Stupid question. How is everyone managing the accounts, emails and content? How do you manage multiple profiles? (As I understand apps and tools are still lacking).

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Password manager + you can add multiple accounts in the jerboa app


Thanks. I'll check that out. Does fediverse restrict using the same email for multiple accounts?

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Not sure I haven't tried doing that I used aliases for the instances that required an email


One that was my first.

One NSFW one.

And one kbin one. The kbin interface is really the best is far.

I have Mlem as an iOS app for lemmy but it’s pretty rough. For now kbin provides the best interface on a browser.


Four so far. Eventually I’ll pick one but right now I’m not sure which instance will be my home.

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Would you delete the other ones if you chose to just use one of them?

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The promise of federation is that you need only one account as long as you're happy with the instance you're on.

Despite this, as best as I can see there's currently no good way to use different softwares from the same account, so I ended up with 3 accounts for Kbin, Mastodon and Pixelfed.

I technically have one on Lemmy too but its login page is broken so I can't use it. But that doesn't seem to matter, I can participate in Lemmy from Kbin just fine.


I have one for and one for beehaw. I'm noticing the comment count is very different when subscribed via a different instance vs seeing the same post on its original instance, and this is for posts that are 2 days old.


Started with one at, moved to this one at because I wanted to interact with both beehaw and which were defederated from each other. I have one at kbin but I'll probably access everything from here for simplicity. So, 3.


I've got one on kbin and two on Lemmy. Don't know wtf I'm doing but ideally I'll stick with this kbin account since eventually it will be an "all in one" account for kbin, Lemmy and mastodon. Just waiting on a dedicated kbin app.


I would be interested from the users who have multiple accounts, do you use the same name and password everywhere, so do you use the accounts as "one", or is it different for each instance?
If so, why?
For security reasons, if the database of an instance is cracked?
Do you not want your NSFW account's postings to be associated with your other stuff?


So far same name, different passwords. Not really much thought given to any of it, I just wanted to get up and running quickly and I'll possibly change it when things settle down (I'm not really attached to this name). Different passwords is just good standard practice.


I use a password manager (Keepass) so every service has a different password usually 24 characters with upper-lower case, numbers, and special.

For critical services like paypal and email, I also use different usernames.

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same username but different passwords

JWBananas, avatar

I think I'm up to 12 now across both platforms.

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May i ask why? Personally the only reason i have 5 is because most of the ones i signed up for initially became heavily overloaded

JWBananas, avatar
  1. I want to protect my username.
  2. The overall landscape is very ephemeral and disjoint right now.
  3. Outages and system instability across the network.
  4. Lack of clear direction or long-term plans by admins.
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Makes sense, but I am curious would you delete most of those if things stabilized or would you just keep them there just incase?

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I just have my account.


Three. Only find myself using two, one'a kind of a backup/clone on a less crowded instance for when my two mains are both overloaded. Once it calms down I'll make one my work/around people account (NSFW content not allowed), my every day account, and the other one know what, don't worry about the third account.

silentassasin, (edited )

I've got three. I started with a beehaw account but now have one at after beehaw defederated and a third at lemmynsfw for....reasons.

Thavron, avatar

You have reasons too‽ We should be best friends!

s4if, avatar

I have account along with this lemmyworld account because several days ago didn't federate so I must made new account to check on them.

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I have this as well


One here and one on kbin, but I noticed that I spent 80% of the time here. I often want to try out kbin, but the cloudflare-check I have to go through every single time I want to use kbin is annoying and it just feels more empty than Lemmy. So I often can't be bothered to go to kbin anymore and will most likely choose Lemmy as my replacement for Reddit.


Have you been back in the last day or so? Cloudflare check is gone and it's federating so you can sub to outside instances now.

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One Kbin account and one Lemmy account. I started in Lemmy in a small instance that I'm still fond of. But enjoy the feel of kbin better than Lemmy.

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