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Binged watch this classic movies yesterday
Can you guess the name?


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Sadie Thompson (USA,1928)

A prostitute seeking a fresh start becomes the obsession of a religious extremist.

IMDB link:

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Pather Panchali (India, 1955)

Wikipedia link:

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Devdas (India, 1955)

The scion of a wealthy landowner family turns to alcohol and self-pity and slowly self-destructs after class differences force him to break off his relationship.

IMDB link:

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Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire on the set of Funny Face, 1956

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Here’s an easy half-billion dollar #movie idea:

The Brunch Club: the sequel to The Breakfast Club.

I accept cash, certified cheques, and shiny rocks of a certain type.


NoelJPenaflor, to movies avatar


Adequate family entertainment that highlights the danger of stepping out of your comfort zone.
I feel kinda bad watching a #movie about animated ducks that I'm hungry for real ducks but I'm sure the feeling will pass.
Lessons will be learned. Stars will make money doing voices in studios wearing their pajamas or nothing at all (Eg. Tom Hanks in those Toy Story movies).

#letterboxd #letterboxdfriday #movies #film #cinema #cinemastodon #films Indonesian

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On the Beach - Le Dernier Rivage (1959) de Stanley Kramer avec Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner, Fred Astaire, Anthony Perkins, Donna Anderson


NoelJPenaflor, to movies avatar


Uneven but entertainingly lurid crime movie that fulfills the Luke Skywalker/Candyman team up you spent years wishing for.
Decent performances cover up a derivative story. Gratuitous gore and nudity also cover up most of its flaws.
Nothing special but you never feel your time is wasted.
Watch even if you're allergic to seafood.

unnameduser, to random avatar

Restored cut of century-old Napoleon epic to screen at Cannes Film Festival

Only the first part, lasting three hours and 40 minutes, will be screened as part of the Cannes Classics section of the festival ,the first time Gance's cut has been shown in 97 years.
The full seven-hour extravaganza will be screened in Paris in July, accompanied by by a 250-piece orchestra.

#Abel #Gance #Film #Cannes #Movie #Cinema #Napoleon

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Random Saturday night . Speed (Keanu Reaves) 33.99583,-118.47730

Same location on Google Earth 3D

jimmyb, to plex avatar

I just watched Antitrust!

Adrenochrome, to movies German avatar

Laurence Olivier & Dustin Hoffman, on the set of the brilliant (1976)# film, Marathon Man
Note: Do not watch before a dentist visit.

jimmyb, to plex avatar

I just watched Blade Runner 2049!

stina_marie, to movies avatar

Got my Special Edition Blu-ray of THE BORDERLANDS (AKA FINAL PRAYER in the U.S.) from Second Sight Films and it is GORGEOUS. It comes with 6 art cards and a 70 page book with a bunch of essays about the film. 😍


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Irene Cara getting instructions from director Alan Parker on the set of the movie “Fame” (1980)

silentbeauties, to Cinema avatar

Hockey Match on the Ice (USA,1898)

Director: William Heise

IMDB link:

silentbeauties, to Cinema avatar

A Wringing Good Joke (USA, 1899)

Director: James H. White

IMDB link:

silentbeauties, to Cinema avatar

Admiral Cigarette (USA,1897)

Director: William Heise

IMDB link:

#silentfilm #silentera #1890s #earlycinema #cinema #film #movie

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I just watched The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar!

#TheWonderfulStoryofHenrySugar #Plex #media #movie #FilterToHide

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This is great news, a rerelease of the amazing () in a for its 25th anniversary!

It's a really fun , if you've haven't seen it yet 👍🏿


brianstorms, to movies avatar

LIMBO*, the new, grimy Australian Outback detective noir shot in exquisite, crisp, black-and-white in a super-wide aspect ratio, starts at a slow simmer and very carefully sticks to that pace for the duration, never lets up. Loved this film. Everything about it: bravo, well-done.

*There are many films named LIMBO but this is the new Australian one. See it. You may hate it. You may be bored. It’s not American. But it’s excellent imho.

#limbo #movie #movies #film #australia #outback

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