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Llama3 is Out, Probably the Best Open Large Language Model To Date:

ErikJonker, to ai avatar

Interesting graph with regard to the various LLMs

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This is a great blog post on the WellTyped blog on specialization in Haskell! It's a good reminder that I (or someone) should really get around to getting rid of -fexpose-all-unfoldings and -fspecialize-agressively in the Agda codebase.

(Also I didn't know about -flate-specialise and -fpolymorphic-specialisation, though I think I'd rather avoid relying on even more flags.)

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Even though I despise Python for wasting CPU cycles, I have rarely seen a CPU-limted system that was actually busy doing CPU things.

Most of the time things are only slow because GPU things like rendering and video decoding have to be done on the CPU.

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I have been selected to give my talk "JavaScript Loading Priorities and Adaptive Loading" at Codemotion Madrid 2024 😊

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One of the most incredible and original performance I've seen! 🤯

30 minutes before the show, these guys asked the audience to share :
📌 A band name
📌 A song title
📌 A music style

... and 1 person randomly selected 10-12 suggestions and the IMPROVISED everything! :meow_sweat:

Like this one for example. I don't remember the name of the band that was suggested, but:
📌 Song title: My cat eats peanuts
📌 Style: Electro

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Interesting reading: Go performance from version 1.0 to 1.22

nucliweb, to random avatar
nucliweb, to random avatar
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I'm a web perf nerd, so I install every browser I can find and run all the benchmarks on on a regular basis.

I notice that (on Windows 11) Firefox is much better at Speedometer 3.0 than it was on 2.0.

It's scoring as well as Chrome most of the time, and outperforms Opera and Edge handily.

It still sucks at Jetpack 2.1 and MotionMark 1.3 though.

@Vivaldi is coming out on top right now!

#browser #benchmark #webDev #browsers #web #performance #speedometer #jetpack

schizanon, avatar

I've always thought that Vivaldi was more of a UI experiment, what with all the drawers and such, but it's really benching well. I should daily drive it for a while and see how the PWA support is.

#vivaldi #browser #pwa #webDev #frontend #web #browsers #performance

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TheMetalDog, to random avatar
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Umfangreiches Menü mit ? Ja, aber wie?

Mit ? Wie früher mit ? Oder mit Optimierung via EXT:menus bzw. TypoScripts cache-Property??? 🤔

Unter -Aspekten habe ich mir das ausführlicher angeschaut und lasse vor allem die Zahlen sprechen:

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An exploration of performances, this book merges with performativity, revealing insights from Western art to digital storytelling.

Perfect for researchers intrigued by , , and nonlinear .


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A reminder for all the web developers out there: Not every visitor to your site is on a high speed fibre connection!

I'm currently in Africa, so sending 115 requests and downloading 13.5 MB for a simple Issue Tracker (hello #JetBrains) takes a significant amount of time, and is really a bit over the top.

#webdev #webdevelopment #frontend #performance #speed

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I celebrate 4 years of being an independent service provider by starting to offer fixed-price solutions specific to topics I get approached with repeatedly and an initial 10% discount when ordered during 2024 April!

The first such offering is audits, where I actively work together with your team to gradually fix the discovered opportunities, continuously act on new data, and enable them to keep the database tidy on their own in the future.

decembr14, to webdev avatar

This article was written nearly nine years ago, but on the central point—web page bloat—nothing has changed substantially. It may even have got worse.

“I want to share with you my simple two-step secret to improving the performance of any website.

  1. Make sure that the most important elements of the page download and render first.
  2. Stop there.
    You don't need all that other crap. Have courage in your minimalism.”

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Have Cigars Impacted Hetfield's Voice? Metallica Frontman Answers
Metallica's James Hetfield says some around him are concerned about how his cigar habit might affect his singing.

#JamesHetfield #Metallica #Cigars #Voice #BlackenedWhiskey #DrewEstateCigars #M81Maduro #S84Shade #Performance #Health

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hamoid, to berlin avatar by artist Johan Lorbeer in his studio in .

I participated in the project by writing software to convert color into sound.

I find the aesthetic in much of his work close to creative coding. You can enjoy it in this online book:

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Wow, Shift+Escape in gives you a top-like list showing the and use of your tabs and other more hidden things.

nucliweb, to random avatar

Here is a graphical explanation of the use of percentiles in Web Performance

p75 2.29 s

  • 75% of visitors waited less than 2.29 s
  • 25% of visitors waited longer than 2.29 s

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