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Prosecutors won't be able to use some phone data against a man charged with murdering a man then setting his building on fire, court rules


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Lucy Worsley tells the story of a woman accused of plotting to murder a President. She's joined by former US Secret Service Special Agent Evy Poumpouras.

Lady Killers with Lucy Worsley on BBC Sounds https://bbc.in/3I87Dji

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’s security is our security. As allies, the UK & US fight aggression. We stand up for freedom. We stick by our friends. And we win. I urge the to continue its proud support for ’s fight against Putin’s aggression.

I am calling out the in Congress as Putin-owned who support overthrow of our government. Trump supporters are disloyal, anti-American traitors.

and republicans' open fealty to Putin, a hostile foreign intelligence agent, who is one of the most infamous cold-blooded killers in human history & wanted war criminal.

Mike Johnson & republicans are blocking a bill that would supply ammunition to soldiers, despite the widespread support in Congress and support of the American people. Showing the world that Republicans are anti-American & disloyal traitors to our allies and our constitution.

What does Putin have on this creepy creature?

Does anyone remember him from high school?

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Johnson doesn't have a bank account?


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A thought From Katie Phang 🧵

I was struck by the testimony of John C. Floyd, III, the father of DA Fani Willis. Mr. Floyd testified that Willis was forced to move out of the brand-new home she bought with her own hard-earned money because of the death threats she has received.

Mr. Floyd spoke of the fact that he, Willis, and her children (his grandchildren) have all received death threats because she is prosecuting this RICO case.
Simply because she is doing her job.

Mr. Floyd testified that, in 2021, protesters showed up at Willis' home at 5 am in the morning. They were cursing and yelling, calling his daughter a "b- word" and the "n word." The "n-word." How disgusting and vile.

For decades, Mr. Floyd fought for civil rights & for the rights of others. He was a criminal defense attorney. He worked to get Nelson Mandela out of prison.
Only to have his daughter be threatened with death & harm & to be called the "n-word"?!

🧵 1️⃣

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Mr. Floyd spoke about how he rarely gets to see his daughter because of concerns over her safety. He intentionally does not learn where she lives in order to protect her. He is constantly worried about her safety.

For me, as a parent, I'm working so hard to try to make this world a better and safer place for my daughter.
How terrible this experience must be for Mr. Floyd, as a father and as someone who has taught his daughter to treat everyone with dignity and respect.

🧵 2️⃣

#domesticterrorism #gop #republican #violence #threats #rico #crime #mafiastate

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'It's not about glorifying crime': ex-convicts in demand for talks and tours



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Man used propylene torch in failed attempt to break into #Brighton market, police say
#crime #Boston https://www.universalhub.com/crime/20240218/man-used-propylene-torch-failed-attempt-break

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Christopher Nolan is Ready to Bring His Moviemaking Skills to Horror



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Washington readies thousands of bombs for Israel despite ‘push for truce’
The White House is preparing a package worth 'tens of millions of dollars' of MK-82 bombs, KMU-572 JDAMs, and FMU-139 bomb fuses..#Empire..#Israel..#Gaza..#crime https://thecradle.co/articles-id/23474

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'A Victimless Crime!' Newsmax's Eric Bolling and Don Jr Bond Over Bank's Dealings With Trump As 'A Feather in Their Cap'

#crime #ericbolling


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Zeus, IcedID Malware Kingpin Faces 40 Years In Prison - Connor Jones reports via The Register: A Ukrainian cybercrime kingpin who ran some... - https://yro.slashdot.org/story/24/02/17/029224/zeus-icedid-malware-kingpin-faces-40-years-in-prison?utm_source=rss1.0mainlinkanon&utm_medium=feed #crime

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▶ Crime, Immigration, Wrong Lessons & Voting For The Weakest Adversary w/ Olayemi Olurin | MR Live

#crime #youtube


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Court Watch: "Awkward: A Chicago man broke into an FBI building twice in matter of a few hours: the first time he was allegedly hanging out on the roof demanding the Bureau give him money, the second time authorities say he broke through a door, then used the Bureau’s phone to dial 0 and demanded to speak to an FBI agent." https://www.courtwatch.news/p/court-watch-63-hello-fbi-im-here

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Trump Gets (Almost) the New York Business Death Penalty

#crime #trump


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Judge sentences Didion Milling officials to federal prison for their role in a fatal explosion in 2017 at a Wisconsin corn mill. https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/corn-milling-company-officials-sentenced-federal-prison-their-role-deadly-explosion-killed

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"sentenced #Didion Milling Inc. officials – including a #corporate vice president...

“These defendants put Didion workers in grave danger and five people tragically lost their lives...” said Attorney General Merrick B. #Garland. “Companies of all sizes should take note: failure to comply with our country’s #workplace safety and #environmental laws can cost workers their lives and put individual corporate managers in federal prison.”

#Crime #Prison #DOJ #Press

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Judge fines Donald Trump more than $350 million, bars him from running businesses in N.Y. for three years.


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