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German star at Cannes condemns ‘madness’ of protective culture for UK child actors (

Is Britain leading the way in protecting young people and children from the potential traumas of working on a film set, or has it all gone far too far? Two of the most prominent European stars attending the Cannes film festival, both with high-profile premieres, have very different views....

Seize Them! Review (

When you consider the pantheon of comedies with exclamation marks in the title, the quality quotient runs from the sublime Safety Last! and — all hail the king — Airplane! to the piss-poor Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes! and Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot. Curtis Vowell’s Seize Them! sits somewhere in the middle of the pack, a...

Are we really living in Children of Men? (

Two new features show a Britain in the throes of social fissures that feel both uncanny and emblematic of existential threat. There’s The Kitchen, directed by Kibwe Tavares and Daniel Kaluuya, which takes gentrification to its logical conclusion as London’s final social housing estate struggles to survive. And The End We...

Aneurin Barnard, Hayley Atwell, Jack Lowden Join Duncan Jones’ Science Fiction Movie ‘Rogue Trooper’ (EXCLUSIVE) (

Aneurin Barnard, Hayley Atwell and Jack Lowden lead the cast of science fiction movie “Rogue Trooper,” written and directed by Duncan Jones, whose credits include “Moon,” “Source Code,” “Warcraft” and “Mute.”...

Netflix Just Quietly Released the Best Dystopian Sci-Fi Movie of the Year [The Kitchen] (

The film is something of a big deal, despite its unheralded Netflix premiere. The Kitchen marks Daniel Kaluuya’s (Nope, Judas and the Black Messiah) directorial debut, alongside short film director Kibwe Tavares. Kaluuya also co-wrote the film with Gangs of London’s Joe Murtagh, cementing a vision of dystopian, near-future...

Aardman Animation Only Has Enough Clay For One More Movie (

Aardman Animation has found itself in a situation that’s not as malleable as the clay they used for their films. In fact, that happens to be the issue they’re facing: a lack of clay. Newclay Products, which creates a specialty clay unavailable anywhere else in the world, closed its doors in March, leaving Aardman to look for...

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