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The International Court of Justice’s genocide ruling shows Israel is no longer viewed as the eternal victim, and the Holocaust no longer shields it from scrutiny for the most grave crimes against humanity.

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Israel’s war on Gaza live: Local authorities report central Gaza ‘massacre’ | Israel War on Gaza News | Al Jazeera

  • Israeli forces demolish homes in the occupied West Bank while settlers attack village
  • Footage shows bodies of victims piling up at central Gaza hospital after Israeli attacks
  • EU foreign policy chief says Israel cannot have a ‘veto’ over Palestinian statehood


Algeria's UN draft resolution on "the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question", S/2024/173 (20 February 2024) (

Algeria's UN draft resolution calling for immediate ceasefire in Palestine was vetoed by United States during UN Security Council's 9552nd meeting on 20 February 2024....

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Dead bodies of those murdered by Israeli bombings today in central Gaza.

It's not safe to bury the victims as Israeli snipers and sniper drones target anyone moving around in central Gaza.

The bodies are piling up and buried in mass graves in the garden and parking lot of the AlAqsa hospital.

#SaveGaza #StopIsrael #SaveTheChildren
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The PA has allowed itself to become a tool for delegitimizing armed Palestinian resistance, surpassing the bounds of security coordination with Israel. It is now a direct collaborator amid the ongoing Israeli genocide in Gaza.

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⚠️🇺🇳Part of the reason G-20 leaders find the UN and it’s institutions “unfit for purpose” must include the fact Russia is not on trial at the ICJ for its “legality of policies in occupied territory”.
| ICJ hears case on legality of Israeli policies in occupied West Bank and east Jerusalem (Sky News VIDEO) #

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"As the official death toll from Israel’s genocide of Gaza approaches 30,000 and hundreds of thousands are facing the imminent risk of dying from starvation, the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that Gaza is no longer a habitable place, but a 'death zone.'"


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"As the Palestinian case illustrates, late-modern colonial occupation is a concatenation of multiple powers: disciplinary, biopolitical, and necropolitical. The combination of the three allocates to the colonial power an absolute domination over the inhabitants of the occupied territory. The state of siege is itself a military institution. It allows a modality of killing that does not distinguish between the external and the internal enemy. Entire populations are the target of the sovereign. The besieged villages and towns are sealed off and cut off from the world. Daily life is militarized. Freedom is given to local military commanders to use their discretion as to when and whom to shoot. Movement between the territorial cells requires formal permits. Local civil institutions are systematically destroyed. The besieged population is deprived of their means of income. Invisible killing is added to outright executions."

  • Achille Mbembe, "Necropolitics"


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Rafah mosque flattened by Israeli airstrike | Newsfeed | Al Jazeera

"Israeli airstrikes flattened Al-Farooq Mosque in Rafah and destroyed several homes. Gaza health authorities say at least 97 people were killed by Israel in the last 24 hours."


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Israeli lies about a ‘land bridge’ to the Gulf show the Yemeni blockade is working

Israel says it is circumventing Yemen’s Red Sea blockade with a “land bridge” connecting it to Saudi Arabia and the UAE via Jordan. This is simply a charade to hide that Yemen’s blockade is working.

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Noura Erakat and Frank Barat bring some perspective to the genocide in Gaza within the frame of trauma, settler colonialism and indigenous struggle via

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Overnight on Wednesday, stretching into the early hours of Thursday morning, an intense bombing campaign took place across Gaza’s southernmost city, Rafah.

“This is absolutely terrifying in a densely populated area. Right now, Rafah has been a center for Israeli attacks,” Al Jazeera correspondent Tareq Abu Azzoum added.

Cartoon by Carlos Latuff.

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Spokesperson of the United Nations Secretary General: Nearly 83% of 's underground wells are out of order.

Israel is preventing the food to enter Gaza, stopping water and medicine as well, but that is not enough so they are poisoning the water wells in yet another step to make Gaza uninhabitable for all unforeseeable future.

This is another step in Israel's ethnic cleansing and Genocide of palestinians in Gaza


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"The Jews" are not carrying out the genocide in Gaza. Israel, a settler colonial state backed by other, bigger, wealthier settler colonial empires, is.

This is what we mean when we say that Israel is actively encouraging and promoting antisemitism. They're explicitly telling the world that to be Jewish is to be a genocidal maniac who celebrates the torture, slaughter, and starvation of an entire civilian population (and ironically branding any Jewish person who says otherwise as a self-hating antisemite). They're sending a clear message to millions of people (billions, actually) who may not know any better that if you think genocide is wrong, then you are an enemy of all Jewish people. There is a real danger that some may believe them.

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The occupying forces arrested Fadieh Barghouti, an activist, the wife of prisoner Mahmoud Barghouti and the mother of prisoner Basil Barghouti after raiding her house in Deir Ghassaneh, .

Israel has stepped up kidnapping of family members of prisoners in occupied West Bank without much publicity in western media.

Over 7000 Palestinians have been kidnapped by IDF and Israeli police in various parts of the occupied .


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France under pressure to suspend military sales to Israel as war in Gaza grinds on.

France 24 reports that "obtaining transparency and establishing whether or not French companies are still exporting any weapons or dual-use equipment to the state of Israel is not an easy question to resolve."

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"The Norwegian Pension Fund’s decision to entirely divest from Israel Bonds undoubtedly had an impact on Israel’s credit rating, regardless of whether it did so for any other reason than it was a poor investment.
Five months of war have shaken Israel’s economy, and investors are uneasy. This represents a critical opening for the movement for Palestinian liberation to push even harder for divestment from Israel Bonds."

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From a ‘pause’ to a humanitarian ceasefire: emails reveal why Australia shifted its position on Gaza | Australian foreign policy | The Guardian

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Investigating whether the permanent transfer of Palestinians from Gaza is Israel’s ultimate goal.

"An Israeli minister has called the current war the “Gaza Nakba”, referring to the devastating forced displacement of Palestinians in 1948-1949."

"Meanwhile, Palestinians in the occupied West Bank say the Israeli army & illegal settlers are waging a less visible but equally dangerous shadow war there."

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SEIU Rank and File and Staff welcome movement from Union leadership on Palestine, but demand SEIU stand firmly against genocide — and for Palestinian liberation

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‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 139: As Palestinians in north Gaza starve, Israel attacks MSF building in Rafah

The situation in Gaza grows worse by the day as Palestinians are starved and Israeli forces turn hospitals into morgues. In the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, tensions rise as Ramadan approaches.

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Hey man, Biden’s doing the best he can to try and stop Israel’s genocide in Palestine. Heck he’s sent aid to the Israelis, he’s sent weapons to the Israelis, he’s even said with his whole chest “I don't believe you have to be a Jew to be a Zionist, and I am a Zionist.”

What else can one man do?

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Students at Emory University have been targeted by racist, anti-Palestinian, xenophobic, and Islamophobic harassment and attacks for their support for Palestinian human rights. Instead of helping, Emory has committed discriminatory acts of its own.

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Panel discussion on ending Israel's occupation of Palestine

"The International Court of Justice is hearing submissions on Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories.

"Advisory opinions by the UN’s top court are nonbinding, but they carry significant moral and legal authority."

Ardi Imseis, legal counsel for Palestine
Nour Odeh, Palestinian political analyst
Mehran Kamrava, professor of government

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News item

A US intelligence report has said that Israel's claims that UNRWA staff took part in Oct 7 "cannot be independently verified", & that it had “low confidence” that staff took part in the violence.

Major UNRWA donors, incl the US, have frozen vital funds bcz of Israel's allegations.

UNRWA chief Philippe Lazzarini says "the UN has never, never, ever received any written dossier, despite our repeated call."

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Former UN spokesman Craig Mokhiber::

"The real purpose here is the the destruction of UNRWA, because UNRWA is in the way of the destruction of the Palestinian people"

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