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The central bank in a tiny African country tried to block a suspicious banking venture. Then the king's allies intervened.

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🧞‍♂️ Today we have some ideas for scroll-based text highlight animations for you!

Have a look:


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Sometimes I wish there were more As they are easier to make, less drawing is needed, if you make your own custom characters made in figures, from there you just got to snap your frames then add in audio and sounds later.

It can be time consuming, but also time saving.

Stop motion also takes less technical skill to do something simple then simplified 2D Lower skill curve, leaves room to create something great for more people.

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Little showreel of my latest 3D animations. #b3d #animation #mastoart #3d #cgi #undso #motion #motiongraphics


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Today I learned that there is a short animated film called "Bambi Meets Godzilla."

You can watch it on YouTube here.

So now you've learned about it too.

#Bambi #Movie #Animation #Cartoon #Godzilla #BambiMeetsGodzilla #MarvNewland

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Well, the finished animation is a bit too big to upload to Mastodon, but you can watch it here:

I'm probably going to troubleshoot the slow render times, tweak a few other things a bit, and re-render it though.

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A little animation of a cat band!


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letzte Woch gesehen:

• Fist of the Nortstar (1986)

• Rebel Moon (2023)

(Macho)-Post- melodramen und strange Opern mit unterschiedlichen Gewaltspitzen, beide eher enttäuschend auf ihre eigene Weise.

@film @filmeundserien

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: ""In the good old days," mused DreamWorks co-founder and former Disney CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg late last year, "it took 500 artists five years to make a world-class animated movie. I don't think it will take 10% of that three years out from now."

With Hollywood already replacing staff with generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools, people working the industry want rules to govern the new technology and to make sure it does not use images they have created without compensating them.

The U.S. film, television and animation industry employs some 550,000 people and the sector's extensive use of technology makes staff particularly vulnerable to changes wrought by AI.

"There's a high level of exposure to AI for a lot of workers in the entertainment industry," said Adam Fowler, an economist with CVL Economics, a consulting firm that has surveyed attitudes to AI in Hollywood."

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Again with the #PortfolioDay - enjoy some old #digitalArt and #gif #animation from yours truly.


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File this under "things we never knew we wanted until we discovered we couldn't have them." David Lynch pitched an animated project called "Snootworld" to Netflix, but was rejected. He started working on the script 20 years ago with Caroline Thompson, writer of "The Nightmare Before Christmas," "Edward Scissorhands" and 1991's "The Addams Family." Here's what the pair told Deadline.

#TV #Television #Netflix #Cinema #DavidLynch #Animation #Movies #Film

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Started a new MagicaCSG project. Here's a first impression. New updates will follow.

If you like my posts, a coffee would be much appreciated, and grants you access to a gallery filled with works in progress + info. ☕🙂

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