polgeonow, to Norway
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, & say that on May 28 they'll join nearly 3/4 of the world's countries in officially recognizing as an independent country. and say they might soon too. https://www.bbc.com/news/articles/c4nn78r3w3ko

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polgeonow, to Palestine
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polgeonow, to Somalia
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Has become first country ever to recognize self-proclaimed Republic of as independent from ? Somaliland govt says yes, but Ethiopia govt is giving mixed signals.

One Ethiopian statement says it's only promised to seriously consider recognizing Somaliland: https://addisstandard.com/news-in-depth-assessment-of-somalilands-recognition-bid-by-ethiopia-part-of-mou/

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polgeonow, to Armenia
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polgeonow, to Armenia
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polgeonow, to uk
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In unprecedented move, report from a legislative committee calls an "independent country". UK govt leadership still doesn't officially acknowledge Taiwan .


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polgeonow, to Israel
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this week said it considers part of , fully taking Morocco's side against / movement. This is an unusual move, but follows same move from in 2020. https://www.reuters.com/world/morocco-says-israel-recognises-its-sovereignty-over-western-sahara-2023-07-17/

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polgeonow, to Morocco
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Wonder what's been going in the past few years? The International Crisis Group recently published a good detailed summary (PolGeoNow takes no position on their policy recommendations): https://www.crisisgroup.org/middle-east-north-africa/north-africa/western-sahara/paving-way-talks-western-sahara

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