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Chatted with a pharmacist this week about boosters and they can only give them to folks over 65 and immunocompromised… unsure what kind of documentation that requires but province won’t pay for anything other… all the while movie industry folks I follow on social media show that everyone (actors don’t but everyone around them do) on movie sets still have to mask or they lose insurance coverage. So curious why

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A reminder: epidemics and pandemics are expected to increase in frequency as the climate crisis advances [1] and as humans build deeper into wildlands [2].

So what do we do?

  1. Address the climate crisis!
  2. Embrace urbanism, controlled growth, and leave wildlands alone.
  3. Push for infrastructure improvements for indoor air quality.
  4. Push for better healthcare and sick leave policies.
  5. Advocate for better funding for scientific research.


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Who was hit hardest by #covid-19? Possibly immigrants in unprotected essential jobs. Osbaldo Varilla-Aguilar and others still face lingering, sometimes extreme symptoms. #sf #longcovid

From our partners at El Tecolote.

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So turns out that 'bug' around that wiped me out for 36 hours and is still giving me a throat of broken glass and sandpaper is 😩😭

My first time ever 😟

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Schätzung für Zürich aufgrund Kalibrierung der Abwasserprävalenzen Werdhölzli, Daten bis 19. Mai:

Inzidenz ~900.

Ca. jede 110. Person infiziert sich pro Woche.


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More Wall Street giants are telling employees to get back to the office full-time

#covid #office

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Kind of sad that this is necessary, but those are the times we live in:

tl;dr -- Violet Blue is creating “The Sanity Handbook”, a book about how to navigate the turbulent cultural waters around the disease.

Seems likely to be useful for a lot of folks -- spread the word…

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Clarification from the USDA re:

"...interstate movement for a lactating dairy cow from a sale barn directly to a slaughter facility requires only a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) stating that the animal is clinically healthy; no testing is necessary."

I'll repeat that in case you missed it.

NO TESTING IS NECESSARY for dairy cows being sent to slaughter.

I suspect "clinically healthy" is a bit misleading in a similar way that "mild " is

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Seems to be controversial 🦤🫣

So far, no one has been immune. Never happened to anyone in the last four years. Everyone gets re-infected. Some more than once per year.

We should repeat this from time to time.

And ask the big question: what does that mean? Health risks are commutative. Everyone ages. And no one ever got immunity from that virus.

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gave himself a glowing self appraisal of his time in government during yesterday, proclaiming his furlough scheme as an act of morality (that incidentally was far from unique to the UK)…but what about his ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme.?

Not discussed with the chief scientific officers or the cabinet secretary.

Result: more people died.

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Never had such a bad night. Thanks 🤬

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To those who follow this account for rants and politely tolerate my posts about the wonderful and elegant programming language I’ve used almost daily for over a decade: The conference required masks because they apparently haven’t stopped caring about the people behind the keyboards.

Yes, masks. In 2024. At a tech conference. It’s a beautiful thing.

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Friend: "You're the only one of my friends who hasn't gotten on a plane and traveled"

The silent part I didn't say: (so I'm the smartest friend you have...)


Them: "We're getting on a cruise"

Me not silent: "Can't believe you're getting on a petri dish"

Them: "We're fine. Relax"


Me, broken the rest of the day.

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@auscovid19 @emmadavidson

Brava! A commercial radio presenter (3AW, Melbourne) tracked down Australia's Health Minister and forced him to talk about the current COVID-19 wave.

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Do you know someone with significant quality-of-life problems due to Long Covid?

Boosts appreciated.

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There’s a lot of things I don’t understand, but here’s just one:

killed over a million people in the US and is still going strong.

Why does nobody talk about it?

That’s roughly 1 in 300 people.
You would know at least someone who died of it. Is it mass trauma?

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Wisconsin #COVID Forecast for May 23

‼️ Milwaukee has very high prevalence at up to 26 /area but stabilizing

👍 Madison is low at up to 4 /area and stable

✅ Follow hubbub for updates on COVID & other health risks

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I follow COVID scientists here on Mastodon. I've seen them post links to studies showing waning effectiveness of COVID vaccines after 6 months.

I received the updated booster last October and want to get boosted again prior to some planned travel in July. (Air travel to the MAGA anti-vax cesspool known as Florida)

I have contacted three pharmacies in my area.

One has no COVID vaccines at all and said they won't receive any until fall.

The other two say they will not vaccinate me because they must follow US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines stating that only people 65 years and older should receive boosters at this time.

They won't vaccinate me even if I am willing to pay out of pocket.

Both say I must get a recommendation from my health care provider before they will even consider it.

Less than 20% of people in my state are up to date on their COVID vaccines. For those of us who want to follow the science and not some arbitrary age limitation, why not let us get vaccinated?

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From The Sick Times:

"How to make spaces more accessible during the continuing pandemic"

"A blueprint for radical inclusion and living a full, safer life within the context of Covid-19 exists.

Many mutual aid groups and initiatives advocating for clean air and continued Covid-19 safety are emerging all over the world using technology and layers of protection to help mitigate the spread of viruses."

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My #CovidIsNotOver table at the Association for the Rhetoric of Science, Technology, and Medicine (ARSTM) at the Rhetoric Society (RSA)! Art by @JoBlakely and @violetblue ; zines by @hnewlevant ; flyers by @phpledge and Thanks to everyone for the suggestions on how to make it engaging--it's been lovely to meet other #CovidCautious people and create some visibility around #disability and #COVID .

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"Long COVID advocates hammer Biden over ‘minimal funding’ in budget request"

"According to a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) report from September of last year, around 18 million adults reported dealing with long COVID as of 2022."


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