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I know the clickthrough rate from SM to websites is horridly low, BUT!.... My collection of very brief world building words and equally brief PostIt Notes doodles is growing.

If you're at all interested in what the flavour of Sub Orbital Machine is all about, you can check out the collection here:


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Biden direct-to-camera ad:

"Because of Donald Trump, millions of women lost the fundamental freedom to control their own bodies.

"If Donald Trump gets back in power, what freedom will you lose next?

"Your body and your decisions belong to you, not the government not Donald Trump.

"I will fight like hell to get your freedom back." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhZIdq7ZJyc&t=10s

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This is a that is based on the Dreyken by M.Y. Hauger. You play as Aileen Benson, and you have to make choices to determine the outcome of the

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il “Timballo di maccheroni“, passato alla storia come “Timballo del Gattopardo“, che Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa descrive così:
“L’oro brunito dell’involucro, la fragranza di zucchero e di cannella che ne emanava, non era che il preludio della sensazione di delizia che si sprigionava dall’interno quando il coltello squarciava la crosta: ne erompeva dapprima un fumo carico di aromi e si scorgevano poi i fegatini di pollo, le ovette dure, le sfilettature di prosciutto, di pollo e di tartufi nella massa untuosa, caldissima dei maccheroni corti, cui l’estratto di carne conferiva un prezioso color camoscio.”

Ecco la ricetta:

#palermo #sicilia #sicily #panormus #story #photo #picoftheday #fotografia #video #photography #storia #antica #italy #europe #world #art #travel #tourism #timballo #maccheroni #gattopardo

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Every now and then someone will toot a comment comparing #Dgar with a famous artist or band, and those comparisons are drawn across a wide spectrum of different genres. It’s always nice to be likened to someone who has made a name for themselves in music. I usually read such a comment, quietly beam to myself for the compliment, toot a “thank you” to let them know I appreciate the sentiment, and then continue on in a much better mood. It’s always nice to hear from people who have listened to my songs, to know what they think about the music, or how they interpret lyrics, or just their favourite bit. It’s humbling, because I didn’t make them for anyone but myself, just playing with music. Making the songs that I want to hear. Well, there’s a couple I made for other people, but they were specific people, not like, everyone. And the rest I wrote for my own amusement. So it’s really cool that so many people, like you, like #DgarMusic. And while I do draw inspiration from some of the great musicians that I have been compared to…(Dgar continues to ramble incoherently for a further half an hour. You pick out bits here and there but conclude that they’re basically just repeating themselves. You feign interest and nod as their eyes glass over and they stare into the middle space.
Suddenly you jolt awake. Morning light streams into the room through the window where the curtains were abruptly drawn, causing your eyes to hurt. You look away, raising your hand. You become aware of a blanket around your shoulders as you begin to focus. Dgar is holding a warm beverage out towards you. You take a breath through your nose.)
Morning, sleepy head!
(You take a sip. Mmm. Exactly what you need)
Hey! Can you believe someone compared me to Ween? People compare me to people all the time. It doesn’t bother me. I thank em. I move on. But for some reason, I can’t stop thinking about Ween! Y’know what I know about Ween? Nothing!! Abso-fucking-lutely nothing. There was a song about Pushin Daisies Up that was huge in Australia in the 90’s. That’s it!! I can’t name another single Ween song!!
(The blanket and warm beverage is good right now, Dgar seems to be a little bit crazy)
You wanna know what I’ve been doing? I’ve been listening to Ween! I go and find their first album and I play it! I PLAY IT!!!! GodWeenSatan: The Oneness, song one “You F****d Up”. Yes! Song two “Tick”. I stop the album there so I can pick my jaw off the floor. Where the fuck have Gene and Dean Ween been all my life? Right. Listen I’m one album in. I’m gonna binge this shit. You gotta go.
(Dgar takes the empty, still warm mug from your fingers, crouches in front of you, momentarily making eye contact, smiles, and snaps their fingers)

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This week I decided to change it up and checked out a small called "To Whom the Bouquet Falls" by . A surprisingly delightful story about , and star crossed lovers. Join me as we take a look at the first part of this and see how the adventure begins to unfold!

To Whom the Bouquet Falls:

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Verwendet wer von euch auf @signalapp, sprich @mollyim, auch die Möglichkeit #Story's zu versenden und wenn ja an wem (thematisch) und weshalb? 🤔

Für mich ist dies bloß eine Funktion um sich als Anbieter populär zu präsentieren aber #unnötig, Wie seht ihr es? 🤷

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My banner picture has been up for quite a while but I should maybe tell the behind it.

It was Christmas 2004. Newly arrived to live in Got our tent and a couple of and set off exploring the penninsula. On the night/day of the southeast Asia Boxing Day tsunami we were camped in a tiny cove with no other access but by sea. Vertical rock cliffs behind us.

It is very fortunate this was on the opposite side of Australia, we were unaware and unaffected. Only later we learned what had happened that weekend and how many people had lost their lives or livlihoods 😢

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La Biblioteca della Fondazione Sicilia, che si trova a Palermo all'interno di Palazzo Branciforte, possiede circa 50 mila volumi e svolge una funzione culturale di grandissimo rilievo.

Una ricca sezione è quella sulla storia della Sicilia, sulla Storia dell’arte, sulla Numismatica e sull’Archeologia.

Il Fondo librario antico della biblioteca è costituito da molte pubblicazioni stampate dal 1501 al 1830.

Sul soffitto della sala di lettura spicca un meraviglioso affresco di Ignazio Moncada di Paternò.


#palermo #panormus #sicilia #sicily #photography #fotografia #storia #story #art #culture #europe #world #leggende #popolari #segreti #misteri #dipinti #città #antica #lettura #libri #musei #biblioteca

L'interno della Biblioteca della Fondazione Sicilia, che si trova a Palermo all'interno di Palazzo Branciforte

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At Medium's Pub Crawl this week, I met a wonderful editor for a publication and decided to submit something for #WomensHistoryMonth. This is the friends link, no paywall.💜 I enrolled in the partner program after I posted this, so please let me know if you can't read it. Thank you so much. Boosts are greatly appreciated. 🛩️ #HistoricalFiction #FlashFiction #Medium #WritingCommunity #story #writing #writers #Aviation


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