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Another really good one by the Verge here:

Reddit CEO tells employees that subreddit blackout ‘will pass’


Exactly what not to say to the internet for $500, Alex.

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many of them will come back by Wednesday
We have not seen any significant revenue impact so far
like all blowups on Reddit, this one will pass

They're not entirely wrong, many will go right back, but it's more about the broken trust. Reddit is dead to me and the refusal to listen to the community at all really seals it.


Yeah, I have some communities I'll continue to participate in on reddit simply because I can't find a similar community on the fediverse at this time. But it's only a matter of time before those communities will grow a large enough presence elsewhere. When the blackout lifts, there are a few communities I'm a member of where I expect we'll have discussions about a fediverse alternative... ultimately it's not about how many users are back on reddit tomorrow, it's about how many users and communities have started to break their relationship with reddit and prepare themselves for other alternatives.


This is a good call out. Users will return on Wednesday and a number of them will return sharing links to places like this (at least I hope 🤞)

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communities will realize the need to be diverse. If you're just a subreddit, then the whole community can cease to be at any moment. But if your community exists on Reddit, Discord, and kbin, then it is much more durable, and able to enact more lasting change even in the face of adversity. I hope that this is something that mods and community leaders have seen as beneficial.


and a number of them will return sharing links to places like this

That's my plan!


I waited for a long time to find an opportunity to jump to something less corporaty. The whole voat thing was ridiculous and attracted mainly the absolutely worst crowd with whom I didn't want to associate. But now it feels great to be part of something new growing. I just root for the little man in the game for now.

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We are moving our entire subreddit here. This was the last straw for Reddit and I'm done.

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Don't leave us hanging!

What's the magazine name?

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We have to get everything in order first before Reddit bans it and no I'm not using this account as the moderator over here.

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Understood, wasn't trying to get you to doxx your sub or anything, just figured your post was a missed opportunity to plug your magazine, but that makes sense you need too get your ducks in a row first.

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I'm absolutely loving how thoroughly The Verge is covering this story. No other tech news site seems to be updating this situation so frequently and with such a supportive tone.

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There's a reason for that. While officially for tax purposes, Reddit was made independent because Advance Media didn't want that big a failure on their books, Advance is still the majority shareholder. That means that the following publications either would be on Spez's side, or have to keep muzzled. I think it's better for them to keep out of it rather than wade in and be called out for the mandates that'd come down from Editorial.

  • Wired
  • Ars Technica
  • Backchannel

A lot of the tech world goes to those as canonical sources. That means it gets kept dark.

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From the article: "DP: Even more specifically, one thing a lot of users have been saying is, “We’re leaving Reddit; we’re gonna go to Lemmy and Kbin!” Those are the two that I keep hearing about. Is there a move that way that you think is real, that you might want to be part of?"

I think it's about to get even hotter for the poor VM this instance is hosted on.


Tbh I prefer Kbin although both are federated since the people from Lemmy seem to have the need to push their political agenda as well as including non-changeable swear word filters. Kbin is nice tho


I know he has said it would be too much work for him at the moment, but I would love for some of the top reddit app developers to try their hand at quick proof of concept fediverse Lemmy/Kbin compatible apps. I'm currently using Jerboa for Lemmy and while it's pretty sleek, it's VERY buggy and extremely barebones.


Lemmur seems like a better app than Jerboa at the moment even though it hasn't had many updates lately

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The quality of character shown by Christian Selig amidst all this has been outstanding. Anything he chooses to do after this I'm sure will be worth following

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Absolutely, I'm sure he and the other third party devs are watching the Lemmy migration developing. I'm sure something good will come of it.


"Well, it’s weird because prior to this, I almost always understood that Reddit as a company understood that they’re very community-focused, and they kind of didn’t do the bullshit corporate speak."

Oh, my sweet summer child.

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I'm not an Apollo user and only first heard of it this week, but everything I've read by and of Selig has been well reasoned and more than that: kind. He continuously gives others the benefit of the doubt where I'm not sure I would have.


Christian has been extremely responsive on the /r/ApolloApp subreddit, has a very level head, and is generally a nice person. The fact that the idiot, Spez, has tried, and failed, to throw Christian under the bus with lies clearly shows how much of a piece of crap Spez is. I hope Spez not only gets fired, but never gets hired again anywhere because of this. He could have simply decided to change the terms to be sensible. He also could have changed the model to be user-driven API paid access instead of app-driven, which would have taken the apps out of the equation altogether (aside from requiring user login, or having a minimal API access for non-authenticated/non-API-paid users). It wouldn't have solved the LLM issues, but the LLM issues can be solved in other ways.

It is so sad to watch something I once loved go down the shitter.


Apollo is great it made so much so easy. Want to follow all the answers buried in an ama. No problem. Here's the list of questions with answers. super clean well thought out, years of development and continual improvement. He did things efficient, browse a subreddit, the first 25 items are pulled to update quick then it would wait a second an pull a long list so by the time you got past the first 25 the rest were loaded. I would have reddit open on my PC and go f this and open Apollo on my phone. Download save and share videos? long press and boom where do you want to send it? Pick any app on your phone. It's going to be a real pain in the ass to download funny cats to send to my girlfriend every morning now. Deleted my 10 year and 3 year old accounts.. Not looking back. The man did good work and he said Ok if it's like imigur no problem. Then they came out with Twitter pricing. Spez ain't no musk and musk is no one to follow.

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I love the passion he shows for not only his app, but the community around it as well.


Fuck Reddit. I truly hope this causes them to burn from the inside, we all move to this and then people running these instances are able to simply be happy with the donations they receive and we finally have a save and stable platform online.

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