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Just a guy putting up board game reviews and How to Play videos.

Also love listening to metal, emo, and punk music. Do Power BI for a living. Have three kids, two dogs, and a wonderful wife.



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Arkham Horror LCG is just so good! I have three more scenarios in campaign and it has just gotten really exciting again. There was a little bit of a lull in the middle scenarios but "The City of Archives" is about to ramp up the mythos once again.

I am definitely thinking of grabbing another campaign in the coming months but not sure if I should do or the newest one, "The Feast of Hemlock Vale."

Any suggestions?

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I'm in a hotel for one night for work and packed a few solo games. I haven't played TM:AE in a while so I decided to play it first. Wow, I forgot how brutal it can be. I was nowhere near completely terraforming Mars before the rounds ended.

It was still fun even though I did horrible.

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Getting back into my campaign for #ArkhamHorrorLCG #TheForgottenAge while also listening to some #Owen #Vinyl

I'm using some #FinalGirl #miniatures to try to save some space since the character cards are fairly useless.

#BoardGames #BoardGame #TableTopGames #TableTop #ArkhamHorror #hplovecraft #Lovecraft #records #NowSpinning

Owen white and clear vinyl with artwork of a waterfall in sepia tones

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Some might say I "enjoy" Mike Kinsella's work. If you're a fan, do you have a favorite?

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My wife and I are looking at options for roof storage for a S.

For context, we are not really outdoorsy people so this space would basically be used for luggage, cooler, air mattress, etc when going on trips. We have three kids so one is always in the third row and we don't want to always have to put a seat down and shove everything in beside the poor kid.

I know that I would need crossbars if I'm going to do any sort of cargo box so I have some in mind (Snailfly)


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But I'm not really sure we need a box though. So, I've looked at some bags and I really like this one: Rhino USA Roof Top Bag

But I don't like the hooks you have to use under the weather stripping. So, if I got the crossbars, and secured this bag on them just in the front and back, how secure would this be?

Is there another option to secure the sides since the rails on the Telluride are flush?

Any recommendations on how to achieve what I want using a totally different setup? Thanks!


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@cetan It does not.

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The family played for the first time yesterday, and of course, the 11 YO and 8 YO destroyed Lindsey and I. Oh well, maybe next time lol.

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Welcome, new followers! And big thanks to @FediFollows for the recommendation!

Here are some links to the latest BGB content.

Ark Nova Marine World's: https://boardgamebreakdown.com/ark-nova-marine-worlds-review/

Apiary: https://boardgamebreakdown.com/ark-nova-marine-worlds-review/

Wayfafers of the South Tigrid video: https://youtu.be/1XntaQxsed8

Flamecraft video: https://youtu.be/wWQa7Yufovg

Canvas Finishing Touches video: https://youtu.be/GYFru7XyVsk

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Picked this up at the show last night since I already own on

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Just finished by @ewdocparris

What a fantastic and wild ride! Thanks for the entertaining story. I am patiently awaiting your next work!

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was amazing. Ben jammed the drums on multiple songs and Jenny Lewis killed it playing multiple instruments and singing thru out.

For the encore, the members of came out and they all jammed "Enjoy the Silence" by

Postal service at the credit one open arena

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Just saw play in full. coming up next!

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We played for the first time in a while. Lindsey's Maniacal Elf beat my Guardian Dwarf by a mere three points.

If you haven't played Roll Player, check out our 3 minute video below.


A completed dwarf board with multi colored die and assorted cards

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I'm trying out my first game with Tiny Epic Dinosaurs. I found it at 2nd and Charles on clearance for $12, so I figured I had to get it.

So far, its fun but I feel like I might be doing something wrong. How in the world do you complete your private contracts if you can only do it AFTER completing a public one?

I can't figure out how to have that many dinos, without them escaping bc of food or barriers. Also, the darn AI steals my stuff ALL THE TIME!

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@zrzz I was reading about it on BGG forums after posting, and it definitely looks like most people think it's broken in solo mode.

They did have a variant posted with some adjusted rules that I think I'm going to try at some point.

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Another video drop! This time, I have the full How To Play explanation for Wayfarers of the South Tigris from

This video shows full setup, player board explanation, gameplay and even a section on the solo variant.

If you're not interested in an hour long video, there is a link at the beginning for the 4 minute BURST video.


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Thanks to everyone who has donated or boosted the original post. Putting this out one more time as we make the final push to secure a service dog for our autistic son.

We are confident this will have a hugely positive effect on him and the rest of our family.


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In honor of the latest album dripping yesterday, let's jam some on

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Excited to finally start reading tonight after seeing it mentioned a whole helluva lot on here.


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@ewdocparris OK, I was not expecting this last chapter of part 1... quite a change in tone lol

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Happy Friday, everyone!

Brand new video posted! This time, I'm giving you all the details on playing

But, it's not just me this time. I have a special guest star so check it out!


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Our 11 year old son, who is on the spectrum, is in the midst of facing a lot of challenges. Since we started fostering him at 2.5 years old, we have poured every ounce of time and strength into helping him navigate life. Recently though, he had to be admitted into a residential facility to ensure both him and our other kids safety.

We are seeking out a service dog for him for when he returns home later in the year. Any boosts or donations are greatly appreciated.


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I'm working on a lot of stuff right now, including, but not limited to:

  1. Full gameplay explanation of Wayfarers video
  2. Two vids on Flamecraft, one guest starring my youngest daughter
  3. Fox Experiment video and write up

But if you'd like to check out my latest video, click the link below and take 4 minutes out of your day to learn about Wayfarers of the South Tigris from


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