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Not a ton of experience with Linux so I may be missing something obvious, but a prebuilt binary should mean I can download, unzip, & double click the binary and, if everything else is situated, run it, right?

E.g. a little game like this:

Tried this on Ubuntu Mate via file browser & running via terminal but no luck, only illegal instruction & illegal instruction (core dumped). 🤔


@gmr_leon You generally have to set it as executable, and then you also have to make sure you have the correct dependencies. Can you post a pastebin with the log?

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@miracleorange Checked the executable status, and it was okay, but to be sure I tried to set it via terminal, and also tried checking dependencies but tbh that's where I tend to get lost & think I'm about to break stuff.

Besides a log of those, the only real log I'd have to share would be what I mentioned: "Illegal instruction" or "Illegal instruction (core dumped)" on trying to run the executable via terminal, e.g. "./saucer" =/


@gmr_leon you're not using the launcher?

i'll just say that if there's ever an error where it says "error while loading shared libraries", that a dependency that you have to install.

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@miracleorange At the time of writing I couldn't remember which I'd tried (as I was trying to run several of their games).

On checking again I saw the launcher give that kinda error & sorted that out, but it's still unable to get any further so 🤷‍♀️

I may try asking the dev over on Itch if I want to try again, as they have some interesting sounding games. Thanks for the advice all the same!

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