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Hallmark's June 2024 Lineup: See Full New Movie Schedule

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Viggo Mortensen Snuck His Lord of the Rings Sword Into His New Movie

#films #lordoftherings

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Christopher Walken dancing in over 50 movies all perfectly spliced into a single music video

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This Vincent Price Figure Comes With a Tiny Cookbook and True Fans Know Why

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Ridley Scott's wildly uneven sociopolitical thriller/carnage porn is propelled purely by star wattage. Russell Crowe's Foghorn Leghorn accent is at least a diversion.

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I found The Zone of Interest quite good.
Wondering if it might have worked as well or better without the sound effects and abstract imagery trying to increase the sense of foreboding.

Also, maybe a bit far-fetched or excessive perhaps, but can be as an allegory of current society where many would just hope that the vines grow and cover the proverbial concentration camp walls out of sight.

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have you watched it yet?


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2024 marks the 45th anniversary of sci-fi horror masterpiece Alien, which was released May 25, 1979.

The first time I saw it I was pretty young, it was on TV and censored. We actually had it recorded on a VHS from TV, which is something my family did a lot. I only saw the full uncensored version years later! 😂


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Happy birthday to the great Peter Cushing, who was born on this day in 1913. I'm sure a lot of my lifelong love of came from late night viewings of many Hammer films with Peter and his good friend Christopher Lee, probably at an age when I was too young for them but didn't care, because I loved them.

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How films stars faded - and pop stars took over

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'Furiosa' Crystalizes the Power--and Limits--of Cli-Fi

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Tonight's film club choice is Silent Running. When I bought it on DVD, the salesperson at Fopp said it was a classic and that I would like it, but I found it very boring and grim (and dated - there are no women other than in music / computer voices, bit like The Deadly Assassin).

7:30pm UK time, remote over Skype - DM me if you would like to attend (we don't publicise the URL widely now as we used to get Zoom-bombed)

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This evening's viewing: a long-overdue revisit to Wings of Desire. First seen many years ago at my beloved Filmhouse, this was the that introduced me to Wim Wenders, who would become one of my favourite film-makers.

Achingly beautiful piece of cinema. How many amazing works did the Filmhouse introduce me to that I'd likely never have seen otherwise? So looking forward to its return later this year...

Animated gif from the German language film Wings of Desire, with the actor standing atop a church tower, contemplating the world, translucent angel wings appear and disappear from his back.

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Just finished the Ripley miniseries. I thought it was brilliant. Recommended. I watched it on Netflix in the Netherlands...

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Pixar cuts 14 percent of workforce, shifts focus back to feature films

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