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Parents of #adhd children: how do you help your kids to sit still, especially in (the first few years of) school?

@adhd #neurodiversity

wigglytuffitout, to ADHD avatar

as long as i am crowding up the place asking for wisdom of the crowd

hello fellow #adhd havers, and-or #chronicillness havers, does anyone have like a cleaning checklist that breaks it down weekly for things to do per room/area?

i know that there's an absolute incredible amount of people doing such things on pinterest because they are doing the whole "i am a perfect housekeeper and behold my perfect life" thing but i am more interested in like. people also in these trenches lol. things that other people use and that work for them, basically.

it doesn't have to be the whole big shitwhack of spring cleaning whatnot, but just a checklist of daily cleaning going area by area so that i have a guide to follow that doesn't get me paralyzed in trying to figure it out all myself and screaming in terror at everything that needs to happen lmfao

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🐝 New on ADHD ftw! Start with your small tasks

btaroli, to ADHD avatar

Both excited and stressed about an this week. Kind of an irony alert given I’m excited to participate but also stressed at all the preparation. So much focus on getting it “right.”

I have to admit I prefer a format that just lets participants speak on a subject freehand and take questions after. Too much stresses me out.

aen_the_acolyte, to ADHD avatar

mhm, i have an exam in two weeks, i haven't started revising yet, and im beginning to feel the squeeze

time to learn effective study techniques for people with adhd for the thousandth time (i end up forgetting or abandoning it every single time, its extremely frustrating)

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So, I am trying to accept I cannot keep up w/ posting on multiple platforms. It's so
mntally annoying. 😑 Somedays I post here, other days on IG. I don't think I can really add Threads to it and FB only gets the things IG sends it. I'm going to go back to my reading 📚. I love all the beautiful shares here, but today's spoons are spent for social media.
@actuallyautistic @actuallyadhd @actuallyaudhd

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2024 study: ADHD meds and death in Individuals With (Tl;dr fewer ADHD folks die)

“Among individuals diagnosed with ADHD, medication initiation was significantly associated with lower mortality, in particular for unnatural causes.”

siblingpastry, to ADHD avatar

Aha, now I get it ...

Adding something to a TODO list makes it generally less likely that I'll do it.

If I add it to the list, then I'm far less likely to just remember it, because it has less permanence. So whether I'm later reminded, depends on whether I remember to check the list.

So for each case, I have to evaluate which of those two is more likely.

Then for anything I'm reasonably confident of remembering -- it's more likely to happen if I don't create a reminder for it.


Faintdreams, to ADHD avatar

Once again the thing I have been avoiding for MONTHS (at least seven), once started, took me all of THIRTY MINUTES to complete.


btaroli, to ADHD avatar

Having ideas and a desire to help is a sort of kryptonite for me. I live to serve and help but I don’t have the spoons, energy, et al to do it all. I need a cohort of body doubles. It’s not that I fancy myself a manager or director, but I’m just not enough for all the doing.

I’m looking forward to being in an Autism panel next week. And helping arrange caregiver events in May. The burnout risk is real and triggers negative self-thoughts.

#ActuallyAutistic #ADHD #AuDHD #BodyDoubling #burnout

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Desertdragon, to LGBTQ avatar

My partner @denebeim is looking for a job. Her linkedin profile is here:

#FediJob #GetFediHired

We are both #lgbtq. I have a number of #ChronicIllnesses and she is #ADHD and we are both likely #neurospicy

We are geeks, sff fans and struggling right now. #Depression & #Anxiety are long standing "friends".

I have @dragonwolfdesigns but it's very small and doesn't bring in enough to pay bills.

Please help and/or share!

cferdinandi, to ADHD avatar

🐝 New on ADHD ftw! Second brain tool: MS Todo

Faintdreams, (edited ) to ADHD avatar

Quick Neurospicey quiz for funzies !

How many browser tabs do you have open right now?

Define Browser and Tabs however you want.

godmaire, to ADHD avatar

Today starts my 1682361236 attempt at using a todo list. Maybe this time will be different

ashleyspencer, to ADHD avatar

I got misdiagnosed with auditory processing disorder as a kid.

I told the adults I don’t have that I’m just having a hard time paying attention to them, but they didn’t believe me.

Took till I was 17 and advocating for myself to finally get an ADHD diagnosis.

And of course, ADHD and autism couldn't co-exist back then.

cferdinandi, to ADHD avatar

🐝 New on ADHD ftw! The calm of the night

kdj8, to accessibility avatar

I feel like ads on the internet are a huge accessibility issue for ppl with ADHD (along with others but I can't speak to that). Anything moving on a page (sometimes even if it's not moving) distracts me from the content and makes it 100x times harder to read. I usually use an ad blocker so it's usually not a problem, but every now and then I don't have one yet and I remember just how bad it is out there. Ads aren't just a bother, they are genuinely harmful to some people.

Taffer, to ADHD avatar

Today's ADHD brainworm that won't get out of my skull:

Port/rewrite the Rainmeter "Gadgets" skins as Plasma 6 Plasmoids. Note that I know nothing about either platform.

#adhd #kde #plasma6 #rainmeter

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liztai, (edited ) to ADHD avatar

"Russian is harder than Chinese!"

My #ADHD brain - "We totally need to learn this language next!"

#Languages #Russian #LanguageLearning #funny

cferdinandi, to ADHD avatar

🐝 New on ADHD ftw! Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly

cferdinandi, to webdev avatar

🐝🎧 New ADHD ftw! Podcast:
Episode 2 - ADHD isn't a deficit of attention (and doesn't neccessarily mean you're hyperactive)

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