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Reading this great book now. I highly recommend that you do the same. Thanks so much for writing it, Dr. Uche Blackstock!


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📚 Knife by Salman Rushdie: a memoir about mortality - review

#SalmanRushdie challenges the notion of fault and responsibility for the attack, ultimately rejecting any regret over his decisions: “To regret what your life has been is the true folly”.

#books #bookstodon


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Tomorrow, @internetarchive will file their reply brief in the suit from major to end the right of IA and all to own and preserve -free digital .

Reading what they’re replying to, we’ve gotta ask:

Who is the real “Napster” here?

A thread.

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Book Review: Lost Ark Dreaming by Suyi Davies Okungbowa a post apocalyptic fantasy taking place in a handful of high rise apartments that are all that's left of Lagos after the second deluge. @bookstodon


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"We have turned throughout history to the hedgehog: we have used them in our fables, and demanded that they cure us of our pains.
The Ebers Papyrus, dating from circa 1550 BCE, suggested that an amulet in the shape of a hedgehog would stop hair thinning.
In Latvian folklore, the hedgehog is a symbol of regeneration and fertility: Latvian wedding songs dub the bride 'she-hedgehog', and married women 'mothers of hedgehogs'."
from 'The Golden Mole', by Katherine Rundell

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Readbean, to books
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"Hares have always been thought magic. In their long-limbed, quivering beauty, they were believed to be walking, breathing love potions.
'To kiss the hare's foot' is to be late for dinner in Brewer's Dictionary: 'the hare has run away, and you are only in time to "kiss" the print of his foot.'
'The cat of the wood,' Heaney calls them: 'the stag of the cabbages'. If there is magic in this world, some part of it lies with them."

from 'The Golden Mole', by Katherine Rundell
#Nature #Books #Hare

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PFAS do not break down but rather persist indefinitely. It is possible that Dad drank carcinogenic for most of his life.

New today, an excerpt from Loose of Earth: A Memoir, by published April 2024, from Kathleen Dorothy Blackburn. https://www.texasobserver.org/pfas-texas-memoir-forever-chemicals/


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6 Badass Librarians Who Changed History
They will not be shushed.

APRIL 5, 2024 via @atlasobscura

LIBRARIANS HAVE NEVER BEEN A quiet bunch: Information, after all, is power. To mark National Library Week—typically celebrated the second full week of April, fittingly, went into the archives to find our favorite stories of librarians who have fostered cultural movements, protected national secrets, and fought criminals.


#books #nationallibraryweek

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6 Badass Librarians Who Changed History
They will not be shushed.
by April White April 5, 2024

"Librarians have never been a quiet bunch: Information, after all, is power. To mark National Library Week—typically celebrated the second full week of April—Atlas Obscura, fittingly, went into the archives to find our favorite stories of librarians who have fostered cultural movements, protected national secrets, and fought criminals..."


#Libraries #Librarians #Censorship #ChristoFascism #WhiteNationalism #Books #BookBans

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English electrical engineer and physicist John Ambrose Fleming died in 1945.

He is best known for his invention of the vacuum tube diode, which he patented in 1904. The vacuum tube diode, also known as the Fleming valve, was the first practical vacuum tube and allowed for the detection & amplification of electrical signals. It was a crucial component in early radio receivers and telecommunications systems, laying the foundation for the development of modern electronics.

United States Patent 803,684; first sheet. Illustrations of the 'Fleming Valve', the first useful vacuum tube. John Ambrose Fleming, inventor. United States Patent Office (John Ambrose Fleming, inventor). - United States Patent Office.

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Fleming retired from University College in 1926 and received the Faraday Medal of the British Institution of Electrical Engineers in 1928. He was knighted in 1929 and elected president of the Television Society of London 1930. Fleming was awarded the IRE Medal of Honor in 1933, "For the conspicuous part he played in introducing physical and engineering principles into the radio art." via @ETHW

Books by John Ambrose Fleming at PG:

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'Mistress Bridget' is currently only £6.37 on Amazon. Don't ask me how...


#book #books #bookstodon @bookstodon

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Coffee rings
faerie wings.

What are you reading this week?

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Thomas Henry Kendall, who was born in 1839, was an Australian author and bush poet, who was particularly known for his poems and tales set in a natural environment.

Despite facing personal and financial challenges throughout his life, Kendall managed to publish several volumes of poetry. His first collection, "Poems and Songs," followed by "Leaves from Australian Forests" and "Songs from the Mountains".

Books by Henry Kendall at PG:

Cover of The Poems of Henry Kendall by Henry Kendall

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El triunfo del amor en la nueva literatura juvenil: entre el respeto y la toxicidad

> Autores, editores y expertos celebran grandes avances de los romances para adolescentes en igualdad e inclusividad, pero alertan sobre la resistencia de ciertos enfoques abusivos, en un debate en la feria de Bolonia

Leer más en El País


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Spanish realist author, diplomat, and politician Juan Valera y Alcalá-Galiano died in 1905.

Valera was a prolific author who wrote novels, essays, plays, & criticism. He was deeply influenced by Spanish Golden Age literature and European Romanticism. His writing style is characterized by its elegance, psychological insight, and attention to detail. One of his most famous novels is "Pepita Jiménez," published in 1874.

Books by Juan Valera at PG:

Cover of Pepita Jiménez by Juan Valera

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¿Por qué leer libros es más importante que nunca?

> Es lo que planteaba en un artículo reciente el neurocirujano francés Michel Desmurget, a cuenta de la publicación de su libro ‘Más libros y menos pantallas’ (Península)

Leer más en El Asombrario


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Le Clézio: "La literatura puede ser una alarma para despertarnos" en tiempos convulsos

> El escritor francés y Premio Nobel participó del Congreso Internacional de Escritores de Puerto Rico

Allí, llamó a "compartir entre las culturas" como la literatura.Y recomendó leer dos clásicos: 'El Lazarillo de Tormes' y 'El Quijote'

Leer más en Clarín


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Portuguese poet, philosopher, and writer Antero de Quental was born in 1842.

Some of Quental's notable works include "Sonetos Completos" (Complete Sonnets), "Prosas Dispersas" (Scattered Prose), and "Odes Modernas" (Modern Odes). His poetry is characterized by its introspective and philosophical nature, often delving into the complexities of the human psyche and society.

Books by Antero de Quental at PG:

Cover of Os sonetos completos de Anthero de Quental by Antero de Quental

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Does your laptop have a mind of its own? Robert Neuwirth shares a file that booted up on his screen and wrote itself to the hard drive in The Disambiguation.

Catch this exclusive short story and listen to Neuwirth explain why he filled it with computer code at https://fictionable.world


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📖 #books #scifi

Lese immer gerne im Nachhinein, was andere über das gerade Gelesene denken.

Auf #Literaturkritik finde ich einige gute Rezensionen über die #Maddadams Trilogie von #MargaretAtwood.

🌀 https://literaturkritik.de/public/online_abo/lexikon-literaturwissenschaft-autoren-atwood-margaret,11,14,1615

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