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So much of what we learn is self-taught.

Reading, questioning, thinking, researching, experimenting, failing, trying again -- it is through this process that we grow in our skills and intellect.

And pretending, imagining, daydreaming, wondering -- all those things I got in trouble for at school -- those are part of learning, too.

Boy in the Rhubarb Patch framed print --

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Do students’ academic goal motivations change over time, and if so, how? Find out, here:

@edutooters @psychology @academicchatter

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I have always wanted to get into rc plane design. I love watching channels like rctestflight, and want to learn the skills to design stuff like they do.

So, rather than waiting for it to magically happen like i normally do, i have actually started researching and fiddling around. I present my first iteration and my current iteration. I know they are jank, but I am really happy with how they turned out, and how they actually fly.

#glider #handmade #plane #learning

A non controllable, hand thrown glider made from paddle pop sticks for the body, an index card for the tail, and 3d printed parts and a laminated sheet make up the wings. Blutak and a coin make the weight at the front of the plane. It ala sits on a green cutting mat in front of a paper cutting machine. This is the current iteration

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Recommendation from the Omnivore community:

Wanted to learn Egyptian and didn’t know where to start?
The new website by Bibliotheca Alexandrina is a good starting point.

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My book on parallel programming & concurrency in C# is part of the Mastery of C# and .NET Awaits Humble Bundle from Packt Publishing

#PayWhatYouWant for up to 22 eBooks!
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I’ve been attending webinars on top of my day-to-day the last two days with a prospective Learning Management System (LMS) and I’ve learned so much information in this time. I really hope we can get the buy-in and IT support for implementation next year with one of our top two recommendations. Technology has vastly improved and we need to provide access to a better platform and external training 🤓

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Learning and using . A magazine with tons of knowledge shared by people like @salvomic, @msecchi, @TheBoutique1ch1, @gamintraveler, @WanderWithJo and many more interesting Flipboard Users.

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Learning new-to-me Salesforce features is both fun and frustrating. Documentation rarely answers my questions. They're either too niche or the answer is "no" so no one has written about it. Maybe I should make a blog that's just about what Salesforce can't do so that a result appears when searched.

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I was reminded of some old studies by Toukhsati and Rickard on how rhythms can facilitate learning in young chickens, which have been mostly ignored over the years, probably because they were ahead of their time.

But they seem especially relevant to those of us in music cognition who are increasingly interested in the neural mechanism of rhythm, beat, meter, and groove in both humans and non-human animals. Not to mention the health and education applications of music!

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Is that misinformation helping people discern true from false news, or just making people more skeptical of all news? Find out, here:
#Education #Psychology #EducationalPsychology #Learning #LearningSciences

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Seeking participants 🚨.

Measuring metacognitive differences in facial emotional judgments.

Open to all


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Looking for some mathematical tools and visualizations?

Check this:

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Questions for

  1. Can one import and use a follow list from one account to another regardless if an account is formally "moved" or not?

  2. I started with an account on is it possible to "reactivate” that account after the transfer/move so that it no longer redirects to the 'new' account?

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GoldenRetrieverGF, to Korean

So this is partially at people that think language doesn't change but also just really cool. I learned recently that R's in english are slowly disappearing. It's especially prominant in American English. R's are increasingly unpronounced.

It makes pronouncing German for English speakers very difficult. So I have been partially rolling my 'r's like a spanish rr as a crutch as I relearn to pronounce r's.

You know what's also really cool? the i in the personal pronoun "ich" in German is empty. You are not pronoucning the i you are pronouncing an empty vowel. It's also what makes German sound so choppy compared to Dutch. Every single space in German is this unpronounced vowel.

Isn't that cool? And proof that language changes constantly even if purists like to pretend it doesn't? It's one of the defining factors that differentiates British English and American English speakers. Weak rs!

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  1. Covid vaccine booster
  2. Ice cream by the sea
  3. Keeping up my streak
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Somehow, I constantly experience a weird inner urge to learn OCaml 🐪 🤔

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Today, Study Snacks turns one! 🥳

In this year, I've added:

  • over 40 lists
  • many accessibility features like assistive learning,
  • an interactive widget
  • the "Learning Focus"
  • sounds by Josh Mobley
  • a version for Apple Vision Pro
  • Rebranded & Renamed the whole app!

Thank you for supporting me on this journey! 🎂 🥰

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Step by step I study and experiment with Unreal Engine 5 and Niagara. I worked with Unity for 6 years, but I did not use the Particle System very skillfully. And I can't remember if I could so quickly reproduce there what I can in Unreal. For example, controlling particles by spline

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We will dive deep into the world of Leap in less than 4 hours. Watch our live stream if you're interested in about tools, build processes & more.

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