Zachariah, in What Happens AFTER Nuclear War?
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NegativeLookBehind, in What Happens AFTER Nuclear War?
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You wake up in vault 101

Omega_Haxors, in What Happens AFTER Nuclear War?

Gates-funded greenwashing channel

Lemminary, in (Short) Something in Your Kitchen Emits Antimatter

Tl;DR bananas emit a positron every 72 h

Damaskox, in The Egg - A Short Story
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This was an interesting take!

I hope I haven't bullied myself!

Damaskox, in Kurzgesagt videos translation spreadsheet
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Good work!

Endward23, in (Short) Let’s Shrink Earth to Half Its Size

Short: Earth would be like mars.

TheKracken, in I love this cel-shaded 3D that Kurzgesagt has been using recently

Yeah this shot in particular stood out when I watched the episode. Very cool style.

ThatOneKirbyMain2568, in I love this cel-shaded 3D that Kurzgesagt has been using recently
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Obviously, this isn't anything super new, but I just found this shot of Jupiter (from this video) really cool. It makes the planet feel very grand, chaotic, and kinda realistic while still fitting with the Kurzgesagt style.

EDIT: Added video link.


Just wanted to say how easy it was to read this in the voice of the narrator

Damaskox, in From The SMALLEST To The LARGEST - The Ultimate Size Comparison
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Doesn't take that much difference in size to get me lost 😂

ThatOneKirbyMain2568, in From The SMALLEST To The LARGEST - The Ultimate Size Comparison
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Something I noticed while watching this video is that it remixes one of my favorite Kurzgesagt tracks: the Universal Journey track. I think it fits extremely well here.

Damaskox, in Your Tattoo is INSIDE Your Immune System. Literally
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This was interesting!
Didn't know that getting tattoos could be even deadly (didn't somehow cross my mind).

ThatOneKirbyMain2568, in Your Tattoo is INSIDE Your Immune System. Literally
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Awesome to see another biology video! I absolutely love it when they delve into these topics, especially in such creative ways like with a video about tattoos of all things.

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Yeah! It was a fun, different topic!
It's nice to have something uncommon to the pool of "basic" topics they have as well!

CanadaPlus, (edited ) in Will forums fix the Internet?

The central point of this video was a surprise to me, since I’ve come to question if long-term global polarisation is actually happening at all, from watching the research over the past few years. However, from what I can tell the sources for this video don’t really settle the matter.

It’s well supported for the US case, but the first source on the international aspect actually argues at length the US situation is unique. There’s other reasons to think it’s not actually happening the same way everywhere; European and American populism has entirely different demographic dynamics, for example. This might be a case of Kurzgesagt editorialising a bit.

If they’re right, that sucks, because there’s no way people are going to stop engaging with each other on big platforms.

Damaskox, in The Moment Kurzgesagt Changed Forever
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I'm glad Kurzgesagt is around.
They have done an awesome job. They have created quality content with nice animations and a soothing narrator voice. The videos are short enough and interesting enough to keep me hooked 'til the end. I can share their videos and quote them about important aspects of life. They even changed my philosophical point of view about life.

I think I have watched every video from them. And that nets them a reward - me taking part in buying stuff from them!

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