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Terraria’s pretty chill, just don’t use any life crystals, get at least three NPCs asap (you start with the guide; the dye trader, merchant, and demolitionist are probably the next easiest to get), and don’t leave the town at night

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Littlewood, World End Diner, Tales of Autumn and Stardew Valley.

shit_of_ass, avatar

call of duty


Stardew valley.

As long as you don’t try to min/max. I also make the days longer.

It’s just got such an amazing vibe. One of my favourites.


Played it when it came out but gave up shortly after, I found the super short days stressful!


I installed a mod to slow down time. Still haven’t played it because of the concept of having to follow the calendar.


The long dark. The game drips with atmosphere, sleeping when there is a blizzard outside your little cabin is just fantastic. Hearing the snow crunch as you’re exploring, or the haunting sound of wolves howling as they follow you while you’re hauling your latest kill of fresh meat.

The feeling when you come across a rare find that saves your life, like a nice jacket or leggings.

Oh! Once you learn to navigate in a blizzard? You can’t see and it can be so hypnotic. Walking until you find a landmark and adjusting your path, crunching along while the wind howls hoping you find shelter before you die.

The feeling of seeing the Aurora borealis in that gorgeous sky at night?

It all almost makes you forget that you’re probably starving/freezing to death.

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Either A Short Hike or Minecraft, sometimes.


I personally find it relaxing sometimes to just boot up the mahjong or solitaire game on my laptop. Absolutely no pressure to perform well, unlike how I sometimes feel in most other games.


It’s not 100% pure relaxation, but 1010 Klooni is nice once you get good at it. It’s available on f-droid; you should be able to find alternative versions if you search for Tenten.


Link for anyone looking:

1010! Klooni (A libGDX game based on 1010)




Rock Band 4/Rivals is my zen time. Nothing like listening to music I like while rhythmically clicking plastic buttons.


The Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games have a soothing vibe to them.


Picross 3D and Picross 3D 2 are among my favs for chill games. There is technically a timer, but once you get the flow of the game the timer really doesn’t impact anything at all.


I’ve never been into gaming, mostly due to this stress thing. The suggestions in this thread makes me want to try taking it up.

I have a jailbroken PS3 that was handed down to me few years ago and is lying unused. Can someone suggest me a simple tutorial on how to find and load games onto it. I would prefer to try the games out before I buy them. High seas are familiar to me, but what exactly am I looking for?

Thank you.

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Lucid, puzzle match kinda game.

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Powerwash Simulator is weirdly calming.

I spent all Saturday playing it in VR. When I was done I was like “hold up. Did I just waste a Saturday… Cleaning shit? Shit that wasn’t even real?!

Had to go play some more to calm myself down.


I listen to audiobooks or podcasts while playing so it doesn't feel like I "wasted" all that time cleaning pixels.

I work from home and it's also great for helping me focus during meetings.


Minecraft in peaceful mode

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