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Reddit was awesome. It’s sad what became of it.
Started in Lemmy but kbin's reputation system woo'd me over!

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Dr. Patrick Breyer. Digitaler Freiheitskämpfer und Europaabgeordneter der MEP for and the European Pirate Party.
Im Bild mit #Piraten-Spitzenkandidatin zur #Europawahl2024
Posts auf Deutsch 🇩🇪 and in English 🇬🇧 avatar


Electrical engineer
Marveling at the world

Lots of Martian rocks and landscapes, some looking all too familiar, but don't be fooled by that: Mars is an inhospitable toxic planet. Let's not mistake fiction for reality.

I like dirt and rocks, but I Am Not A Geologist (IANAG). avatar


Engineer interested in nonlinear mechanics and science & maths in general. Also, politics & humour.

The animation in my header is a demonstration of Kepler's Second Law of Planetary Motion (CC-BY-SA) -- see

You can check out others mathematical animations by me by searching for #WxMaxima.

Also, you can find my photographs by searching for #D7000. But please note that of course neither of these hashtags is unique to me.


she/her | space doctor | mars bit witch | professional backseat driver | i ask rovers to take photos and stuff

postdoctoral research scientist, planetary science institute avatar


A keen subversive of the last century's management & training methods [also talks about democracy, open source, leadership, social learning, anti-capitalism, & cycling]

— blogging since 2004

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I just want to leave a better planet after me. I was never a usual of Twitter. I've been working since the end of the 90s with computer #tech, and I'm currently working as System Specialist in in a team that manage #SuperComputers running #Linux for research and education using #Ansible, #Puppet, #Python and #OpenStack. Interested also in #environment #education #sociology #psychology #humanism #Almería #Tampere #Stockholm #Madrid #Barcelona
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Your friendly neighbourhood hⒶcker hobo.
Likes dinosaurs, dislikes hierarchy.

Come for the music recommendations, stay for the #propaganda.

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~/# I'm a ☕ loving #WebDev and #FLOSS / #FOSS Geek with some 3D and cryptography experience with a #Punk attitude and had his own radio show 👨‍💻 I post here mostly in German and in English and the most are deleted after 30 days ⌨️ work in progress… avatar


Following MSL & M2020 on Mars. avatar


Hi, I’m Gregor Niehl, a tech enthusiast from Germany born in 2007. I am generally interested in all things #Linux and #OpenSource.

I write apps for the #GNOME desktop, and am part of the GNOME Foundation and the GNOME Circle Committee. avatar


Tinkerer, Writer for Hackspace Magazine, Tindie, Kids Code CS, FreeCAD and more. Forged in the heart of a mountain.




Laid back and (comedy) grumpy guy from the southeast coastal area of the UK. Photos:

This is my one stop place for all my musings, moanings, ups, downs and observations.

Love interacting with people all around the world, all races, sexualities, cultures. I'm a bloke who fancies blokes but I'm not gay 🤔

Love #Tech #Gadgets #Animals #Nature #Photography #HelpingPeople #RealPeople #Gardens #Walking #Exploring avatar


The PIMfluencer


Influencing myself all the time.

Hide my German posts via selecting your preferred language(s) via:
Preferences→Other→Filter languages

Mutes accounts that are using CWs without meeting my definition of "warning".

Stands with 🇺🇦

#PIM #FOSS #Emacs :emacs: #orgmode :orgmode: #Orgdown #bicycle #decentralization #security #privacy #Austria #Graz :graz:

Joined Mastodon 2017-11

Indexed on tootfinder

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Mostly complete digital works at and -- I wrote books about tools for thought, virtual communities, virtual reality, smart mobs, taught classes at UC Berkeley & Stanford on digital journalism, social media issues, social media literacies. Now I make art. I'm interested in all of the above & like to follow knowledgeable ppl about current events, science, humor, community. #technology #onlinecommunities #art #socialmedia #learning #edutech avatar


🐍 Python aficionado
🕸 Web dev tinkerer
🎲🕹 Gaming enthusiast
🗣 English, Catalan, Spanish, Italian avatar


I design & facilitate #meetings that become what people want & need
🔸 Love to #facilitate #connection, #sing, #dance, & #meditate
🔸 Author of 3 books on meeting design
🔸 14 years of 800+ posts on #MeetingDesign #facilitation #consulting #LifeLessons #FacilitatingChange, being trapped in an elevator with a Nobel Prize winner & other #stories at
🔸 Brit living happily in #Vermont USA since 1978
🔸 #Nonprofit board member junkie
🔸 Recovering #academic avatar


Former space scientist ✨🔭 now in #neuroscience 🧠🔬. Postdoc in the #Neuroimmunology and #Imaging group of at the Research Center, interested in #BehavioralScience 🔎🪤 and #ComputationalNeuroscience (#CompNeuro) 🧮💻. avatar


Bärner Gieu, Informatiker, Ingenieur, Nerd, YB-Fan, Gamer

Dies ist mein privates Konto und widerspiegelt ausschliesslich meine Meinung.

#schweiz #swiss #switzerland #bern #bscyb #links #gaming avatar


Du sucre, des épices, et des tas de bonnes choses ! ✨
📍Français au Canada (Ontario 🇨🇦) avatar


Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization & University Göttingen
Self-Regulation and Learning in Complex Networks from Neurons to Societies avatar


I love shiny things so I package them instead!

Proud to be #filipino from the #philippines 🇵🇭

PL: :julia: #julialang 🦀 #rustlang 🐇 #harelang
Distro: :opensuse: #openSUSE Tumbleweed
Editor: :kakoune: #kakoune
Terminal: 🦶 #foot
WM: 🚣 #riverwm
Other tags:
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Former Sailor, past Mobile DJ, bragging up Nova Scotia, and sharing amazing places. Extremely varied interests (except Sports), no hard-line Politics, just part of daily conversation. If you don't describe your photos, I probably won't boost them. Here to share what I know for newbies on Mastodon. Talks too much. Easily excitable. Early riser full of ADHD & Vinegar!

Life is what you make it.

#WAYCTV (𝐖hen 𝐀re 𝐘ou 𝐂oming 𝐓o 𝐕isit?)
Profile Photo of a younger me, animated. avatar


Fresh IT news from a variety of sources. Public service by @emanuel

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