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Israeli forces kill 3 Palestinians, including Tubas Brigade Commander in northern West Bank

Israeli forces conducted a four-hour long raid in the norther Jordan valley, killing three Palestinians. Residents say one of the targets of the raid was a resistance fighter and commander of a local battalion called the Tubas Brigade.

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‼️🇺🇸CNN: Pentagon considers tapping into remaining $4 billion in Ukraine defense aid fund as emergency stop gap, as Alt-Right Republican Johnson continues to block a vote on Ukraine, Taiwan, Indo-Pacific,
Palestine, Gaza, Israeli aid (more) #Ukraine #USA #UnitedStates #Mastodon #NATO #EU #Taiwan #EuropeanUnion #Press #News #Gaza #Palestine #russiaUkraineWar #Israel #10yrInvasionofUkraine

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Israel’s war on Gaza live: Residents scrambling for food, fighting for life | Israel War on Gaza News | Al Jazeera

  • Four children die of malnutrition: Gaza Health Ministry
  • Norwegian Refugee Council director says ‘hundreds of trucks’ stuck outside of Gaza crossings
  • Israeli minister says no normalisation with Saudi if it means Palestinian state


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PBS and NPR leave out key facts in their Israel stories

Pundits and reporters in the mainstream media have a double standard when it comes to Israel and all but lie about apartheid, Jewish nationalism, and the role of the Israel lobby.

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Nahost-Liveblog: ++ Hilfslieferungen erreichen den Norden Gazas ++

Erstmals seit einem Monat haben Hilfslieferungen den Norden des Gazastreifens erreicht. Geisel-Angehörige haben sich zu Fuß aus dem Süden Israels nach Jerusalem aufgemacht. Alle Entwicklungen im Liveblog.


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"American media won’t question the mental health of those who gleefully blow up neighborhoods full of children and hunt, humiliate, torture and kill for sport as we see with the IDF. That isn’t viewed through a lens of dysfunction; but protesting it by self-immolation? Of course."

Almost all mainstream media treated Aaron Bushnell as a mental health crisis, just another random suicide, and ignored everything he said.

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‘Uncommitted’ vote in Michigan a warning shot over ’s support of - "Listen to Michigan campaign brought in 100,000 votes in effort to pressure president to call for immediate ceasefire in "

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Interview with Craig Mokhiber, former top UN official

Required viewing for everyone who cares about Palestine, about the ICJ genocide ruling, where it can go from here, & what we can do to help it work.


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‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 145: Hamas warns Israel and U.S. of ‘political machinations’ amid ceasefire talks

UN humanitarian officials say that thousands of Palestinians in Gaza are “just a step away from famine” by May. Russia calls on UNSC members to refrain from endorsing Washington’s resolution on Gaza, denouncing it as “a license to kill” for Israel.

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"The Palestinian city of Rafah is not only older than Israel, it is also as old as civilisation itself."

"Rafah has existed for thousands of years. The Canaanites referred to it as Rafia."

"As the gateway between two continents and two worlds, Rafah has been at the forefront of many wars and foreign invasions, from ancient Egyptians to the Romans, to Napoleon.

"Now, it is Benjamin Netanyahu’s turn."

#Israel #Gaza #Rafah #US #Psychopathy #Fascism ...

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Any transitional administration will need a free hand to retain many of the tens of thousands of Palestinians who worked for the Hamas government. #commentary #worldnews #israel #hama #gaza #waringaza #terrorism #middleeast

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An infant in northern died yesterday due to lack of access to medical care as a result of the destruction of all health facilities by the Israeli military in northern Gaza.

Video shared on telegram:


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We call on students and alumni to reject SOAS’s neoliberal and genocidal agendas and stand up to the administration’s suppression of Palestine solidarity.

@palestine @israel

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Israelis an der Nordgrenze: "Regierung verliert den Norden"

Die Lage an Israels Grenze zum Libanon ist angespannt wie seit Wochen nicht mehr. Für die Israelis, die dort ihre Häuser verlassen mussten, ist die Perspektivlosigkeit schwer zu ertragen. Von J.-C. Kitzler.


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Novara Media exposes the arrogant, outrageous hypocrisy of the #US, as its spokes-puppet tries to excuse Biden’s failure to act on #Israel #genocide.

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News report

"Israel's Local Elections: Ultra-Orthodox, Far-right Make Gains Across Country"

"Ultra-Orthodox and far-right Religious Zionist parties are headed for a sweeping victory in Jerusalem, while the southern city of Mitzpeh Ramon will have a Likud mayor known for his far-right views.

"Tel Aviv and Haifa remain liberal strongholds"

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Mastodonians with avenues to pro-Palestinian royalty & celebrity or associated folks:

Please consider lobbying for them to join or press for more aid flights to the Gaza coast.

Jordan's King Abdullah II and princess Salma have delivered airdropped aid to Gaza along with other countries, including Egypt.


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News report

Egypt joins airdrop for Gaza

"Planes from the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and France joined a Jordanian airdrop operation along the coast of Gaza on Tuesday...

"It was the first time Egypt had airdropped aid to Gaza since the start of the war, and also appeared to be a first for the U.A.E."

@CassandraZeroCovid @zakalwe @hfinyow


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And they had a goal of only 10,000 votes...

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opens w/huge lead in in early results

Joe Biden was leading 's Democratic presidential primary contest Tues, as expected, w/the against him pulling about 7% of the tally.

Biden had 88% of the vote, followed by 7% , 2% for Minnesota US Rep Dean Phillips & 2.4% for self-help guru Marianne Williamson, with 3% of precincts reporting.

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@TruthSandwich thankfully it’s just the primary, I believe they’re smart & know would’ve allowed to immediately annihilate all not only in , but also in the . Anyone calling a Zionist & refusing to vote for him in the is giving a vote to Trump who is a full fledged & beholden to the who believe ’s possession of will bring the rapture.

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Over 2/3 of Jewish Israelis oppose humanitarian aid to Palestinians starving in Gaza

A new Israeli Democracy Institute survey shows that 68% of Jewish Israelis oppose “the transfer of humanitarian aid to Gaza residents.”

@palestine @israel

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@mondoweiss @palestine @israel Not surprised. European settler colonists in all places over the past few centuries have happily murdered the indigenous people and made up lies to justify their barbarity. Why should be different?

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#Eurovision / The fact the world is missing is that threatening to ban Israel from participating in the Eurovision Song Contest, would have had much bigger impact than any #ICJ ruling against it. Israelis are addicted to attention, and pity.

Feel bad for Eden Golan. Representing Israel while your country is standing accused of #genocide must be morally challenging for her … or maybe not?

Q: How are you preparing for the public diplomacy [hasbara] front?

[…] I'm planning a huge and powerful Eurovision number. I want to show everyone how strong we are.

[…] I have a huge team behind me that will help me, that will get me ready for this. All we need to do is bring our truth. I will bring this truth, because we have nothing to hide.

Note to self: “having nothing to hide” is the literally the antonym of #Hasbara 🙈 … maybe her #Hebrew is not that great?

#Mako [Hebrew] or


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[cont'd] / EBU rejects second Israeli candidate

corporation sent another song for 's consideration to represent at Eurovision, as part of the negotiations to approve a song that have been taking place in recent weeks.

The EBU signalled to the corporation that both songs are generally unacceptable to them, and the crisis regarding Israel's participation is very deep.

The lyrics of the song "To Dance Forever" include the chorus:

"To dance like an angel / You will remember / I will dance forever", as well as the lines in Hebrew "Hope does not stop it only spreads its wings / It is like a million stars that suddenly light up the skies". or


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