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Audio Engineer/Musician here since 2019, broke my server (multiple times) in 2023

Interested in #MusicProduction #SelfHosting #Space #Economics #Privacy #Gardening and #Cats


Music can be found at...


#Liotia #VoSo #Soundmakers

Engineer and programmer at #OnUSound

Trying to be the change I want to see in this digital dystopia.

Website/blog http://matthewsmyth.co.uk

Toots auto delete every two weeks.


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aral, to random
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You know what was so refreshing about the early days of the fediverse? No fucking neoliberals. But, like a bad rash, they’re back.

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@aral Word

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"There's a fine line between this and that".

  • Some geezer down the pub.
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“War does not decide who is right, but who is left.”

Bernard Shaw.

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mxtthxw, to random
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OK So I have to make a Spotify (fuck them) playlist because reasons. Anyway, I've paid the money for the month in order for the musicians to make £0.000000000000001 from my contribution.

When the month is done I'll cancel and will focus on buying the music I like from said playlist.

If I sound like a self righteous motherfucker right now, it's because I am.

Anyway, fuck off. I love you all x

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Listening to actual records and then typing them into my computer.

mxtthxw, to random
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Listening to this today for reasons.


Support musicians wherever you can. x

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Is this what Bobby Sands starved himself to death for?

A United Ireland should be higher up the list imo.

“The IRA enables consumers of electric vehicles to a clean vehicle tax credit of up to $7,500 as long as the raw materials and components meet certain thresholds.”


mxtthxw, to random
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Today’s date is a good rhythm…



Even works in American.

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mxtthxw, to random
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Gone back to my OG profile pic. I keep confusing myself.

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Defo need more filters for US politics, my contributions aren’t appreciated and I just can’t help myself…

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It’s not The Cloud, it’s a very naughty computer.

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George has the snuffles and keeps sneezing. Do you think I should call the vet?

mxtthxw, to random
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When you toot,
Through a storm,
Hold your head up high.

mxtthxw, (edited ) to random
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Funny to think… back in school I would get scolded for not paying attention to.

However, since the attention economy peaked and is contaminated with computer generated nonsense, turns out I’ll have the last laugh.


(this isn’t the actual last laugh, that will come in due course).

Lazarou, to london
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The Met being The Met, notice how they always go for the women, and the State looks the other way on it.
Home Secretary after Home Secretary, reads the reports on The Met and goes "fine...it's fine..."


#London #TheMet #Gaza

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@Lazarou “Woman says police knocked her over”.

Err no. The police knock woman over, as clearly demonstrated in video.

BBC Meh.

fejling, to random
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Had an afternoon nap with the Bobster

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@fejling Hello Bobster! :simon:

unfa, to Musicproduction
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Spectral Compressor. It's incredible that FOSS audio production tools are at a level where top EDM producers make videos about them. Props to au5 for acknowledging that it's not just free, but also open-source.


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@unfa Ok now that’s very cool.

Often my attitude to these things is jeez, not another compressor but this looks great, have some idea source material to try.

ambergrey, to random
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It has been so nice waking up to birdsong again. I am struggling with the pain and suffering and horror happening everywhere. I am struggling with daily tasks. I’m tired. I’m working every time I have enough energy, to improve on music. Right now I’m focused on electric guitar. And voice of course. I am working on understanding the fretboard in a note and shape way rather than just intuitive feel. Because I don’t want to be in a loop of staying in the comfort zone. I hope you have a great day!

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@ambergrey Agreed, the first birdsong is so welcome. You forget it’s gone.

Wishing you and your fretboard a wonderful day!

gazeshift, to climate
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Staggering, indeed.

'The Cloud now has a greater carbon footprint than the airline industry. A single data center can consume the equivalent electricity of 50,000 homes.'

A lot more in this piece.

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@gazeshift That’s because it’s not an real cloud.

Real clouds are H2O.

ArtBear, to Ukraine
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Big shout out to all the folks who can't decide between:

Candidate A who:
Wants to increase genocide in .
Wants to increase genocide in .
Wants genocide in .
Will happily order quadruple genocide with a side order of fries.
Doesn't do science, facts or truth.
Does do lies, crimes, conspiracy theories.
Wants to infect you with COVID.
Wants to end democracy in US.
Has tried to end democracy in US.
Is trying again.
Wants to deport or imprison minorities & critics.
Is a racist rapist mobster.
Has committed treason in multiple ways.

Candidate B who:
Hasn't stopped genocide in Gaza.

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@ArtBear Yay genocide!

What about democrats manoeuvre to get the senile war mongerer a nice retirement home and you’ll less likely get option 2?

Just a thought… signed the rest of the world.

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