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Tears for Fears - The Seeds of Love

Ambition can consume a band, and this sprawling, beautiful pop masterpiece ate Tears for Fears (along with four years, four producers, numerous sidemen [including Phil Collins and Pino Palladino] and a lot of money).

It’d be 15 years before Orzabal and Smith would work together again (on the great Everybody Loves a Happy Ending), so no doubt the process was painful.

But the child it birthed…

#nowplaying #vinyl #tearsforfears #rolandorzabal #curtsmith #pop

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The Pleasure Principle
1979 Canada pressing

Once I finished listening to the John Foxx record, I had to put this on.
Gary & John are two artists that are forever entwined for me.

The Pleasure Principle is one of the greatest albums of all time, regardless of genre or era, and NO I did not stutter.

Without Gary (and John as well), it’s hard to imagine a world that has Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, or Depeche Mode.
Just a legendary artist.


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Maki Asakawa- Maki II #vinyl @vinylrecords #pop #WomenInMusic #NowPlaying

Decided I needed to get a copy of this after suggesting it to @buffyleigh

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A.K. Salim - Afro-Soul/Drum Orgy @vinylrecords

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Doji Morita - Good Bye #vinyl @vinylrecords #folk #WomenInMusic #CrateDigging #NowPlaying

Found a reasonably priced copy of one I have been looking for for awhile. Nice.

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#NowPlaying Gloom Division by IDKHOW

such a good record, dallon really outdid himself with this. and it was awesome to see it live!!!

@vinylrecords #idkhow #vinyl #music

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First Album Of The Collection currently taking up too much room in the Kallax

The Chemical Brothers - Exit Planet Dust

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A Fun Album From a relatively unknown band.

Melt Yourself Down - 100% Yes

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Flora Purim doesn’t have an exceptional voice, but she always surrounded herself with great musicians (both American and Brazilian), and created an interesting unique sound. This is one of her best from 1974. Love the track with Carlos Santana’s screaming guitar solo.

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Rainy day with tea music. Such a great album and I found it in the discount bin in Fopp for £12

Bombay Bicycle Club - A Different Kind Of Fix

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Endtroducing wasn't long enough.

DJ Shadow - Preemptive Strike (Masterdisk Pressing not United so rare)

#vinyl #NowPlaying

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One last listen before bed. Such a clear remaster.

DJ Shadow - Endtroducing

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Laurie Anderson - Big Science @vinylrecords

Another nostalgia buy from the bins this week

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The completely bonkers and full of Easter eggs.

Trying to get the stylus in the right spot to play backwards before the song starts is a delicate thing.

Jack White - Lazeretto

Record at the end but the start in this case

Spinning light angel in the run out

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It's only right after listening to the first that I listen to the 2nd album and arguably better

Gorillaz - Demon Days

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Currently playing through Shannon and the Clams - The Moon Is In The Wrong Place. A little bit of a delay getting here through 1-2-3-4 Go as a pre-order but all is well. @vinylrecords #vinyl #NowPlaying

shannon and the clams jacket with colored vinyl half way visible laying on a flat surface, numbered 293/300

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