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Is it just the ? This is probably true of all headsets that seem to act like isolation chambers.

My Life Outside of the Apple Vision Pro https://www.wired.com/story/the-only-thing-worse-than-one-vision-pro-in-a-relationship-is-two/ @WIRED

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Apple AirTag tips, a major meteor shower, and the best airports in the world: Lifestyle news roundup


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An op-ed from me today about how times have changed since Miyamoto got on stage during the 7 event in 2016.
and dropped the ball with emulation, but in the end, the players have won.

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  • El Capitan
  • Sierra
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  • Mojave
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  • Big Sur
  • Monterey
  • Ventura
  • Sonoma

Time flies, people. Time flies.

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I miss when Apple took design chances. Anyone remember the G3 iBook?


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My Photos is keep on loading.

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You may not need Apple Pay to tap and pay with your EU iPhone soon


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Winter is coming…

“While Inc.'s stock (TSLA) is the biggest weekly percentage decliner of the gang from a stock perspective, Inc. (AAPL), Corp. (MSFT) and Corp. (NVDA) are bigger contributors to the market-cap losses as they are all worth substantially more than the car maker”


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EU to approve ’s iPhone NFC chip policy changes, will allow competitors to Apple Pay https://9to5mac.com/2024/04/19/apple-pay-eu-nfc-chip-iphone/ @9to5Mac @bzamayo

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Damned I'm not Apple compliant. I found my sister's iPhoto library from backup, and try to bring it on her Photos app. It would import ~95k pictures into one flat album, loosing the albums made in iPhoto. Piece of shit app, couldn't they make some smart import which remains the albums? Or don't I just find the right button?

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The Delta app has been at the top of the App Store rankings for days.

Emulators are taking over the App Store https://www.theverge.com/2024/4/19/24134767/emulators-iphone-delta-google-meta-ai-vergecast-podcast @verge @davidpierce

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How to See All the Devices Logged in to Your Apple Account


SergKoren, to gamedev
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It seems like the game emulator floodgates have opened on the Apple App Store.

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Yeah, so we got a lot of requests for an option to hide folders in the Display Filter, so...

Here it is! 8.6 can do that. And more!

You can now set up multiple options at once, like for example, have it show all landscape photos with a GPS GeoTag, keywords, but no Person data yet. And so on.

I think that is pretty cool!


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"These platforms are not as popular with Chinese users as others like WeChat, but their removal reduces the number of ways they can communicate with people outside of the country."

Regulators order #Apple to pull #Meta’s WhatsApp, Threads, as well as #Signal and #Telegram from China App Store over "national security concerns" https://www.cnbc.com/2024/04/19/apple-pulls-metas-whatsapp-threads-from-china-app-store.html @cnbc

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Rate my battlestation

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Apple Mac SE with dual monitors, original Mac keyboard, and an Apple track pad: https://files.bitbang.social/media_attachments/files/112/298/389/760/432/331/original/09eb7b3e2e467147.png

Wait. Is that a Radius portrait display? I soooo wanted one of those so I could display a full manuscript pages as it would have come out of my typewriter. Wow!

#Writer #Writing #Author #WritersOfMastodon #WritingCommunity #McIntosh #Mac #Apple

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New Dalrymple Report is live!😎

Caitlin Clark, Jim's emerging Spotify love, comparing Apple to Boeing, lots more.

Dig in, and thanks for listening. 🙏🏻❤️


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