although the latter takes a long time. Forests aren't completely wiped out by cutting them down, and will regrow in time.

There's both a day/night cycle and seasons, to some extent, both changing visuals somewhat. Interesting stuff for a free game!

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0.13.0 released, a retro on the classic 90s DOOM engine. Or maybe three retro fpses depending on if you count the two campaign wads and the wad as separate games under the same banner.


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Tras varios años, y con algo más de un mes de retraso sobre la fecha inicial, se publica una nueva versión de este clon libre de los primeros , el cual ademas se puede jugar con la inmensa mayoría de los motores libres, y compatible con todos los mods de Doom y Doom 2 que se han publicado a lo largo de 30 años.

Si os gustaron los primeros Doom, lo tenéis que probar.


Is there any love for BAR (Beyond All Reason-FOSS RTS) on Lemmy?

I just finally got into this game and I’m completely shell shocked! I had seen it recommended before but ventured into other games without giving it a fair shake. As an avid RTS fan since Dune: The battle for Arrakis on Sega genesis, I’ve been slowly feeling more and more lackluster in the genres future prospects. I was a...

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I think you forgot a link to the game itself! 😜


That aside, I've been giving it a look again lately but haven't dove in just yet. I'm in an odd mindset atm where I don't know if I'm down to wrap my head around RTS mechanics, but I'm really impressed by the looks of the game!

Also wanna highlight that this is a great rabbit hole to go down for other open source RTS games via Zero-K, Spring Engine, OpenRA, etc.

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Not a ton of experience with Linux so I may be missing something obvious, but a prebuilt binary should mean I can download, unzip, & double click the binary and, if everything else is situated, run it, right?

E.g. a little game like this: https://luckeyproductions.itch.io/opensaucer

Tried this on Ubuntu Mate via file browser & running via terminal but no luck, only illegal instruction & illegal instruction (core dumped). 🤔

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I was looking through some large lists of libre/open source games and kind of surprised by some of the classic arcade/console titles that don't seem to have been remade as open source games (or more likely, have been lost to time).

I'm thinking like Gauntlet (which I did find apart from those lists as an HTML5 remake/clone), DigDug, Zaxxon, and so on. Maybe I wasn't digging far enough though.

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@grumpygamer is Monkey Island source code open yet ? Just wondering (I'm not in game dev industry so I've no idea about how Open Source movement permeated it, if at all)


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