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This was close the the idea of Hanlons razor

The actual rule is apprently

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

But I don’t like the stupidity part though they used “stupid” in this video as wel. I think “ignorance” is a bit more accurate.

I also like the idea that amount we do not know is infinite thus we are all equally infinitly ignorant.

I’m sure I’ll get some flack for it here. but combining the two ideas means no one acts out of malice.

Ignorance (or stupidity if you prefer) is pretty broad and subjective. People do terrible things because they are not aware of impact. Maybe they are not connecting the thing they are doing to the consequences. Maybe they are in a condition of illness or rage where they are not even aware of what they are doing.

This doesn’t mean we cant get mad at people. If some stanger kicks you in genitals. Our immediate reaction is not going to be empathy. We will ascribe malice to that action and act instinctively. That is fair even though the Stanger point of view was probably justified in their own mind. For some reason they felt kicking your genitals would improve things in some misguided way. They honestly belived this was a good thing at the time.

Now apply to this to all who wrong you. Those directly and this indirectly doing you harm. Here’s what it’s done for me. I am quicker to ask questions and forgive when the situation calls for it. I communicate with those harming me indirectly to let them know they are doing this. It’s actually helped. People don’t want to harm you and if you tell them they are doing that , they may do better. I also try more to empathize when I hear somone has done somthing terrible. Remember empathy isn’t forgiveness. But trying to figure put why they did the thing helps a little.

There’s no monsters out there just more people like you seeing the world through a differnt lens. Be good to them.

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no one acts out of malice

While I believe that most of the poor decisions ever made are under influences of bad mood/childhood/traumas/etc, I also believe that a human being is capable of being evil just for the sake/enjoyment of it.
I just hope those cases are rare.


People do terrible things because they are not aware of impact.

Some people (also) just don't care.


For some reason they felt kicking your genitals would improve things in some misguided way.

Some folks have it wrong and try to lift their mood by putting other's mood down.
They should rather learn more positive ways to unhinge, without causing any damage to others (speaking about the bad mood as a rant TO a person without blaming them, writing, drawing, screaming in the woods, playing violent games, hacking some wood with an axe etc)


I am quicker to ask questions and forgive when the situation calls for it.

Sometimes it helps to tell, how you felt about something.
They might not even know how you would feel about it!


I also try more to empathize when I hear somone has done somthing terrible.

Me too. I usually want to hear both/all stories/points of views of an event that occured.


Makes me wonder - again - that how much wrong would someone need to do to me before I'd snap.
I have a rather pacifist idea of myself! 😂

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Really interesting video! When I get the chance, I'll definitely be taking a look at the sources on this one — this seems like a topic I'd like to read more into.

Nevertheless, I think the whole "Forums will fix this!" thing presented at the end of the video should be approached with some level of skepticism. I put my current opinion on the matter in this thread here.

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Ideas can always be tested (as long as nobody's harmed on purpose) 😁
If it works out, keep it and upgrade it even if you can. If it doesn't, either try to fix it or scrap it.

Can't have the possibility to make life better if you didn't try out new things!


Bill gates mouth piece shilling dystopia...

I wonder why "the internet" is "shiti" bill

You got another "solution" for us?


What's the "Bill Gates mouth piece" in reference to?


In 2015, the channel received a 570,000 US dollar grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,[11] who later became one of their key sponsors. Kurzgesagt have made videos calling for investment in novel technologies the foundation also supports, such as carbon capture and artificial meat, as well as arguing for an optimistic view on the future of climate change and economic inequality, a view shared by Bill Gates.[


So to clarify, you think carbon capture, lab-grown meat, and optimism are bad things. And he should have videos going over that perspective instead?


Merely pointing out that they are shilling what benefits their "donors"

I have no strong opion one way or another on actual topics.

Just highlighting that many of these "independent" youtube channels are same thing as main stream media... They shill what benefits the rich owners.

Which by default should attract scepticism as rich never shill for the working people.

While most younger people know to be skeptical of msm, they don't apply same to youtube channels shilling.

Damaskox avatar

I see nothing wrong whatsoever to endorse ideas, technologies and solutions that benefit all nations.
No matter, who is sponsoring who.

If you get coin by doing a thing that eases up many lives and Earth's well-being at the same time, I'd call that a win-win scenario?


This being said - I don't know anything about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and what they're after. Only the tiny bit what Kurzgesagt told us about it.

ThatOneKirbyMain2568 avatar

Really don't get this whole Bill Gates thing. This video doesn't have anything to do with him and certainly wouldn't benefit him in any way tmk. You can't just say any society-related video that Kurzgesagt does is dystopian Bill Gates propaganda.


Their funding sources are reflected in the their content's bias. Gates is just one example.

People should understand should be aware of such things.

There is a detailed youtube covering how funding bias shaped some of their videos.

Doing rich mans bidding whole pretending to be for the people should be called out.

ThatOneKirbyMain2568 avatar

My dude, you can't just say, "They got funded by this, therefore there is bias in every video and everything they do that's related to society is billionaire propaganda." Potential bias definitely applies to some of Kurzgesagt's videos, and I'd view any short video on a complex topic with skepticism, but it's not helpful to just whine about Bill Gates shilling in discussion about any Kurzgesagt video without even considering what the video's about.


I am sorry you don't appreciate me sharing factual information about the publisher of the linked video.

But I think people can make up their own opinions on this issue.

ThatOneKirbyMain2568 avatar

Dude, I have no issue with the information and opinion. You're not actually responding to what I'm saying, which is that none of it has a chance of applying to this particular video because what Kurzgesagt said in this video has absolutely nothing to do with Bill Gates and definitely wouldn't benefit him — if anything, the opinion portion speaks against platforms owned by large corporations, so it might do the opposite.

Damaskox avatar

Rich people can do good.
Not everyone seeks to benefit off other's hard work, at their expense.

I don't care who does what to whom as long as lots of people and the environment benefit from it. Be it poor, rich or whoever.
But what if pain, torture or other hurting was used as methods? Well...that's another story and should be looked into more closely.

Damaskox avatar

Do you mean that the video is propaganda?

Damaskox avatar

Crazy to think about these problems from a person's opinion who only uses kbin as social media and who lives in a country that (I think) is not as volatile or chaotic with politics!

I wish you all good vibes and hugs!


Thanks for sharing!

TropicalDingdong, (edited )

Its only ‘worse’ if you only visit like, 5 websites.

The rest of the internet is thriving and vibing and living tits best life.

edit: itt, people doing the thing.


This isn’t even remotely true.


If you don’t go to FB, Reddit, YT, tictok, or insta,

There is a ton of cool shit out there and its growing and expanding (hint: your in it right now).


Uh ok… Find any site with a commenting section, read through it a bit and get back to me.


Especially if it’s news.

snooggums avatar

Or, and hear me out, you can just ignore comments sections when you know they are a cesspool.

The fact that BBC News has comments on some of their articles doesn't mean the whole news site is trash.

Damaskox avatar

Some comments can be enjoyed as humor value only.
Like, pull out your popcorns and enjoy a comment storm!


You didn’t watch the video did you?


Oh hey cool! You’re doing the thing! From the video! Nice.


Right? Hilarious.

snooggums avatar

living tits best life


BraveSirZaphod avatar

Those few large platforms have largely subsumed a huge amount of smaller more distributed sites that existed in the past. Reddit alone has basically killed forums.


That “solution” sounds a lot like the fediverse…

Damaskox avatar

Hehe. Awesome, eh?

This pleases me! It tells me that Kurzgesagt may well be interested in fediverse and how it functions and might smile if they stumble upon us at some point!

ThatOneKirbyMain2568 avatar

Mmmm, idk. It seems like Kurzgesagt's proposing forums that are a lot more separated (as opposed to the fediverse, which is a bunch of highly connected instances). Like Reddit or The Site Formerly Known as Twitter, the fediverse is still one big pool of content; it's just that on the fediverse, you can interact with that pool from a wide variety of different servers.

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