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kkarhan, to random
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Account moved to:

Account retained for purposes only!

zackwhittaker, to random
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New, by me: International law firm Orrick, which works with companies affected by security incidents and data breaches, has experienced its own cyberattack that exposed the sensitive health information of hundreds of thousands of data breach victims.

More than 637,000 data breach victims had information stolen during Orrick's cyberattack in March 2023.

More: https://techcrunch.com/2024/01/04/orrick-law-firm-data-breach/

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@zackwhittaker Seriously, WTF?

This should not be possible and I hope someone at the C-level gets jailtime for that criminal negligence...

skruffl, to random

stolen from reddit but it hits deep

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@skruffl Also saw this on @dmoser 's profile ages ago on :birdsite: :twitter: aka. :deadbird: ...


vee, to random

if scientists ever look close enough at fedi they'd probably discover at least five new types of mental disorders

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@vee pressing X for doubt

fifilamoura, to random
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I really hate when people compare Covid to AIDS. Firstly, it's hugely inaccurate on many many levels and it's minimizing and appropriating the experiences and suffering of others. Secondly, it usually reveals their complete ignorance of what it was like, both in terms of the activism and also just how people reacted individually and also as community. One thing that people who constantly compare Covid to AIDS very clearly don't understand or know is that people responded to it very differently, both those who thought they weren't at risk and those of us who knew we were. Some people, quite a few actually, did just go "fuck it, I've got one life and I'm going to live it hard and large now." We can talk about the complexities of it all but I am here to tell you that it wasn't some Utopian time when everyone was protecting each other and being cautious, and that lots of people didn't take it seriously back then either. So please stop trying to compare Covid to AIDS for dramatic affect, it's ahistorical and it's no more scientifically accurate than someone saying "Covid is just the flu" either.

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@fifilamoura I do agree...
The only similarities I see in terms of aka. is that like with , governments decided to individualize the problem instead of taking it serious because it doesn't harm the key supporters to power.

It was only when rich white heterocisbinary men caught AIDS that we saw any global action...

OFC is way easier to transmit and unlike AIDS isn't 100% lethal over years or decades [tho that's the state of data as of 01/2024] and people do recover.

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@fifilamoura But regardless of what kind of illness we're talking about:

Preventing transmission and infection should be the first priority, because it's the right thing to do!

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@hughrawlinson @fifilamoura OFC they ain't the same!

But in both cases preventing infections is the most effective means to tackle them...


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@failedLyndonLaRouchite @fifilamoura And now you know why I hate those people and don't want to socialize with Covid-Deniers!

I value my own health [mental and physical] because they'll drop me if I become a "burden"...

So why would I want to hang around with fake friends??

Call me weird but I've already run out of spoons for this decade in 2021 and Ney Year didn't restock my inventory...

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@fifilamoura Precisely...

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@fifilamoura Yeah... I think we all are on the same page about that...

aliss, to random
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@aliss yeah, I'm also af...

GreenSkyOverMe, to random German
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Wir: „Halt die Klappe, Alexa“

Alexa: „Klingt, als wolltest du konstruktives Feedback geben“

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@GreenSkyOverMe Also ich verbiete solche !

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@GreenSkyOverMe Bei Alexa kann ich nicht nachprüfen ob das Teil wirklich aus ist.

Und ja, ich hab so'n shice nicht in meiner Wohnung - aus Prinzip...

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@GreenSkyOverMe 1. Ich kaufe aus Prinzip keine Geräte die keinen werkzeugfreien Akkutausch erlauben!

  1. Warum will ich -Appliances alla überhaupt haben?
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@GreenSkyOverMe Natürlich nehm' ich Akkus raus - ich hab' sogar mehrere!

Ich würde mir sogar nen Akku neu bauen!

Ansonsten sehe ich weiterhin weder Bedarf noch Mehrwert in einem "Smart Home"...

Wenn ich 24/7 anlasslose Beobachtung will, kann ich auch in nen Knast gehen...

georgetakei, to random

Oh, snap!

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@georgetakei TOP LEL!

Also thx for adding an !

DieFurie, to random German
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Wie hier genölt wird, weil die Ampel TEILWEISE Agrar-Reduzierungen zurücknimmt oder den Landwirten mehr Zeit einräumt... In manchen Tröts steckt so ein Hass, der für eine Demokratie nicht gesund ist!

Ich habe lieber eine Regierung, die auch mal zurückrudert, als alles durchzusetzen, was einmal beschlossen wurde.

Und nein, schickt mir keine Fotos von Galgen. Ich lese Zeitung & kenne diese.
Nazis gibt es überall.



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  1. fehlt -

  2. Natürlich sind bei wie bei so dass allein der Vorschlag zu ner öffentlichen durch nen -Richterin führen sollte!!!

SheDrivesMobility, to random German
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  • kkarhan,
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    @SheDrivesMobility Ganz einfach:

    sind ne mit zuviel und prügeln sich im Zweifelsfalle durch...

    Deshalb sind die Aktionen von @AufstandLastGen allenfalls Randnotizen die eh nur *innen treffen und verärgern...

    bigzaphod, to random
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    Just showed the kids Windows 95 running in a browser (🤯) and the thing they were amazed about is how clean it was. No toolbars everywhere, no junk in the task bar, nothing that looked like ads, etc. It's sad how things have evolved.

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    @bigzaphod Actually, in did have some per default on the ...

    But yeah you can have the same clean experience with any good OS like @ubuntu LTS Desktop!

    The_Whore_of_Blahbylon, to random
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    PennamitePLR, to random
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    If you tell me “I never want to catch again”, but you are doing absolutely nothing to avoid catching Covid, forgive me but I do not believe you.

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    @PennamitePLR +9001%

    I don't want to catch it at all and I act with that in mind.

    Better be weird that dead.
    Even if that means wearing a full-face mask with filter...

    jwildeboer, to random
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    Wildeboer’s third theorem: Every commercial centralised service that offers “free” services and relies on ads and/or a percentage of subscription/donation fees ends up being supportive of misinformation, hate speech and far-right to nazi content. Either through ignorance or acceptance.

    kkarhan, (edited )
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    @garbados Do you really think @stux is listening to the deranged folks like ?


    Seriously, read that shit and tell me that's what a rational grown up man should post...

    But hey, obviously you are just a bootlicking asshole who just throws verbal feces because you know I'm right!

    Now fuck off m8!

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    @garbados How about you fuck off and apologize before I'll check legal options?


    realPaser, to random German
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    37% der Wähler in Sachsen würden eine rechtsextreme Partei wählen.
    Bitte macht euch mal ein wenig mehr Gedanken, ihr 37%.
    Nur weil man mit der Ampel unzufrieden ist, wählt man keine Nazis.
    Es sei denn, mensch ist selber einer. 🙄


    kkarhan, (edited )
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    @oldperl @petunientopf @sisyphos_sw @realPaser @AfDnee

    Dann möchte ich Fragen warum der Staat sich bewaffnet?

    Art. 20 Abs. 4 ist recht klar, oder erwartet irgendwer dass sich gewaltfrei der fügen??

    schon vergessen???

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